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Author zillagirl

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Hello! Zillagirl here! On December 5, 2006, I will have celebrated my 1st annivesary in the fan fiction genre. I love writing my Cole/Willow relationship. I also like exploring what life is like from the demon side. I am a Buffy/Angel shipper, think Andrew should've been killed at birth, and that the high school Willow was the best Willow.

I also love Mulder/Scully, Cole/Phoebe, Bobby Goren/Alex Eames, and Clark/Chloe.

I am a big nut over murder mysteries and thrillers (especially medical ones). I love to watch Forensic Files on CourtTV and The First 48 on A&E. (However, I will not watch any of the CSIs. As if a CSI tech is going to be hunting down perps and interrogating them!)

Shows I most miss from the tv: Angel, Buffy, The X-Files...
Joined7 Dec 05
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