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Yup. Managed to hack out 50,360 words in 28 days. Wrote some after that but was unable to update the official count before the official end. No matter. I made it. 4th year in a row. Unfortunately, the story itself? Approx. 2/3 done. So, not only will I start revising it in January to post […]
Posted: 5 Dec 14 09:13 • Comments
For those who wonder, and can’t be bothered to click on my Flikr link, I drive a 2001 BMW 325i sedan. Very basic model. Manual transmission, almost no electronics. It’s like a large go cart. It came with almost no options. Except the sports package (slightly better suspension. Large/wide tires.  Smaller steering wheel.) (I bought […]
Posted: 12 Nov 14 11:39 • Comments
Gridlock that is. And not just the obstructionist gridlock of the past few years. Now those obstructionists will be in charge for the next 2 years. Didn’t think it could get any worse? Just you wait! This upcoming gridlock will redefine the term. Better batten down the hatches and start hoarding. (No, I wasn’t surprised […]
Posted: 5 Nov 14 10:09 • Comments
I’ve been distracted by other things for the past couple weeks (Finishing up a long project at work, and TtH issues) so I’m not as ready for NaNoWriMo as I’d hoped to be. My outline is more ‘random ideas on a page’ than actual ‘Plan for story’. Part of it being that I’m not really […]
Posted: 1 Nov 14 03:37 • Comments
Four days later, after digging into assorted backups and tinkering with assorted tools to generate SQL (Yum! not just a dessert topping) from the backups and playing with MAMP ( sort of a canned web site in a box.) I was able this morning to restored my inadvertently deleted stories (and one other) to my […]
Posted: 26 Oct 14 05:57 • Comments