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Hey, I'm Kassi. I'm fourteen, Wiccan, female (duh..). I love pretty much every show on Earth, lol:) I show dogs and am interested in Astronomy. My fave BtVS character is Faith and Willow. I really dislike Kennedy, so any of my stories wil NOT have Willow/Kennedy pairings.

Note to Self:
When Sunnydale falls into a crater for an unknown reason who investigates. SGC naturally becomes interested when a town implodes without reason. When normal research avenues have been used and no answers has been found they turn to the Asgard for help.Thor finds a huge energy signature in Sunnydale that resembles the energy signature of the Ancients. And who does the energy signature belong to: a certain redheaded witch.Do witches get their ability to use magic from an Ancient gene or is it something that is purely Willow? Maybe Willow is a hidden love child of two ascended Ancients (she certainly is powerful enough)?Bonus if includes:- Jack asks Thor to transport the "alien" who is responsible for Sunnydale to SGC and Willow naturally doesn't take it with good graces. Will Jack spend rest of his life as a rat?- Sam's reaction to magicDon't write:- As much as I don't like Kennedy, Willow is with her. So no relationships between members of SGC and Willow. (Unless Willow and Kennedy break up or Kennedy is dead by the time of the story)- Simon says: Willow won't go to Atlantis
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