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Notice the almost total silence on the upgrade adventure in progress – replacing my desktop (a slow, late 2008 MacBook) with a more modern Mac mini. The process has taken almost a week, so far. We won’t talk about the fun, that is not, of adding a second hard drive to a computer that you […]
Posted: 12 Aug 14 06:55 • Comments
I was running out of space on the SSD In my mid-2012 MacBook Air. Plenty of room when I bought it. Now? Not so much. So, I bought a higher capacity SSD from Other World computing (OWC). They specialize in Mac upgrades. I’ve upgraded a number of Macs using parts from them. Putting the new […]
Posted: 6 Aug 14 00:43 • Comments
Welcome to August. Not quite sure where July went.
Posted: 4 Aug 14 07:08 • Comments
I’m not a huge sports fan, I just don’t have the attention span (mind share span?) to devote time to any specific team/sport. But I have been watching the World Cup. More soccer this month than I’ve seen in years. As a bi-yearly event… Fine. I don’t expect this exposure to result in watching between […]
Posted: 27 Jun 14 00:38 • Comments
For the first time, ever, I actually went to a new movie on its release date (sort of. Went to a Thursday evening showing of Maleficent. The “official” release date is today, the day after. ) Verdict? I enjoyed it (acknowledging that it isn’t perfect and critics who gave it low ratings aren’t completely crazy) […]
Posted: 30 May 14 21:19 • Comments