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Author Frogsareevil

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Let the babbling begin:

I am a student who drinks tea, complains about the weather and is terrified of frogs. I am an apathetic agnostic, a feminist, a humanitarian, and an environmentalist. I don't mind flames as long as you justify your flamey reasoning.

I have been called both a 'cynic' and an 'idealist' at different times.

I love Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, and various other non-Whedon-verse universes. I despise the Twilight-verse with a passion.

My hair colour constantly changes and I resent the fact that the spell checker here tries to make all my spelling American. Colour (in my dictionary) has a 'u', it's not a matter of American vs English, it is just that I come from the land of the stiff middle finger and that is how we spell it. Take that spell checker!

Here endeth the babbling.
Joined16 Feb 07
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