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Author Kitura

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I'm a fan of everything Joss Whedon does. (Seriously, those t-shirts that say "Joss Whedon is my master now"? I so need one of those.) I haven't written much of anything since I was 16ish -- when most of the stories I have here were written -- because I lost my mentor, one of the few people outside of my family who encouraged me to write and loved everything I wrote, even if it sucked. I tried a little in my early twenties, but felt they were a little...uninspired to put it kindly. (Which, to those of you who have reviewed my stories, I know they suck. You are totally right in your criticisms. And thank you for having the guts to say it.) I do not think I will ever truly be ready to write seriously again, but I don't know. I am working and going to school, and I have major life ambitions that require my attention, so reading doesn't get done, much less writing.

I have a very low tolerance for stupidity, so if you're going to be a moron... Do us all a favor, and don't bother. On the other hand, I have a very high tolerance for almost anything else. Non-con, incest, mpreg, bloodplay, etc. I have no shame. I've read it all. (I don't write it, but I have and do read it.) Like I said, I've seen most anything someone else can come up with, as well as entertained a few darker notions myself. As for what I wrote, well... Poetry was my favorite thing to write. Next to that, crossovers. I also had a tendency to write RPF. Not just slash, but femmeslash and het, too.
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