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I'm a Dad, and a son,and I'm proud to be both. I DMed, GMed, and HMed, role-playing games from 1975 until 2000. I wrote the adventures, and with the help of the gaming bunch that came over each weekend, wrote the game they liked to play the most. I read and write Neo-Gothic tales, crossover fan fiction (mainly BtVS crossovers), and have art work in the Library of Congress, and the Marine Corps, Combat Art Collection. I have also written a few published works, mainly poetry, and short stories.
I'm kind of an anomaly today, I've been married to the same woman since 1971, and don't want anyone else. So if that makes me an odd person then I guess I'm odd.
Just a note to those whose stories I review: I am very rarely brutal, I am however honest, I have yet to find a really badly written tale on this site, but I am certain that I eventually will. I usually write encouragement to those who need it, and glowing reviews for those that don't. If I ever write a really harsh review, please understand it's not personal. As a writer I have learned through painful experience that a really harsh review can sometimes spur you to do better. Re-read your own stuff as if you never saw it before you will often find that you actually agree, somewhat, with your critics.
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