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Author Kiwikatipo

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If you are reading this to find out about me for a moderator question, I have no idea how to fix technical problems sorry. If your icons are showing up green when they should be orange etc, I haven't a clue as to what's going on, I suggest JRabbit would be a much bigger help to you in these situations than Luddite me.

Any other queries or problems I am happy to help or try and find the answer for you.

If you are looking at my profile wondering are my unfinished stories ever going to be completed, the answer is yes. Only five out of my thirty four stories on this site are uncompleted, so have faith.
Joined11 Jul 06
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Stories Published31 stories
Total Length738,044 words
Series Published2 series
Chapters Added To Other Author's Stories1 chapters
Challenges Made1 challenges
Reviews Written839 reviews
Stories Reviewed501 stories
Reviews Received867 reviews
Reviewed by236 users
Recommendations Received77 recommendations
Recommended by58 users
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Tracked by124 users
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