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***Help Wanted: I am currently looking for one or more beta readers, potentially even coauthors. If you are interested, please send me a message, and be sure to include the fandoms that you are most familiar with - almost everything I write will be a crossover of some type, so I am looking for people with wide familiarity, especially for the five principal fandoms listed below. That being said, I will consider any application I get. Please also link to site(s) where you have posted work in the fandoms applied for, especially if applying to be a coauthor.***

I'm a college student in upstate New York who has enjoyed reading fanfiction for several years. I have started writing a couple of stories, but only recently did I complete my first story. I am hesitant to begin posting a story until I have some idea where it is going, so hopefully when I do start a new story, updates will come swiftly. That being said, I have made the decision to begin posting incomplete stories as well, hoping to gain the inspiration to continue from reviews. Expect most stories to use some combination of the following franchises:


Battlestar Galactica (RDM)


Doctor Who/Torchwood

The West Wing

I will also try to make every full-length story understandable to people who are not familiar with all of the franchises involved. That means that backstory will always (hopefully) be explained in a story that is long enough for the backstory to not overwhelm the actual story being told.

Further, every story will identify utilized franchises in the Summary, or Author's Note at the beginning of the first Chapter. Rare exceptions will happen when I wish a crossover to be a surprise. In that case, I will note that there is a surprise cross, which chapter the cross is introduced in, and reveal the surprise cross in the chapter following the introduction of the cross.

I also have four pieces (including Captain Jack) that I have not posted here. They are all non-Buffy-verse stories, and they are at my ff.n profile, which is listed as my homepage here. Currently, only my entry in Methos's excellent round robin, Tales from the barman II (Chapter 32, Reaping Aggravation) is exclusive to Twisting the Hellmouth. I may eventually post my non-Buffy-verse stories here if I write enough in the Buffy-verse to not put my ratios in jeopardy.

I am currently working on the following, listed in the order that they will likely show up. Titles given in bold at the beginning, or in the absence of a title, the universe(s) involved:

Precipice: Daughters of Hera. I have decided to continue this after positive reviews to what was originally a one-shot. I have the entire arc plotted out for this 'verse, and it will contain several different stories. I have decided that it will be roughly 5 "seasons" long, and each "season" will be its own story. Additionally, each season will focus on a new major crossover, which may be introduced, briefly, in a cliffhanger finale to the season previous. I also may decide to condense the first two "seasons" into one, but will not edit them to force them into one (the decision will be based on how long each arc ends up). This will remain a Buffy-centric universe, with BSG being the first cross. The crosses through the end of season 2 (the first 2) have already been introduced, although the second one only briefly. I am currently working on Chapter 2.

Captain Jack. A three way crossover, only one fandom public yet (I want it to be a surprise, though it’ll probably be pretty easy to figure out). Suffice to say, there are some pretty strange people wandering around Roald Dahl Plass. All five currently completed chapters are up, further updates will come as I finish each chapter.

A Buffy/Doctor Who crossover. Absolutely NOT connected with the ficlet below, or any part of the Precipice series, including Daughters of Hera. May eventually tie in to one of my other BSG or Stargate stories, though. A different take on the origin of the Slayer, and a partial retelling of the series. Will start major deviations from canon when I get to the events of "The Gift" and most of S7 is rendered impossible. Came to me out of nowhere while I was trying to focus on writing Chapter 2 of Daughters of Hera. I already have most of the story done through the events of "Prophecy Girl" but it needs some polish, and a title.

Several short Buffy-verse crossovers. Pretty self-explanatory. Currently Featured: The TARDIS lands to a rather unusual welcome.

A BSG story. Galactica and Pegasus weren’t the only Battlestars to survive the attack on the Colonies. Starts during the miniseries, no canon characters for a while. Actually two fics, telling the same story from two different perspectives. At this point, it is my only non-crossover work. That being said, it will probably eventually tie into:

A BSG/Stargate crossover. Will probably reach epic length, and spawn several spinoff fics. Summary: The Galactica and her fleet arrive at Earth, only to find that they are expected. Also: On the day of the attacks, then-Cmdr. Adama was correct, but he had no idea he was telling the truth. Setting for Stargate will likely be current or close to it. At the moment, it can be set almost any time from the point that the Apollo was introduced forward. Will use both SG-1 and Atlantis. For BSG, the setting will either be shortly before, and in lieu of Lay Down Your Burdens Part 1, or will go off canon with the Battle of New Caprica in Exodus Part 2. This is simply because I like the Pegasus, think the ship was vastly underused before being destoyed, and I like Lee in command. That is probably my biggest gripe with the series, and so easy to correct here. The survival of Pegasus will be the biggest change from canon at the point that I start the fic, and may end up being the only change. For obvious reasons, it will go AU for both series as soon as it starts, but I try to stick to canon wherever possible.

A West Wing/Stargate crossover. Will be shortish, and I'm probably about a third of the way through it right now. Standalone, for now. Summary: Lt. Bailey is in for a surprise when he arrives in Colorado the night that shots were fired at the White House. Setting will be between Seasons 6 & 7 of Stargate SG-1, and immediately following The West Wing 4x20 "Evidence of Things Not Seen." Remember that this episode established, in canon, that Will Bailey is a Lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve, JAG corps, and is heading out to Cheyenne Mountain that night.

A BSG/Stargate crossover. Experiencing major writer's block. Summary: Earth sends a ship to investigate a set of coordinates they discovered in the Atlantis database that may be the home of a sister city in a third galaxy. The final resting place of the city of Olympus is the planet Kobol. Probably will be set around one of the times the Colonials are actually on Kobol, but they only parts I have written so far are Stargate.

A Star Wars/Stargate crossover, indefinite hold. I may not finish it or type it up, as I lost half the work I did on it. If someone wants to take the basis of this idea and run with it, let me know. Summary: A sister city of Atlantis was the foundation for life in the SW galaxy.
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