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Spring semester is starting and I am taking a break from fanfiction. Hopefully during that time I get my head back in gear for what I have planned for my stories, so that plots and ideas can improve and be completed.

Hey. I got this name when I was in my freshman year of High School and absolutely in love with Prince William, although the love has waned the nickname has many fond memories and has stuck. I am a currently nineteen going on twenty year old fanfiction fanatic. I love Charmed, Supernatural, and Harry Potter. They are my most favoriest versus to play with. I enjoy reading mostly those three verses but I also love Firefly and Smallville (usually non-cross for SV). I also have a sorta soft spot for House and Sky High fics. And a friend of mine is starting to slowly get me into the whole Gilmore Girl verse. My favorite BTVS/A:ts stories are Dawn, Oz, Kendra, Faith, Xander, Spike, Tara, Giles, Cordy, Dru, Wesley, Dana, Vi, or Anya centered. I go beyond my mind when I see any of those or a combination of those. My second fave centered are Connor, Angel, Andrew, and Darla centered stories. I’d say Gunn too but there just aren’t enough on him out there *pouts* I also like Buffy-centered and Willow-centered stories. Sometimes. Not saying I dislike either character, I mean I adore Willow. But more in the background couple.

I love odd, untraditional couples as well as a few canon couples (namely Piper/Leo, Ron/Herm, Buffy/Spike, Cordy/Angel, Fred/Gunn, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Zoe/Wash, and that's about it lol) Like … Kendra and Wesley. Or Cordy and Oz (love ‘em together). Or Spike and Liz Parker (of Roswell fame) The more unexpected, yet workable, the better. I adore slash. Male slash is the best.
I don’t have anything against femslash but I just don’t usually read it. The only ones I will go out of my way to get is Willow-centered femslash *Shrugs*
Willow/Tara, Willow/Faith being my all time faves. Also love Xena/Gabrielle.
Anya/Cordy’s aren’t too bad. Neither are Willow/Faith/Buffy.

On that note. I adore moresomes. Why does Willow have to choose between Oz and Tara? And Greywizard (go read 'Prophecies? We Don't Need No Stinking Prophecies!'. You'll be happy if you do) so made me fall in love with Willow/Faith/Oz. Why does Angel have to choose between Gunn and Wes? Who says Lex can’t have his superhero and the sidekick too? Wouldn't have Roswell rocked if Max got to have both Liz and Tess or Michael with Maria and Alex? And three names (Please be reading, WatcherTara's sadly uncomplete trilogy. Starting with Two Down and Two to Go) Max/Kyle/Michael. (Matthew Haldeman-Time's Roslove ... I so love his Kyle voice). Yum. The more lovin’ the better in my opinion. :-D
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