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Author EchoElizabeth

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I am a middle school teacher in bush Alaska, about 50 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It is currently cold and getting colder, and it's dark and getting darker. I plan to start writing more frequently this winter after I've settled in a bit more (and can't go outside because it's too cold).

Cultures fascinate me, so my stories tend to be awash in cultural details. My current series, the Dido Chronicles, is intended as an exploration of the strong women in history. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Buffy is blonde with green eyes, there will be a decided lack of an Eastern presence in the series. While I do wish to explore those cultures as well, it is implausible that Buffy could manage to impersonate an Asian woman with any degree of success. If I carry this series as far as I hope to, I may find other ways to include non-European cultures.
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