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Author DemonicLover



I'm a Slash fanatic.... Het stories... Eh maybe once in a while... like the pregnant woman cravings that otherwise seem so unappealing.... It's my firm belief that Xander belongs with guys and so Does Angel, and Spike, and Jack O'Neil, Daniel Jackson and whoever else you can think of... I can slash them all..

Buffy the Vampire Slayer related ranting: I believe Xander got the short end of the stick in the canon verse. He's the only Normal one that fights everyday. Willow's got her witchy powers and Buffy's the slayer. Everyone ends up with powers at some point and what does he get? Possessed, pushed away, loss of an eye and all that nice jazz- therefore my stories will most likely all revolve around him and be VERY AU.
Oh and Spike and Angel are also favs to write for- usually paired with Xander though.

Well I've ranted enough, now lets get on with the show!
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