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Author Crowe

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I have two stories in the works. Mein Teil, and Splendor.

Mein Teil: This is a BTVS/HP story that takes place in the same universe as Off Duty.

I am very lucky that I am able to fit Deathly Hallows into my original story line very easily. With that said, there are going to be some changes that I will make concerning the seventh book. I am not planning on outright stating what those changes are going to be but instead will have them gradually come out through the course of the story.

But, with that said, Mein Teil does include the Horcruxes and the hunt for them.

I got the idea for the name, Mein Teil, from a song by Rammstein, however this is not a songfic. In fact, although I love the song, this fic has absolutely nothing to do with it and has nothing in common. I decided on the name for other reasons.

Splendor: This is going to be an Anita Blake crossover. At the moment, it is still in it's rough stages. I am planning on not posting it until I have finished writing most of it.

Splendor will be focusing on Spike and will take place mostly in the AB universe.

In the meantime, you can find me over at under crowesama. My current work over there is a Slayers/Inuyasha crossover called The Lesser Kindred. It's not posted here for obvious reasons. If you're interested, check it out.
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