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Author KoohiiCafe

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AIM: slaygirlbuffy
Plurk: faceofbeau
Time Zone: EST
FF.n: Koohii Cafe
AO3: Koohii Cafe (usakoneko)
Fiction Press: Koohii Cafe

Name: Raven
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Customer Service

-wavies- This is me! ;p I'm Raven! This is my account here on TtH, obviously, so hiya! I'm not sure how ya got to me, but welcome! I'm a writer who has trouble ending stories, so therefore, I tend to write one-shots. The best place to keep track of my work is my LJ, Koohii Cafe. If you have a livejournal, feel free to say hi and friend me. Catch ya later!

Joined29 Aug 06
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Stories Published137 stories
Total Length123,532 words
Series Published11 series
Chapters Added To Other Author's Stories0 chapters
Challenges Made0 challenges
Reviews Written11 reviews
Stories Reviewed11 stories
Reviews Received598 reviews
Reviewed by220 users
Recommendations Received27 recommendations
Recommended by27 users
Recommendations Made6
Tracked by155 users
Account TypeAuthor
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