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Author Coldhands

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I'm a University Double Major who has a deep-seated love for BTVS. I don't think there's a Buffy character I don't like. I'm willing to write just about any BTVS or ATS character if I get an idea for a story, but I tend to write Buffy the most. I write x-overs with a few different fandoms, so look at what I have to offer and you might be surprised.

Pet Peeve:
Buffy's name isn't 'Elizabeth.' It's Buffy. There's no evidence in the show it was ever Elizabeth, and Word of Joss says that her name is Buffy. The only exception to this pet peeve are AU fics, where she was adopted or named differently. (And I still think it's better to come up with something more original than 'Elizabeth' then too).
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