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Author MerKat

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Luv slash!!!! And stories that will make me laugh.
My favorite's are: anything with Xander in it!!!!!! I'm also Moonkat on Adultfanfiction.
Inuyasha: Sess, Inu, Miroku and Rin
Stargate: Jack, Sam, Teal'C and Danny boy!
X-men: Logon, Cyk, and Remy. Luv Remy!!
Doom: John Grimm and only him!!! Reaper's the man!!
Pitch Black: Do I even have to say . . .
Anime: Anyone cool that can kick ass!!!
Batman: Duh.
Harry Potter: Sev, Draco, Har, Seri, Remus, Luna, and Nev.
Anita Blake: Nathanial, Richard, Jamil, Shang-Da, Jason, Dami, JC, ASHER, Anita sometimes, and Cherry.
I'm very Xander centered!!!!! I only really read stuff with Xan in it. I'm big on the wish demon line, so if ya don't like um skip my stuff. Most of it anyway.


I also now have much love for The Walking Dead, Grimm, Forever, ZNation, and The Strain.
Joined23 May 06
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