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Again with the updating of my profile:

I found this site (several years back, GAH! Now I feel old) when I found myself craving crossovers. I still read non-crossover fics, but recently I've found that as far as writing is concerned I have trouble finishing everything but my crossovers.

So, I've posted Can't Escape Destiny, Sex Lies and Alternate Universes, and Unexpected American Vacation.

Yes, finally I finished UAV, only to end up working on a sequel (Permanent American Vacation)
The sequel I didn't really believe I'd actually do. I got really inspired while watching television after finishing UAV and started chapter one.

And now for comments on my other stuff:

Destiny was short sweet and to the point, and I've learned there were several things that didn't truly work. However, at this point it is unlikely that I'll ever go back and work on this one. Sorry.

Alternate Universes was well received, and you folks are still calling for a sequel. I'm glad you like it so much. Originally, I thought once I went back through editing (typos), adding scenes (to Chapter Fourteen), and expanding the ending there would be no need for a sequel.
*le sigh* I actually merged the first two chapters which were meant to start the sequel into an ending instead of a beginning.
I never got further on the sequel, because it stalled on me back then, but after rereading SL&AU I found myself thinking I could just maybe unstick things.
Anyway, fear not, either way you readers will eventually get something new for this story, be it a better ending than the one it currently has or a sequel. Alas as with UAV I need to decide sequel or no before doing anything else to SL&AU.
(Last night (Dec 6) was just a big burst of inspiration for me, because while working on the UAV sequel, I also found myself jotting down several ideas for this one. However, this one will be a bit longer in coming than UAVs sequel.)

After "finishing" UAV, I'd planned to post another crossover story of mine: Ties Forged in Blood and Magic (formelly Blood Ties), which has actually been published on the net for several years now, even though I still considered it a WIP. When I originally posted it several things were brought to my attention that were less than stellar. Well, now after several years I have finally gotten started on this.

Wish Away My Pain is finished and while I did consider a sequel, I just don't think it's going to happen. I won't say never, but it isn't looking very likely at this point. Either way, though, I'm glad the fine folks at Twisting The Hellmouth enjoyed WAMP. Thank you.
Anyway, even though WAMP is a much (much) older story, it is still one of my personal favorites, and I'm really glad to see others liking it too.

After all that, I've got another Buffy/Anita crossover story and a Buffy/Star Wars one - I really can't decide at the moment which one will end up coming first. I'm really liking both of them, but can only work on one at a time. I've been kinda stuck on both of them, so I suppose which comes first depends on which unsticks itself first. Either way, I'm hoping by the time I go through all the above and finally get back to one or the other I'll be able to work things out and get at least one (but hopefully both) going again.

ETA: I've actually got another crossover which has snuck up on me which will probably be posted before the Buffy/Star Wars and the other Buffy/Anita mentioned above. *sigh* I just can't keep up with my own muses/ideas sometimes.

So, anyway those are my short term plans.

PS - Does anyone but me ever read peoples profiles? ;)
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