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Author wraithrune

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I am a great fan of crossover fanfictions and here are my takes for the Btvs fandom. =D

However, I do not write slash, not even f/f

Currently my ideas are all consolidated on Master of the Forbidden Seals. It's a great playground as I pay tribute to buffy fanfiction authors I like:

1)Tenhawk with his Journeyverse Series and other Xander stories
2)Dark Scribbler with his ultra cool Jedi Harris and The Terran Jedi
3)Laney’s super Willow fics
4)Speakertocustomer’s Tabula Avatar
5)M. McGregor’s I am what I am
6)thenextcujo's Master Harris
7)chaoseternus's Adventurer Xander

Whenever I run out of inspiration, I'll go and re-read their fics and say to myself

'Now that's an awesome idea!'

Author's Note: Guys! My appologies for the late updates, but I've been swamped with school work. I need to learn how to use new computer softwares for my assignments and plus I am working 9-6 everyday and can only study at night, I don't have time to write anymore.

Really sorry! I can only promise to try my best.
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