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Hello! I have been writing for more than a handful of years now, so figured I should update this little bio that hadn't been touched since I originally signed up. Saying that, "I'm a brand new author," doesn't quite seem as accurate after that chunk of time. *snort.*

Well, let's see. My very favorite Whedon-verse character is Fred and I often write stories where she somehow lives. But, overall I rather love to write fic with little used, background or secondary characters - they are oddly like catnip to my muse. I jump around different sites and often will do stories based on prompts people give me - so if their is something you want me to write, feel free to ask (I have written for a plethora of fandoms and the worst that can happen is that I will politely decline or it will take a while to get done.)

On that note, many of my stories are a works in progress (I don't think any of them are discontinued - I often revisit many of them, even going back to 'Sisters'). Part of this is that my brain jumps around fandoms constantly - I feel that it is better to keep the ball rolling and keep writing, even if it is writing something completely different, than to stall out and get frustrated. The other part - to be honest - is that there are often stretches of times that I cannot even read because my migraines make my vision wonky. I also have muscle and joint difficulties (my health, like my writing is rather a WIP) that aren't even worth going into really.

I appreciate any comments though I will ask please no flaming. I am always open to people who catch spelling and grammar errors. Grammar has never been a strong point of mine and I have no beta, so I don't mind those sorts of critiques.

I believe that is all. Thank you to all who take the time to read my stories!
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