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Last night, I was working on a bunch of images and I really wanted to just get a visual overview along the lines of a scatter plot, but with images rather than dots. Unfortunately, no matter what I searched for, … Continue reading →
Posted: 30 Nov 14 20:36 • Comments
TL;DR: Use this script. Non-Linux users, feed it the path to a sessionstore JSON file. Try --tiddlywiki for more copy-pastable output. Because of the relatively high UX overhead of things like Firefox’s built-in bookmarking or, I recently found myself … Continue reading →
Posted: 22 Nov 14 22:01 • Comments
I use urxvt’s kuake plugin as a lighter replacement for Yakuake and, as a result, I’m using it with F12 as my “toggle terminal” keybind. …unfortunately, that means that, every time my finger slips, I hit Print Screen. As such, … Continue reading →
Posted: 1 Nov 14 01:20 • Comments
Over the last little while, I’ve written or researched a few little things to make my life as a Linux-using player of games a bit simpler. As such, I thought I’d share them. 1. – Updated Thread Count … Continue reading →
Posted: 27 Oct 14 21:40 • Comments
TL;DR: Try adding unset SDL_JOYSTICK_DEVICE to your game’s launcher script. Have you ever encountered an error that starts out like this when trying to start a Linux port based on MonoGame? Number of joysticks: 5 Number of buttons for joystick: … Continue reading →
Posted: 27 Oct 14 00:42 • Comments
Those who know me well know that I’m a bit of a paradox when it comes to writing. On the one hand, I do have issues with distraction and I do approve of the concept of separating composition and typesetting, … Continue reading →
Posted: 9 Oct 14 04:36 • Comments
I got a little carried away while assembling a list of game-development resources as an activity for a course I’m taking, so I decided to share them. Enjoy. Everything listed is free enough (in both senses of the word) to … Continue reading →
Posted: 28 Sep 14 03:29 • Comments
If you’re writing a piece of interactive fiction (A.K.A. a text adventure game),writing your own engine is the last thing you want to do. (That’s no fun. The fun is in providing off-the-wall responses to crazy instructions.) Instead, there are … Continue reading →
Posted: 27 Aug 14 10:28 • Comments
Well, given how much time I spent squashing bugs on my system after updating it, I missed quite a few instances of daily routine tasks (eg. doing my exercises) in TaskWarrior. Given that I don’t have a GUI installed and … Continue reading →
Posted: 9 Aug 14 22:47 • Comments
Since upgrading to Lubuntu 14.04 (more vitriol on the bugs therein later), I’ve discovered that the update notifier has lost the dconf key to disable the daily “please reboot” nag. Distraction aside, I don’t react well to programs trying to … Continue reading →
Posted: 8 Aug 14 18:40 • Comments