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Recent entries from Don't Kill Spike Club Live Journal - the blog of jamiemarsters

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Thu, 13:54: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Fri, 08:47: .@PopExpoOttawa | POP EXPO HELPS OUT THE KIDS AT CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF EASTERN ONTARIO (CHEO) DURING THE HOLIDAYS Fri, 08:49: ICYMI #JamesMarsters & @EmmaCaulfield's @PopExpoOttawa Schedules Fri, 10:10: .@MetalHurlantTV | Metal Hurlant will be soon available in UK... (#JamesMarsters guests) @JM_Live #MetalHurlant
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Wed, 13:43: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Wed, 16:23: oncemorewithextremeprejudice | One-Stop Spot to Shop (#BUFFY "Shadow"; #JamesMarsters #Spike mnts) @JM_Live @RealSMG Wed, 16:27: .@buffyfest | EXCLUSIVE IMAGES: #BUFFY and #ANGEL & #FAITH Covers (ft #JamesMarsters #Spike) @JM_Live @RealSMG Wed, 16:42: Awesome! RT @Camden_Toy Say hello to my little friend. Wed, 16:47: blogofastoopidmonkey | ...
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Tue, 14:48: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Tue, 15:53: RT @Lapoupeedolls: Check out Spike Complete History Pieceworks card PW-1 James Marsters leather coat via @eBay Wed, 07:46: RT @jamieotfollow: #SMALLVILLE Official Magazine #9 MAY/JUN 2006 Michael Rosenbaum, James Marsters for sale on @eBay, 07:47: RT @KLZ_FanMeets: Do you know there are 50% in passes to meet JAMES MARSTERS, @elizadushku and @NicholasBrendon?? C'mon, no excuses! http:/… Wed, 07:50: RT @WizardWorld: Cruise W/The Stars In Europe, June 14-21, w J. Marsters, G. David-Lloyd, N. Brendon & Others http:/… Wed, 07:51: RT @PopExpoOttawa: Comment/Like for your chance to WIN tickets to Ottawa Po...
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Metal Hurlant will be released Next Year in the US on DVD and Blu Ray ! .... and of course Uncut versions. More news to come soon :)

Post by Metal Hurlant Chronicles, tv serie.

Posted: 18 Nov 14 16:59 • Comments
Mon, 13:19: My best RTs this week came from: @ebongeka @dylanated @victoriarty @GilchristGloria @DamonsHybrid #thankSAll via Mon, 13:35: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Mon, 14:05: RT @colinbutler1 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie... @jamie_marsters Tue, 08:01: RT @CTVOttMornLive Ottawa Pop Expo is this weekend at the @EYCentre. Guests include James Marsters, Joe Flanigan and Robert Picardo Tue, 08:03: RT @LokisDK: Check this out! #ebayipad Blue Spike as in James Marsters Tue, 08:04: RT @LokisDK: Check this out! ...
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Sun, 13:22: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Mon, 09:35: metronews | Ottawa Pop Expo returns with stars from #BUFFY (#JamesMarsters), Doctor Who, and Star Trek @JM_Live Mon, 09:40: blogofastoopidmonkey | #BUFFY: 6.17 ‘NORMAL AGAIN’ (#JamesMarsters #Spike mnt) @JM_Live @RealSMG @theksutherland Mon, 09:42: blogofastoopidmonkey | #BUFFY: 6.18 ‘ENTROPY’ (#JamesMarsters #Spike mnts) @JM_Live @EmmaCaulfield @RealSMG ...
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Sat, 12:42: RT @whedonesque: Harmony was a very close second. She tried to bribe us with unicorns and death threats. It was confusing. Sat, 13:13: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Sat, 13:43: RT @LexioftheDSC: @jamie_marsters hey, please could you share this? We deffo wanna see James every week ;) #RenewWitSat, 17:25: RT @jimmyLeary “@PaperSandFire: @jimmyLeary Clem! Rally your troops for your best friend Spike!” Clem votes Spike! Sat, 21:21: RT @jamieotfollow: PRICE REDUCTION #Smallville : Season 5 (DVD, 2007, 6-Disc Set, Region 4) for sale on @eBay @JM_LiSat, 21:36: RT @...
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Celebrity Autographs  |  Saturday and SundayQuestions?

Meet and get autographs from some of your favorite stars! Celebrity autographs can be purchased in the autograph section from the celebrity's liaison. Guests will usually have 8X10s for purchase at their table that can be signed. You can bring your own items to autograph, however, it is up to the guest to accept or refuse to sign a given item.

Autograph sessions are typically 60 minutes or longer. It is recommended to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the start of a session. Schedules below are subject to change. Please confirm schedules on site.


10:00    Junkers at Booth
10:00    Marie-Claude Bourbonnais at Booth
10:00    Yaya Han at Booth
10:30    Brandon Routh Autographs
10:30    Emma Caulfield Autographs
10:30    James Marsters Autographs
10:30    Joe Flanigan Autographs
10:30    John Barrowman Autographs
10:30    Robert Picardo Autographs
11:00    Allison Mack Autographs
11:00    Emily Kinney Autographs
11:00    Lanny Poffo at Booth
11:30    Nicole de Boer Autographs
11:30    Noelle Hanibal Autographs
11:30    Rob Archer Autographs
12:30    Brandon Routh Autographs
12:30    John Barrowman Autographs
13:00    Joe Flanigan Autographs
13:00    Junkers at Booth
13:00    Marie-Claude Bourbonnais at Booth
13:00    Yaya Han at Booth
13:30    Allison Mack Autographs
13:30    Emma Caulfield Autographs
13:30    James Marsters Autographs
13:30    Lanny Poffo at Booth
13:30    Nicole de Boer Autographs
13:30    Noelle Hanibal Autographs
14:00    Robert Picardo Autographs
14:30    Emily Kinney Autographs
14:30    Rob Archer Autographs
15:15    John B...
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Fri, 12:22: @RealSMG Dinner with any 3 people in the world (living or dead); who would you choose? Fri, 12:27: .@RealSMG Dinner with any 3 people in the world (living or dead); who would you choose? #AskRealSMG Fri, 12:59: DKSC LiveJournal | James Marsters at Tulsa Comic Con (Q&A Panel Video) | YouTube #JamesMarsters Fri, 12:59: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Fri, 13:56: Thanks so much for sharing it! :D RT @whatsername86 @jamie_marsters @JM_Live @WizardWorld That's my video! =D I hope everyone enjoys it! Fri, 14:07: movienewsguide | HAWAII FIVE-0 Recap: Ina Paha (If Perhaps) (James Marsters mnt) @JM_Live #H50100 ...
Posted: 14 Nov 14 20:00 • Comments
Thu, 12:09: RT @KyleAbbot: LOOK #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #TV #Script - HUSH - #SarahMichelleGellar, #JamesMarsters. #AlysonHannigan on #Ebay http://t.coThu, 12:44: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Thu, 14:39: RT @whedonesque: Spike! “@JJElektric: Wait, what was Spike’s human last name? Another person’s named William Pratt! Did Nicky write this? @… Thu, 15:15: screencapped | HAWAII FIVE-0 5.07 Ina Paha (If Perhaps) (100th) Screencaps (ft #JamesMarsters) Thu, 21:47: RT @...
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James Marsters at Tulsa Comic ConJames Marsters Q&A panel at Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con on November 8th. I was in the front row. James was hilarious and it was a great panel.

Sorry for any movement in the video. My hands were a little shaky and I had to hand it off to another person twice.

Posted: 13 Nov 14 18:45 • Comments
Celebrity Q&A  |  Saturday and Sunday Celebrity Q&A

This is the perfect opportunity to hear celebrity speakers from your favorite sci-fi, horror, action and fantasy movies and television talk about their experiences in the business and their current or upcoming projects. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and be entertained in person by your favorite celebrity.


12:00    Robert Picardo    Hall 4
13:00    Rob Archer    Meeting Room B
15:00    James Marsters and Emma Caulfield    Hall 4
17:00    John Barrowman    Hall 4
17:00    Noelle Hannibal    Meeting Room B


11:30    Celebrity Q&A with Joe Flanigan    Hall 4
12:30    Celebrity Q&A with Nicole de Boer    Meeting Room B
13:00    Celebrity Q&A with Allison Mack    Hall 4
14:30    Celebrity Q&A with Brandon Routh    Hall 4

Times are subject to change. Please check schedules on site, in front of each hall.

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Wed, 12:32: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Wed, 17:18: .@KLZ_FanMeets | #Buffy #FanMeet Schedule (inc James Marsters, @ElizaDushku & @NicholasBrendon) @JM_Live @KLZ_Events Wed, 17:56: RT @Joanne__W @jamie_marsters @JM_Live please sign the petition to #RenewWitchesOfEastEnd RT & share! Wed, 17:58: RT @KLZ_FanMeets: Special #LastSprint promotions for #BUFFYFanMeet: Passes (Vampire&Hunter) ~ 50% discount until 10/12 Extras ~ 10% discoun… Wed, 18:35: DKSC LiveJournal | Buffy FanMee...
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Schedule Saturday 13th December From 7.30 am to9.30 am All numbers
* This is a tentative schedule. May change days before the event. The weekend schedule will be announced shortly before the convention.

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Tue, 12:22: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Tue, 17:03: Am I the only one who gets a *tiny* bit turned on by people who tweet using correct grammar? #itsprobablyjustme #imaweirdo Tue, 17:48: RT @HelenhbWalker: @jamie_marsters It's not just you! We are many, and you're right, there is nothing quite so hot! #seriously,it'snotthath… Wed, 07:52: .@WizardWorld | #Tulsa Comic Con 2014's Celeb Photo Ops Highlights (inc James Marsters) @JM_Live #WWTulsaCC #Spike Wed, 08:09: entertainment-focus | #WitchesofEastEnd: 10 reasons it shouldn’t have been cancelled (...
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Check out the highlights from Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con 2014's Photo Ops from Celeb Photo Ops!!

Check out the highlights from Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con 2014's Photo Ops from @[287251937995877:274:Celeb Photo Ops]!!

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James Marsters - Tulsa Comic ConPublished on Nov 8, 2014
James Marsters answers a fan question about his most embarrassing moment filming Buffy. Oh, and she asked him I answer in his British accent!!!

Posted: 8 Nov 14 22:44 • Comments
Sat, 12:32: How I did on Twitter this week: 18 New Followers, 11 Mentions, 7.82K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via Sat, 13:00: RT @HawaiiFive0CBS: #H50 EP @PLenkov has a message for you. #H50100 starts right now! Share the milestone with us and tune in. https://t.coSat, 14:15: Twitter | James Marsters HAWAII FIVE-0 - "Ina Paha" Twitter Reviews @JM_Live #H50100 #H50 @HawaiiFive0CBS @PLenkov Sat, 14:19: .@zap2it | HAWAII FIVE-0 without McGarrett is ... really not that bad for everyone else (ft #JamesMarsters) #H50100 Sat, 14:21: cartermatt | #HawaiiFive0 season 5, episode 7 review: Norman Reedus...
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Check out some of the photo highlights from Tulsa Comic Con 2014!! Come down and see us and experience the Con in person!! For show and ticket info see here:

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Posted: 8 Nov 14 16:53 • Comments
Hawaii Five-0 - OriginsA kidnapped McGarrett threads the line between what could have been and what's happening now.

Hawaii Five-0 - Crossing The LiveDanno stops at nothing to get answers for the attempted murder of McGarretts' father.

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Fri, 14:36: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Fri, 14:51: RT @alseptien: #RenewWitchesOfEastEnd @lifetimetv Fri, 14:58: ICYMI: #JamesMarsters & @ElizaDushku's @WizardWorld #Tulsa Comic Con Schedules #WWTulsaCC Fri, 16:24: RT @mizzswedin: Do you still admire the pure genius of @josswhedon in his writing of Buffy? I still find it therapeutic and epic to this da… Fri, 16:24: RT @RealSMG @mizzswedin @josswhedon He is truly an incredible writer Fri, 16:26: RT @...
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Thu, 14:22: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Thu, 14:57: flavorcountry | Thoughts on #BUFFY s05e03 (#JamesMarsters #Spike mnt) @JM_Live @RealSMG @NicholasBrendon @alydenisof Thu, 16:03: RT @RealSMG: Ok everyone first #AskRealSMG tom 3:30-4:00 pm pst and 8:00-8:30 pm pst, tag your questions #AskRealSMG and make them good....… Fri, 08:21: RT @fangeeker: If you're near Tulsa, check out @WizardWorld with @elizadushku and @JM_Live, and say hi to the Walking Dead actors and their… Fri, 08:26: RT @paleycenter: ...
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