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Author Kalika

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All About Me

‡ I live the Jossverse

‡ I would die for my peeps

‡ I'm loves bitch, and I know it

‡ Family has the ability to both break and heal my heart

‡ Open minds, mohawks and funky dance moves make me weak at the knees

‡ I values true friends, not the screwy kind that push and pull

‡ Don't touch me, it hurts to want what I cannot have

‡ I don't understand lying

‡ Don't tell me no, or that I wouldn't understand

‡ I know the seven deadly sins like the back of your head

‡ Do not mistake my indifferece for coldheartedness, I love deeper then you know.

My interests (And 'ships) include

‡ Buffy & Angel (Buffy/Angel,

‡ Supernatural (Buffy/Dean, Faith/Sam)

‡ Bones (Booth/Bones)

‡ Smallville (Clark/Lex)

‡ Firefly (River/Mal, Buffy/Mal)

‡ Grey's Anatomy (Mark/Meredith, Mark/Buffy, Meredith/Alex)

‡ Harry Potter (Buffy/Pretty much anyone, Harry/Luna)

‡ Heroes (Peter/Claire, Peter/Buffy)

‡ House m.d. (House/Wilson, Buffy/House)

‡ Moonlight (Buffy/Joseph, Mick/Joseph)

‡ NCIS (Gibbs/Tony, Buffy/Tony)

‡ One Tree Hill (Faith/Lucas, Nathan/Haley, Lucas/Haley)

‡ Ugly Betty (Daniel/Buffy, Daniel/Betty)
Joined22 Jan 06
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