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Author MarmeeNoir

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Recent entries from A Geektoid's Arena - the blog of MarmeeNoir

NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Title: Sealed With More Than A KissWordcount: -3000Rating: NC-17
Type: Crossover with Harry PotterWarnings: Blood play, smutPairing Lilith/ Tom Riddle Jr (Lord Voldermort)
Status: One-shotSummary:  Young Tom Riddle, obsessed with power, decides to make a deal. However, he doesn't want to deal with a secretary and goes straight for the Deal Minder, not knowing a deal with her takes more than a kiss. A lot more. Tom Riddle Jr/Lilith Pure smut.

While most of the other students were busily shopping and perusing the sights of Hogsmeade, one student stood alone from the rest. He was quite certain if he had been caught, more than likely by his Transfiguration teacher, Dumbledore, he would have been expelled. However, at that moment, expulsion was the last thing on his mind as he quickly buried a box in the middle of the crossroads.

The sudden appearance of the woman, without the telltale CRACK of apparition, startled the young boy.

“Well, well. Aren’t you a handsome one?”

Back going rigid, the figure that stood in the middle of the crossroads turned to the source of the voice. His dark eyes moved up and down her form, scantly clad in a short black dress, far too indecent by society’s, human and muggle alike, standards.

With a seductive smile, the woman walked towards him, tossing back her mane of dark hair. “Little Tommy Riddle… What can I do for you?”

Eyes narrowing dangerously at her tone, he stepped forward. “I want to make a deal…”

The demon smiled. “Of course you do… But I’m surprised you even learned how to summon me in that goody-goody school you go to.” She walked up to him, circling him. Her hands played about his shoulders and his nose twitched at the strong sulfuric smell. “What can I do for you, Tom?”

The boy jerked irritably, hating the sound of the common name but continued anywa...
Posted: 23 Nov 14 14:50 • More • Comments
Well, I've completed my fourth fmv and what a surprise, it's for Transformers Animated. It's another Blackarachnia video and its to the song Poison by Alice Cooper.
Posted: 4 Dec 08 10:17 • Comments
Yay!! I finally got my own laptop! So, to celebrate I've been making tghe vids that have been popping in my head but I've never been able to make.

My first one is a music vid tribute to Alti of Xena Warrior Princess. Enjoy and don't be too rough, I'm only using movie maker here
Posted: 13 Sep 08 10:26 • Comments