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First off, thanks to the people who nominated my stories, Life and Desperation and Half Smile for awards. That's really appreciated.

My favorite pairing is Riley/Lindsey; I'm slightly obsessed with both characters you see. That's why most of my work features one or both of them. Anyone who shares the obsession should google Rainmakers by Lar (although if you really were obsessed, you'll have already come across it).

As far as crossovers go, I like Supernatural, Charmed, stuff that doesn't require drastic re-imagining of the worlds. I like if to be feasible that fandoms in acrossover exist within the same universe (hence, Supernatural and Charmed).

If anyone cares, I'm a 27 year old boy from the UK, so don't pull me on UK spellings if you're American. I'm also a Sci-Fi nerd and an artist (that would be the traditional pencel, paint or charcoal on paper sense of the word) too. Just wondering if there are other guys who write similar stuff. Most of the authors I come across tend to be female. I'm kind of curious is all.
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