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Author VampMichelle

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I have been a fanfiction addict for several years now, starting out back in the day when Vampire Chronicles fanfiction was still allowed and available. From there I proceeded right to Buffy the Vampire Slayer where I discovered the joys of slash and Lord of the Rings where I fell in love with the RPS genre.

I have been (and am still) active in both the LOTR and AtS fandom and, because I have no life, maintain several fansites. Small selection here:

I am the co-owner of a large German Angel fansite Angel Investigations, a comprehensive guide to all things Angel. I maintain two LOTR fanfiction archives, one is Naice a Nilme, a place for Aragorn and/or Legolas angst, and the other Borderland, a site for LOTR crossovers. Additionally, I co-moderate the Aragorn Angst list on yahoogroups and the monthly Teitho challenge in the Lord of the Rings fandom. If you are looking for bunnies, this is the place to go. Every month we serve you a new challenge theme! As a unique feature, stories will be posted anonymously until the voting period is over.
Joined12 Jun 06
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