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Author Clandestine

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Real name: Ida

Age: 21

Occupation: Law student at Uni, currently almost half way through my third year.

Favorite BtVS crossovers: Harry Potter, Stargate, NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, Supernatural, X-Men - the movies, Numb3rs, House,

Languages: Swedish, English and a tiny bit of French

About me: I have been writing fanfiction for a few years now and started writing BtVS crossovers of my own after having been a frequent reader of those for quite some time.

My writing tends to be filled with a lot of angst and sometimes my characters can seem very OOC. It wouldn't be the first time if any of you think so. But if my characters are OOC I usually state that in the disclaimer of the first chapter of the story.

I also have a tendency to write short chapters, as well as relatively short stories. This is something I'm well aware of and my writing has improved a lot in that area since I first started writing but like any good amateur writer I do my best at developing my skills and I'm doing my best to improve, which is why constructive criticism is something that I truly would be happy to receive.
Joined12 Jan 07
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