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Author Eshe

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What is there to write about myself, well I started writing fanfiction at the age of 18 after reading it so much that I just had to give it a chance, if anyone hasn't already noticed I love the character of Willow although I did write a Faith/Dean story that went caplooey with my computer one day. I am now 26 as of november 2007, I have two children and a very dysfunctional relationship, but I do so love my butthead. I am a dental assistant as of right now, trying to get a doctorate in Egyptology, either that or I am going to give in a become a dentist.

I grew up in Minneapolis, where I discovered that I was a freak, and when I moved back to Chicago later and did not get along with most of the people around me I decided to find my own niche, which was on Belmont, and if youre from Chicago you know what I mean, Belmont is a lovely area where everyone is a freak, and everyone can be themselves without worrying about anything or anyone messing with them.

I like vodka martini's and long walks on the beach, in the rain, on thursdays. My friends say I am crazy and I think I agree cause there are days I want to tear my hair out and screm at some of the people that come my way. But overall I am happy, right now Im happy and I know that one day I will truly be on my own, living life with my beautiful girls and my buttheaded butthead.
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