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Author sarhea

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I an a compulsive fanfic reader but I have ADD when it comes to writing it. I've got plotbunnies galore and WIPs by the dozens. As it is I've decided it is too difficult to update several copies of the same fic in different places so I've set up three accounts in three fan fic archives in addition to my livejournal account.
- - non BtVS fics and xovers.
- - BtVS xovers
- - InuYasha - KagSess fics

On a more recent note I apologize for the long silence on TTH. I've been busy with work then studying again to upgrade licensing requirements to keep my job. And I've been a bit more interested in my anime xovers, mainly Naruto and InuYasha. For some reason in the last year Hermione and Kagome have been on my mind and few of those plotbunnies involved the Sunnydale crew.

Not that I've forgotten BtVS! In fact I have a few ideas for BtVS and anime (Naruto, InuYasha, Ranma) xovers but right now they are in the plot bunny stage. I've been trying to get my WIPs moving and almost finished before I post anything new.

Nov 21 2009
Joined16 Oct 03
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