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I got a little carried away while assembling a list of game-development resources as an activity for a course I’m taking, so I decided to share them. Enjoy. Everything listed is free enough (in both senses of the word) to … Continue reading →
Posted: 28 Sep 14 03:29 • Comments
If you’re writing a piece of interactive fiction (A.K.A. a text adventure game),writing your own engine is the last thing you want to do. Instead, there are two engines I strongly recommend that you consider using. Both are open-source, both … Continue reading →
Posted: 27 Aug 14 10:28 • Comments
Well, given how much time I spent squashing bugs on my system after updating it, I missed quite a few instances of daily routine tasks (eg. doing my exercises) in TaskWarrior. Given that I don’t have a GUI installed and … Continue reading →
Posted: 9 Aug 14 22:47 • Comments
Since upgrading to Lubuntu 14.04 (more vitriol on the bugs therein later), I’ve discovered that the update notifier has lost the dconf key to disable the daily “please reboot” nag. Distraction aside, I don’t react well to programs trying to … Continue reading →
Posted: 8 Aug 14 18:40 • Comments
I just picked up Shipwreck for $1 on sale and decided I really liked two of the tracks. Like other MonoGame ports, it uses the same XWB-format bundles for music as XNA games on Windows and X-Box do, so you … Continue reading →
Posted: 21 Apr 14 13:45 • Comments
Since I seem to keep offering bits and pieces of this advice to people over and over, here’s a guide (which I’ll probably amend as things occur to me) for writing consistent, believable, and easy-to-understand Early Modern English dialogue in … Continue reading →
Posted: 13 Apr 14 06:45 • Comments
Every now and then, I run across an article where the amount of condensed epiphany simply blindsides me… so I’ve decided to start collecting them here. (Listed in the order I read them) Against School by John Taylor Gatto I … Continue reading →
Posted: 4 Apr 14 21:08 • Comments
So I’m feeling like listening to the Cave Story+ remastered version of the title page tune that better fits the SNES-era ambiance of the game’s original visuals. No problem. The Humble Bundle gave me the soundtrack… but it doesn’t contain … Continue reading →
Posted: 14 Mar 14 00:00 • Comments
Well, since I got it in a Humble Bundle, I guess it’s time for another game review: Guacamelee! Guacamelee! is a metroidvania-style platformer themed around Mexican wrestling and the Día de Muertos (Day of the dead). In practice, this means … Continue reading →
Posted: 4 Mar 14 22:41 • Comments
SteamWorld Dig claims to be a roguelike digging adventure. I’d call it a digging platformer which takes Terraria‘s side-on destructible terrain and elements from Spelunky in general. Though their website only mentions Steam and the Nintendo ports, it’s available DRM-free … Continue reading →
Posted: 15 Feb 14 21:10 • Comments