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I'm 18 at the moment and my birth date is 12/23/87. I live in Carbondale, Il and am getting ready to start Collage (hopefuly soon), I’m majoring in Anthropology. If you wanta know I changed my pen from MoonAngel to UniilaDellaLuna which means Uniila of the Moon, Uniila is a Romanian demon. I’m big in the “Wicca” kind stuff though I flow more towards my own ideas then others, never get me in to a talk over mystics ..I read way to much. Don’t get me in a fight over vampire either cause I know way to many legends on them.. I tend to confuse most people. Umm I read a lot, I mean A LOT, when I’m not writing I’m reading something. I’m big on SciFi, Fantasy and Horror. I love movies. Nuff about me wanta more your just going to have to IM me I’m on Yahoo and it’s UniilaDellaLuna. So IM if you wanta talk!
To my readers; Sorry my updates are taking so long on my stories, but I’ve got writers block and I’m working on putting up my own web page so I don’t have to use places like this to post all my fanfiction since not all of it is Buffy Crossovers and I really don’t have the money to donate as much as I would love to do so. So sorry for the long time between updates, I’ll try to get a few new chapters up but it still might take a while.
New webpage created and now marked in profile and will be told in next updates, go there for answers to most questions and any polls for my stories.
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