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Author DaveTurner

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I was born long-long ago and far-far away somewhere hot and sandy.

I’ve been a gardener, a warehouseman and a building labourer. I’ve seen the sunrise over the North German Plain and the Canadian Prairies; I’ve sailed around Africa, I’ve gone head to head with bad guys in real time with no spare lives with only twenty rounds and a flak jacket. At the moment I work for the University Collage London which is a lot less stressful than some jobs I’ve had.

Things I like; Ale, Sci-Fi, Horror, Wargaming, History, RPG's and more Ale.
Things I hate: All sports that aren't Rugby Union.
Things I've written: I wrote some Star Trek fanfic years ago before I’d even heard of the internet so it was never posted anywhere.

I only post stories that I've finished, so if I post something it means I've finished it and you’ll get to see the end. My pet-hate about fanfic is people who don't finish their stories.

Dave T.
Joined15 Feb 06
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