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Author LadyRyn

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Hi all! I am a college graduate trying to find my way in the world. I am an avid horseback rider, have been for more than 13 years, and am now mostly riding dressage. I know a fair deal about horses and I will be more than happy to answer anyone's questions if I can. I enjoy movies as well as plays and musicals, and am a big fan of Shakespeare (He's awesome, and very funny. A well done production is also always amazing to watch). I became a fan of Buffy right at the end of whole Buffy craze, and still enjoy it.

About my writing, I took a Creative Writing course in college, though I was a Biology major, and I'm hoping with that class that my writing will improve. My earlier work I'm not very happy with, but I'm learning how to critique my new stuff to make it flow better and just easier to read. I love writing, buy most of my writing is done on a whim. If I have an idea, I'll sit down and write. If I don't have an idea, I won't write because I don't want to force it. My forced work is just bad. I can tell when I read it I wasn't happy writing it. So, I apologize beforehand for long periods between posts, but you will get better quality chapters, I hope. I especially want to apologize to my A New Job fans because I have been working on that one for a while.
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