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Author pezgirl

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I'm 24 and British, I like 'Buffy', Stargate and Resident Evil (not the movies).
I like reading books, mostly reading Fanfiction, writing fanfiction, watching TV and listening to music.

Due to lack of writing over the past few months I've decided that I need to put a few WIPs on a temporary Hiatus, that way I can concentrate on a few fics rather than a whole bunch of them- maybe I'll get something done. As soon as I've finished a few of these fics, I'll start working on the others.

The fics that I'm still working on are:

1) New Kids on the Base
2) Silent Cries
3) Upgrades & Vampires
4) Pandora's Box

The last chapter or two of NKotB will be along quite soon, but I'd rather not mess up the closing chapters; so if anyone can Beta them I will be very grateful- need to make sure it's realistic :)

oh, and just so's you know, I LOVE if you read and like my stories please leave a review, it will be greatly appreciated :D cause nothing helps someone write more than a readers feedback!
Joined28 Feb 06
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