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Author TTrunks

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Hello, not much to say about me. My favorite character in BtVS is Xander. Um yeah, so R&R and I hope you enjoy my stories.

I decided screw it, and reposted X-man and the X-men, hopefully this time it will work out better. If you liked the story please re subscribe to this one. I promise it will get better.

Hey my peeps, unfortunately hell is still going, I'm crazy busy as this is my senior year, and hopefully the gods willing and if I work enough I'll graduate this year. I'm still "working" on stuff, but a lot of mental walls have been built lately. Slowly but surely I'll get around to everything.

How I hate the mods, well not really I'm sure their just doing their "jobs" but it's still annoying. But hopefully my new Beta will counter their "Evil moddy powers of pointing out all my spelling errors" with his "Awesome powers of spelling correctly and knowing basic grammar" so yeah. I for some reason can't get one of my stories unblocked despite being sure that it's not correct If any mods out their happen to be around please find out why my story hasn't been unlocked, and why I've never even gotten confirmation that it's been looked at again.

Update as fast as possible

Xander's Gambit
X-man and the X-men
Harris Luck 2
Liquid courage

Update when I get around to it

Everything else

Post at some point in the future

A BtVS and Biochock cross....
A BtVS and Borderlands cross....
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