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@Nachoserricchio 2:01 PM
W/ the great James Marsters at @WitchesEastEnd You can tell we had no fun working tgether. #witchesofeastend

W/ the great James Marsters at @WitchesEastEnd You can tell we had no fun working tgether. #witchesofeastend

— Ignacio Serricchio (@Nachoserricchio) October 2, 2014

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Wed, 19:27: RT @ComicConAtSea: Richard Hatch - @thumbfighter - will be joining us for #ComicConAtSea! Wed, 19:27: RT @ComicConAtSea: Anyone selecting Richard Hatch's photos and/or autographs in the next 2 weeks will receive the Early Bird Pricing extens… Wed, 20:37: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Wed, 20:41: RT @RachScorer92: Still buzzing at this! Thanks @JM_Live #iloveit @starfuryevents #starfury #vampireball #jamesmarsters #spike #vb5 http://… Wed, 21:27: thetelevixen | ...
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FYI - audiobook titled Carnival of Souls that James recorded 2 years ago has been retitled - Untamed City: Carnival of Secrets

Post by James Marsters - The Official Page.

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Tue, 17:46: rtbookreviews | #WitchesofEastEnd Recap: 2.11 - "Poe Way Out" (ft James Marsters) @JM_Live @WitchesEastEnd #WOEE Tue, 20:31: yourentertainmentcorner | #WitchesofEastEnd - "Poe Way Out" Retrospective (ft James Marsters) @JM_Live @rachelboston Wed, 07:37: threeifbyspace | #BUFFY Season 10 #7 (James Marsters #Spike mnts) @JM_Live @NicholasBrendon @Christosgage @JossWhedon Wed, 07:54: RT @BexxLawson James Marsters - I LOVED him as Spike, when he said "Hello Sweetheart" my legs turned jelly Wed, 07:58: RT @...
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Witches of East End Season 2, Episode 12 PhotosClick on images for HQ version

 photo woee_212_05052014_jd_0397.jpg  photo woee_212_05052014_jd_0403.jpg  photo woee_212_05052014_jd_0440.jpg  photo woee_212_05052014_jd_0483.jpg  photo woee_212_05052014_jd_0502.jpg  photo woee_212_05052014_jd_0508.jpg

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Mon, 12:43: Twitter | James Marsters #WitchesofEastEnd"Poe Way Out" Twitter Reviews @JM_Live @danielditomasso @jennaldewan #WOEE Mon, 13:19: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Mon, 13:51: ibtimes | #WitchesofEastEnd Season 2 Spoilers: Who Died During Episode 11? Recap Of Shocking Deaths @JM_Live #WOEE Mon, 14:51: RT @RichardHatem #WitchesOfEastEnd Is Tarkoff still in this show? @JM_Live Mon, 14:52: RT @RichardHatem #WitchesOfEastEnd I wonder where the King is sending Tarkoff? I mean WHEN? Thank you...
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Lifetime's Witches of East End - 2x12 "Box To The Future" promoPromo for the 2x12 "Box To The Future" episode of Lifetime's tv series Witches of East End starring Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Mädchen Amick, Eric Winter and Daniel Di Tomasso.



The season finale is here! Watch the two hour event this SUNDAY 9/8c.

Post by Witches of East End.

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Sun, 12:55: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Sun, 16:05: RT @jamieotfollow: Who is the best sci-fi character of all time? Quarter finals: Vote for #Ianto! He's losing!! #IanSun, 18:53: RT @StarfuryNews Photo sales are now on sale at #VB5 - this is your last chance to have your photo taken with the guests this weekend! Sun, 19:50: RT @StarfuryNews: Final call for anyone with tickets for George, Jeff, James and Emma photo session at #VB5. If you have a photo ticket, pl… Mon, 07:44: RT @VisionaryTrek: Slightly controversial here at @starfuryevents Vampire Ball as @emmacaulfield and James Marsters debate the best Star Tr… Mon, 07:45: RT @ManonLovesSMG: Made this for ...
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Sat, 12:37: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Sat, 14:14: How I did on Twitter this week: 25 New Followers, 5 Mentions, 8.83K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via Sat, 17:48: Photoset: James Marsters & David Boreanaz’ 2003 TV Guide magazine photo shoot. @JM_Live @David_Boreanaz Sat, 18:11: RT @sparkindadark: Vampire Ball opening ceremony with the 1 and only James Marsters. Crappy pic as camera wouldnt focus., 18:23: RT @StarfuryNews Final call for all attendees for the 9am photo session at #VB5 Sat, 19:11: RT @StarfuryNews Anyone who has bought a group photo at #VB5 please queue now Sun, 05:21: RT @JemmaSimmons_ Here...
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Fri, 12:20: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Fri, 21:10: RT @starfuryevents Looking forward to seeing everybody at The Vampire Ball tonight! Have a safe journey up. Sat, 07:57: RT @jamieotfollow: PRICE REDUCTION #Smallville : Season 5 (DVD, 2007, 6-Disc Set, Region 4) for sale on @eBay @JM_LiSat, 08:01: RT @jamieotfollow: PRICE REDUCTION #Smallville: Season 7 (DVD, 2009, 6-Disc Set) R1 US Version for sale on @eBay @AaSat, 08:22: RT @jimmyLeary Anyone going to @starfuryevents Vampire Ball? Tell @emmacaulfield @JM_Live I said "Hi". Sat, 08:54: .@...
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Fifth Annual Vampire Ball Event ScheduleFriday September 26th 20144:00pm Event Registration & Photo Ticket Sales
7:30pm Main Hall opens
8:00pm Opening Ceremony
8:30pm Meet & Greet Reception for Gold Ticket Holders
9:30pm Party

Saturday September 27th 2014Photo Sessions
9:00am Jeff Ricketts, Dayne Johnson & Jonathan Woodward
10:00am Group Photo
10:30am James Marsters, Emma Caulfield & George Hertzberg

Main Hall
10:30am Main Hall opens
11:00am Q&A with Dayne Johnson
1:00pm Q&A with Jonathan Woodward & Jeff Ricketts
2:30pm Q&A with Emma Caulfield
3:30pm Q&A with James Marsters & George Hertzberg
4:30pm Main Hall closed
7:00pm Main Hall opens
8:00pm Costume Competition
9.00pm Party

Autograph Session
4:30pm to 6:30pm for Gold Ticket Holders

Sunday September 28th 2014Photo Sessions
10:00am James Marsters, George Hertzberg, Jeff Ricketts & Emma Caulfield
1:00pm Jonathan Woodward as a vampire & Dayne Johnson

Main Hall
10:30am Main Hall opens
11:00am Q&A with Jonathan Woodward & Dayne Johnson
1:30pm Q&A with George Hertzberg & Jeff Ricketts
2:30pm Q&A with James Marsters & Emma Caulfield
3:30pm Main Hall closed
7:00pm Main Hall opens
7:30pm Closing Ceremony
9:00pm Party

Autograph Session
4:00pm to 6:30pm for Regular Ticket Holders

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Thu, 12:13: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Thu, 12:21: Nice! RT @deanLouiz27 @jamie_marsters Spikey <3 Thu, 15:18: RT @RealSMG ok this is amazing- Twitter needs a video background!! Thu, 16:02: RT @whedonesque Buffy: "I just wanted a little time alone. Spike: "Oh, uh... Right then." Buffy: "It's okay, I can be alone with you here." Thu, 19:50: RT @AnthonySHead "@josswhedon PLEASE MAKE THIS A REALITY …" Wow, would you look at that! Nice work, sir x Thu, 23:16: RT @KLZ_FanMeets #BUFFYFanMeet GUESTLIST~ @NicholasBrendon @elizadushku #JamesMarsters ...
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Wed, 12:02: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Wed, 20:23: YouTube | The Animated Adventures Of #BUFFY (video ft James Marsters #Spike) @JM_Live @RealSMG @JossWhedon @SethGreen Wed, 20:36: screencapped | #WitchesofEastEnd 2.10 The Fall of the House of Beauchamp Screencaps @JM_Live Thu, 08:41: RT @jamieotfollow: #SMALLVILLE Official Magazine #13 JAN/FEB 2007 @AaronRAshmore James Marsters for sale on @eBay @JThu, 08:56: movienewsguide | ...
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Tue, 14:49: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Tue, 17:00: RT @nerdygirlsokc: Are you going to @wizardworld in Tulsa in Nov? You should, not for James Marsters, but for panels with @nerdygirlsokc & … Wed, 07:17: RT @jamieotfollow: #Angel: The Vampire Anthology - #Gunn (DVD, Region 4) for sale on @eBay @jaugustrichards @David_BWed, 07:23: rtbookreviews | #WitchesofEastEnd Recap 2.10 — "The Fall of the House of Beauchamp" (ft James Marsters) @JM_Live Wed, 07:27: popinsomniacs | #WitchesofEastEnd Wimps Out of Latest Shocking Plot Twist (James Marsters mnt) @...
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Mon, 12:07: Twitter | James Marsters #WitchesofEastEnd "The Fall of the House of Beauchamp" Twitter Reviews @JM_Live #WOEE Mon, 13:23: RT @MaggieFriedman Happy birthday to the inspiration for Tarkoff!!! @sarahtarkoff Mon, 14:16: thetelevixen | #WitchesofEastEnd: The Fall of the House of Beauchamp (James Marsters mnt) @JM_Live @WitchesEastEnd Mon, 14:17: ibtimes | #WitchesofEastEnd Season 2 Spoilers: Who Brought Freya And Ingrid Back From The Dead In Episode 10? [RECAP] Mon, 14:20: EW | #WitchesofEastEnd recap: Daddy dearest (ft James Marsters) @JM_Live @WitchesEastEnd @...
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Sun, 14:33: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Sun, 15:06: RT @JasminMarsters1: Eva Czarn******* from Lake Geneva, trying to reach u for the Indiegogo Brunch with James!Ur email isn’t getting throug… Sun, 20:14: metro | Did you spot the #TORCHWOOD reference in DOCTOR WHO Time Heist? (James Marsters mnt) @JM_Live #DoctorWho Mon, 08:21: CBR | Preview: #BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Season 10 #8 (ft James Marsters #Spike) @JM_Live @Christosgage @JossWhedon Mon, 08:22: RT @KLZ_FanMeets #BUFFYFanMeet (13/14 December 2014, Frankfurt) ~ NICHOLAS BRENDON, JAMES MARSTERS, ELIZA DUSHKU - ...
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Sat, 13:54: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Sat, 14:12: How I did on Twitter this week: 34 New Followers, 8 Mentions, 7.47K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via Sat, 14:35: RT @GhostlyVampire7 @JM_Live @AlexisDenisof @BuffyNews @jamie_marsters they make such a handsome couple don't they Sat, 18:51: RT @ComicConAtSea: Check out @drew_roy's updated bio - Sat, 19:00: RT @ebaytwhistory2: Spike CHASE Vampire Funko POP BUFFY Slayer Rare James Marsters in-hand Sun, 05:45: RT @starfuryevents: All Gold tickers have now been e-mailed out for The Vampire Ball. We'll send Regular Tickets tomorrow and have them all…...
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Fri, 12:16: RT @AllCharisma You Frans are gonna love this one! Rare pic. #Spike and #Cordelia @JM_Live #JamesMarsters Fri, 12:44: To those who marvel over James Marsters being 52, bare in mind, this is James at 36 @JM_Live #JamesMarsters #Spike Fri, 12:45: And this is James at 40. To say he's aged well, doesn't begin to cover it! @JM_Live #JamesMarsters Fri, 12:47: Well said! RT @AimeeMarieK @JM_Live 36, 52 I don't care. James is a.) talented and 2.) the nicest guy ever. #JamesMarstersKicksAss #TheEnd Fri, 13:48...
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Thu, 13:41: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Thu, 14:48: bloody-disgusting | [Comic Book Review] #BUFFY: Season 10 #7 Is Authentically Crafted & Engaging (James Marsters mnt) Fri, 07:32: RT @jamieotfollow: ENDING SOON #SMALLVILLE Official Magazine #9 MAY/JUN 2006 Michael Rosenbaum James Marsters for sale on @eBay http://t.coFri, 07:59: Ditto. RT @amaradangeli #JamesMarsters #thunk Fri, 08:02: RT @AnthonySHead 'Tis a thing of consummate wonder - x Fri, 08:02: RT @AnthonySHead #StaringAtTheSun I stand corrected ...
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Wed, 13:33: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Wed, 16:05: This is fantastic! RT @JHMerchant Forgot I drew this. @JM_Live @jamie_marsters Wed, 16:07: 70s punk Spike rocks! ;) RT @AngelsAndCupids James Marsters AKA Spike from Buffy Wed, 16:08: RT @KyleAbbot: LOOK #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #TV #MUSICAL #Script - #SarahMichelleGellar, #JamesMarsters. #AlysonHannigan on #Ebay http://t.c… Wed, 16:12: soundonsight | ...
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Tue, 13:27: DKSC LiveJournal | My tweets #JamesMarsters Tue, 16:19: YouTube | James Marsters Panel (#Richmond Comic Con Video) @JM_Live @WizardWorld #WWRichmondCC #JamesMarsters Tue, 16:27: DKSC LiveJournal | James Marsters Panel (Richmond Comic Con Video) | YouTube #JamesMarsters Tue, 20:58: channelchelsea | “Smells Like King Spirit” is a mixed bag for #WitchesofEastEnd (James Marsters mnt) @JM_Live #WOEE Tue, 21:06: yourentertainmentcorner | #WitchesofEastEnd – “Smells Like King Spirit” Recap. (James Marsters mnts) ...
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James Marsters PanelJames Marsters panel from Wizard World Richmond
September 14, 2014

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Mon, 12:02: RT @WitchesEastEnd WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Already can't wait until next week! #WitchesOfEastEnd Mon, 12:03: RT @RichardHatem Well, another fun episode. #WitchesOfEastEnd @rachelboston @jennaldewan @auntwendythecat @Nachoserricchio @MaggieFriedman Mon, 12:04: RT @rachelboston Sending love to everyone right now!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ #WitchesOfEastEnd Ingrid and Freya @jennaldewan Mon, 12:07: RT @rachelboston Thank you for watching and tweeting tonight!!! See you next Sunday!!! #WitchesOfEastEnd Mon, 12:13: Twitter | James Marsters #WitchesofEastEnd "Smells Like King Spirit" (2.9...
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