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Author calikocat

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I write slash.
If the 'everyone is gay' mentality is something you can't stomach or have a problem with, please do me a favor and find something else to read. Seriously, I make a lot of characters gay, get over it.

I ship Spike/Xander and lots of other pairings. Quit harassing me for my ships. Clicking on a fic and calling me an idiot for liking a pairing makes you look like the huge ass you are. Just don't read things you know you're not gonna like. You'd think such small minded people would be able to handle something so simple.

I am a Xander fan.
I will pretty much always make him awesome. Get over it.

I LOVE getting comments and feedback. That wasn't too much of a hint was it? However comments that are made to just harass me and/or make me feel like complete crap will be shared on tumblr. Fair warning.

And if you decided to leave me a private comment or any comment that sends me into a spiral of despair and makes me want to give up writing entirely you can bet your ass I WILL RANT ABOUT YOU ON TUMBLR. I KNOW sometimes my writing is complete crap, you don't have to write me several paragraphs to remind me. Thanks for that btw, it was EVER so helpful. Please don't do that in the future.

Rant over.
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