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I've been writing fanfiction for going on nine years, but stuck with FFN until three or so years ago. Xander is my favorite crossover character, but Oz's probably my favorite Buffy character overall. I don't write Angel slash (or het for that matter) because I think David Boreanaz is the ugliest person on Buffy - Warren, Jonathon, Snyder, Sweet, Kisses Toast, and Clem included. *Contemplates* okay, maybe he was marginally more attractive than Caleb, Luke, and the Master. Sorry, Nathan Fillion, but you looked much better as Captain Tightpants. Actually, Caleb and Luke had better foreheads, so just the Master.

The quickest way to my good graces is a Methos/Xander fic. Also acceptable are Sirius/Xander, Danny Messer/Greg Sanders/Ryan Wolfe (my CSI OT3), Riddick/Vaako, etc. The pairing I currently most want to see? Vaako/Xander. I'll read Riddick/Xander in a pinch, though.

For future reference, I will not declare a story as slash until I'm dead sure there will be slash. I don't consider male flirtation or homosexuality by itself to be slash. Slash, to me, is a full-blown homosexual relationship, whether it's experimentally romantic dating, boys kissin' boys, or the beast with two backs. So if I hear any whinging, I'm just going to point you to paragraph three of the Author Biography :)

Also, I realize I'm terrible at updating summaries/warnings for fics. Tell me if you think something should be changed, but don't be a bitch about it. I may be a space-case, but I'm not an idiot.

Enjoy my fanfiction please.
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