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This journal is no longer active. Please visit me at tumblr instead!
Posted: 20 Sep 13 14:02 • Comments
Hi everyone! My Roads Travelled site went through a giant update when it came to art a few days ago because I have been forced to re-imagine the cast for the first war due to age-issues. Isla Fisher does not look to be in her early twenties, and neither does Sam Troughton or Johnny Depp. All my other actors, minus Sarah Michelle Gellar, were born during the same decade, and therefore looks to be around the same age: Isla, Sam and Johnny don't, unfortunately.

This means a lot of the art has been remade to fit the new actors: Karen Gillan, Iwan Rheon and Ben Barnes. BUT Sam Troughton and Johnny Depp will still portray Peter and Sirius, but AFTER the first war - that is, from the AU versions of book 1-7, during the second war, when they're supposed to be in their thirties. I could never let go of my vision of Johnny as Sirius entirely and as for keeping Sam - well, I never thought Timothy Spall was right, considering after he's lived as a rat for twelve years, Peter was supposed to be thin...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new art and hope you don't mind this major change/update. For me, it means I have to start from scratch with my videos (and I was almost done!), but I think it will be worth it in the long run, considering Roads Travelled probably won't be done for years yet!
Posted: 2 Jul 12 19:20 • Comments
Hi everybody who are patiently waiting for the next chapter of Way of the Warriors! As you probably know, it is part 5 of Out of the Blue, and it is supposed to be followed by one final part 6, before the series is done. However, for various reasons, I've decided not to do another story and instead combine Way of the Warriors with my plans and timeline for part 6 (five parts sound like a more even number for a series than six anyway...). Mostly, this is because of how slow my updates are lately: I have a feeling I'm losing both reviewers and readers, and because of the long wait, doing yet another story in the series after the slowpoke WotW has turned out to be doesn't seem feasible. :D Obiously, this also means the story will be longer: right now, I'm thinking maybe forty or forty-five chapters in total (which also means the story is more than halfway done!)

So Way of the Warriors will be the final part of the series, and it will also be renamed to "Into the Blue" which is the title I planned to name part 6. "Way of the Warriors" will instead be the undertitle to all the chapters posted thus far, as well as a couple of chapters after that. In essence, you could call that 'book 1'. 'Book 2,' which will be the second half of "Into the Blue", will then have another undertitle, called 'Lightning Follows Thunder.' (And yes, I know that in reality, thunder follows lightning, when it comes to what the human eye/ear percieves: in reality, both occur at the same time - the title is meant to be ironic as well as symbolic).

I hope you have patience with me as I move onto the final stretch of this incredibly long series. It's been with me almost since I first started writing fanfiction...and I'm pretty sure I'm just as eager to get it done as you are! Of course, that doesn't mean I won't put in an effort into my writing - I'm really excited for what will now be 'book 2' of the final part of Out of the Blue!
Posted: 28 May 12 17:23 • Comments
It's about time I started posting here again, I think! This time, it's not about something connected to fanfiction. Instead, I wanted to post two music videos I've made. The first one is based on the character journey and difficulties Wesley Wyndham- Pryce had to go through on the TV-show Angel. The second one is based on the bittersweet relationship between Buffy/Angel. View them both under the cuts!

Title: Get It Right
Artist: Leah Michele - Glee
Fandom: Angel
Spoilers: ATS season 3-5.
Pairing: Hints of Fred/Wesley, Wesley/Faith, Wesley/Illyria, Wesley/Lilah
Summary: Even though he tries, he doesn't always succeed. But despite his failures, Wesley manages to go on fighting, trying to do his best.

Title: I Dreamed A Dream
Artist: Leah Michele & Idina Menzel - Glee Cover
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel
Spoilers: BTVS s. 1-3, ATS 1x8: I Will Remember You.
Pairing: Buffy/Angel
Summary: The love between Buffy and Angel - a vampire and a Slayer - are the stuff fairytales are made of. But even fairytales don't always get their happy ending. Sometimes, love isn't enough.

Posted: 19 Apr 12 20:25 • Comments
The first chapter of Road of Sacrifice is now up! Find it on my website, on Twisting the Hellmouth, or on FF.Net. On my FF.Net profile page you can also find a poll regarding which actor should portray an adult Remus Lupin (second war) in future art!
Posted: 30 Jun 11 19:39 • Comments
A final Roads Travelled website update before I post the first chapter of Road of Sacrifice on thursday: a new layout is up, featuing Isla Fisher as Lily Evans Potter. Also, there are a new ROS playlist and two new ROS-wallpapers...enjoy!
Posted: 28 Jun 11 18:56 • Comments
With less than a month to go before Road of Sacrifice - the third part in the Roads Travelled series featuring the second part of the first war - is published for its first chapter, I decided it was time to give you all a little treat! Other than a new LJ Header for Road of Sacrifice and a new blurb/theme-song,  here are some spoilers...

Remember that little teaser list of things to come in Road of Sacrifice that I posted back in January? I've decided to expand on a little details: New life >> New Hope = Harry. (That was the easiest guess...) There will be a prophecy: Is it the prophecy from HP canon or a new one, you ask? Keep asking. lol. A glimpse into Sunnydale life: some Sunnydale characters will make an appearance. Whether they will appear as dreams, flashbacks, in the Sunnydale-verse, or HP-verse, I won't say, however. Their appearance will make Buffy wonder about some things, though. What things? That would telling!

As a final teaser to tide you over the rest of June, below is the intro-text to the first chapter, from Lily's POV, along with part of scene between Voldemort, Bellatrix and Mandy during her captivity...




We have all lost something in this war. Someone. So many sacrifices have been made, and I wonder, how many more awaits us? Everyone has changed, and sometimes, I don't even recognise myself. This war is making us lose pieces of ourselves and while I still have hope for tomorrow, it's being diminished by all the death and despair. I wish for peace. I wish our child will never know war, that he will never have to sacrifice what we have sacrificed, or see what we have seen. But for the moment, my wishes will continue to remain what they have been for a long while now – dreams.


- Lily Potter.


Excerpt ROS: scene 2, chapter 1.

Bellatrix cac...
Posted: 7 Jun 11 13:37 • More • Comments
Here comes more spoilers, this time for the next chapter of Road of Carnage (chapter 25), in the form of three teasers taken out of context... obviously, don't read if you want to be totally surprised. Or have trouble with handling suspense. The first teaser is quite mild, but the last two, albeit short...well, I won't say anything more. Also, for those interested, several new still frames for Death Eaters and some Order members can now be found on the Roads Travelled website.

Excerpts from Road of Carnage chapter 25


As teaser no. 1, in its entirety, here comes the Sorting Hat's song!

“No, your eyes do not deceive you;
A talking hat you see,
And let me tell you right away,
There’s no one else like me!

I can read your heart and soul,
And penetrate your mind,
And by knowing your desires,
A place for you I’ll find.

If you value your intellect,
And are wise and witty too,
I believe that Ravenclaw,
Is the place for you.

Perhaps you are a daring sort,
Both brave and bold indeed,
Then you’ll find that Gryffindor,
Shall suit your every need.

Or maybe you're a loyal one,
Steady, just and true,
Then I think that you will find,
that Hufflepuff will do.

If ambition is your prerogative,
A Slytherin you’ll be,
Cunning, sly and clever,
But not cleverer than me!

So put me on and I shall say,
The house where you belong,
So hurry up, get ready all,
For now I end my song.”

Teaser 2.

Buffy’s eyes narrowed as she took in the sight.

“Vampires,” she whispered, and couldn’t help but feel some elation at the sheer number of them. Finally, a physical challenge! She could h...
Posted: 29 Jan 11 19:03 • More • Comments
Here comes something for the curious... The list below are all things that will occur in Road of Sacrifice, from events to minor to major characters - do not read if you don't want to be spoiled at all! I've tried to be rather vague, but I'm sure you can figure out at least some of what will happen to who if you try, so feel free to guess, though I reserve the right not to answer, of course!
Someone(s) will be (forced to) leave the Wizarding World.Someone(s) will die.someone(s) will live.Someone will change sides.There will be a prophecy.New life >> New hope.Slayer action.Slayer mythology.Change the direction of canon as we know it.A glimpse into Sunnydale life.
I hope this will tide you over! If you want more details on a specific part of the list, let me know and I'll try to oblige, without revealing too much, of course!
Posted: 25 Jan 11 10:44 • Comments
 Hi everyone! 

This entry is to do with Road of Sacrifice (3rd part of RT) and the rest of Roads Travelled, but no spoilers!

I would like suggestions for things you would like to see happen in the future, mainly during the second war: I already have all of Road of Sacrifice planned out. It doesn't have to be anything really thought out: loose thoughts, wishes or ideas are more than enough. Feel free to suggest anything: from plot to characters. Questions are also welcome, though I may not answer if I feel it would give too much away!
Posted: 15 Oct 10 03:42 • Comments
First of all, let me wish you all a happy summer and hope you're not ill like I am. Second of all, let me thank the one/those who nominated Road of Innocence for all those categories for Twisting the Hellmouths 2010 Crossing Over Awards! I'm really honoured you find my story good enough to compete! Thirdly, if you haven't voted in my poll for Road of Sacrifice, please go ahead and do so! Right now, the results are very close together, so if you want to be sure things will work out the way you want them to, make your opinion known!

Now, I am sure there are quite a lot of my Out of the Blue readers who wonder what has happened to Way of the Warriors. Well, as I'm sure you can guess, I have one hell of a writer's block on that one. However, I did promise I would never abandon my stories, and I don't plan to, espescially not that one: I've put way too much time and energy into it to do that! The problem has been I haven't been able to find an ending/plot development that satisfies me and isn't boring for you to read because of closeness to the books. I think I am past that problem now - I've been going over my outlines for the rest of the story and its sequel/the series final part, and I've done a lot of changes and additions that I hope will satisfy you.

I know where to take the series now, and I hope that will make it easier to write. I wrote another chapter of Way of the Warriors last night and sent it off to my beta, so hopefully, you should have it soon. I also hope I will be able to find the inspiration to write the chapters following that one as quickly as possible, so I can move ahead to the final story in the series, which will be between 15-20 chapters and called Into the Blue (at first I planned to call it Darkening Sky, but I changed it because I think it ties things together a lot more ...
Posted: 4 Aug 10 08:24 • More • Comments
It's been over a year since I last posted anything on this journal, and for that I apologize. In an attempt to actually make this journal something with substance, rather than just rants and mentions of my updates, I've decided to put focus on my fanfiction crossover series, Roads Travelled. 

Currently, I am posting part two, called Road of Carnage - the Header, which is based on a wallpaper/manipulation (can be found at my Roads Travelled site) - reflects that. It is all about life after Hogwarts for Buffy and the marauders, during the first war. But, since I have all the chapters prewritten, that doesn't give my readers much of an input of what's going to happen. Since I am also trying to avoid long Author's Notes, that also means not much of my thoughts behind the chapters reach them.

This is where this journal will come in: I will be posting my thoughts on Roads Travelled, more specifically, on Road of Carnage and Road of Sacrifice - the third part of the series, since I'm writing ahead. These thoughts may all contain spoilers, so read at your own risk. But I hope this will bring some more depth to the chapters, and tease about what's ahead. Most of all, I hope I can actually manage to post what I've just promised here this time, and that you will all enjoy it.
Posted: 15 Apr 10 14:07 • Comments
Hi! So it's been a long while - sorry! University has been crazy - it still is crazy, and I am doing two volountary projects on the side in the form of two websites for charity... My portfolio has been updated with almost completely new content and layout...also, it is now in Swedish (sorry all my foreign fans and friends!) since it's for my "professional" work only...

Also, I have just ordered the first three books in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, about Sookie Stackhouse, by Charlaine Harris, on which the TV-show True Blood is based. Hopefully, they'll live up to my expectation! At the same time, I ordered the two last books in the Shadowleague trilogy by Maggie Furey - the first one was great: Not quite as good as her Aurian series, but excellent all the same. It feels nice to return somewhat to the world of litterature in something other than fanfiction... It''s been so long since I actually read a book for entertainment!

Now, all that remains is to find time to read them... ;)

Happy Easter, ahead of time, as I doubt I'll update until after, sometime!
Posted: 30 Mar 09 07:13 • Comments
Happy New Year!

Visionary Art has a new layout, Visionary Fanfiction has been launched, and the first part of Roads Travelled (the OOTB rewrite who is more of a stand-alone, really) - Road of Innocence, has been posted. To celebrate that, the Roads Travelled website has been updated, cleaned up, and has a new layout.

Please, read and review: The first chapter can be found both at Fanfiction.Net, at Twisting the Hellmouth, and at the website as a .PDF document.
Posted: 1 Jan 09 12:03 • Comments
No! It's over! I have no more episodes to watch! *dies* I think I watched these thirteen episodes of Merlin faster than Buffy, and that's saying something... I WANT MORE! MORE! GIVE ME MORE! Does anyone know when the second season arrives? (There is a second season, right? Please, tell me there is!) I have no idea how I'll be able to survive until then - I was actually planning on taking it slow, to really savour each episode - I had it all planned out: The episodes were supposed to last me until Christmas! *face thud* I am too impatient, I know, but I'd hoped I'd be able to restrain myself somehow, miraculusly. No go, I'm afraid!

I'll just have to watch them again. Not too bad that, either, considering! Merlin has really gotten better and better with each episode, I haven't been let down once, and though the show also got a little more serious towards the end, there was still enough of humour too keep me satisfied! And of course, angst and drama is always good (sweaty, pale and half naked Arthur...*swoons*...Merlin in chainmail *gasp*), but there really seemed to be less of the Arthur/Merlin undertones towards the end, there. *pouts*

The finale was great, of course, though I am a bit disappointed they didn't keep Nimueh around - she's a great villain, for Uther espescially, not to mention the past they share...! I'm sure they'll manage to give the cast trouble somehow anyway, and keep them on their toes! And it seems Merlin has pissed off the dragon...uh, oh... Great conflict on the horizon? I do wonder when Arthur will find out Merlin is magical, though - can't wait to see his reaction to that! And when Morgana discovers that she has powers too... but of course, the more screentime my favourite boys get, the better.

Will Mordred have a reappearance? Will Lancelot? Will *gasp* Nimueh? (After all, the dead do not necessarily stay dead in fandom...) Excalibur? And what about other characters/things from the legend, such as the ...
Posted: 17 Dec 08 19:26 • More • Comments
I have found a new obession - Merlin! The new show about the wizard and King (or rather, Prince, at the moment) Arthur, from BBC. And I am completely blown away. The acting is fab - though seeing Anthony Head in another role than Giles took awhile to get used to, the humor is to die for - it's been awhile since I've laughed this much due to a show. The slashy undertones has me squeeling ridiculously through each episode ("Faster, Arthur! *Moan*"), and the fact the show doesn't seem to hold much stock to the legend is great (okay, there are instances, but not many)! Modern, new, and with an unpredictability many shows lack today.

The main cast (Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Gwen) cast is young, good-looking, and play their roles very well - the personalities of the characters are quite different from how we're used as seeing them - and not only because the show takes place before the characters become the "legends" we're used to, when they're still young, still innocent, and with a lot left to learn -  which is a welcome breath of fresh air. I am a particular fan of Arthur and Merlin - preferably as Arthur/Merlin, I have to admit, and Morgana is just gorgeous.

I'm already looking forward to the next season - I've watched about half of the show so far, and I haven't been left dissappointed once - just as much as I'm looking forward to Dollhouse, actually! And, in honour of this, my new obession, I've changed the icons in my journal (will put them up on visionary art during my next update), and changed the layout (thanks, milou_veronica) and the moodtheme (thanks, disillusion_ave)  - though the header is not "Merlin", but Natalie Dormer instead. Looking good, right? - along with a Merlin & Arthur Header, made by yours truly.

Grade: 9/10 (Why not a ten? The animation of the "mythical creatures" could be better - but I blame that on the budget, and slowmotion action is quite overused. I'll give it a ten though, a...
Posted: 16 Dec 08 16:21 • More • Comments
Something came over me suddenly - a muse! That's right, people, my muse for Way of the Warriors has returned! (Though in exchange, my muse for fanart seemed to have flown out the window... *pout*) So, I obviously grasped it with all my might, and the result is three new chapters, all written in the spain of two days, all to be posted with regular updates, once my beta returns them. Should keep you sated until next year, you greedy little buggers! (Just kidding - I love you all!)

I want to write more, right now, but I don't want to waste my sudden inspiration in one sitting (what if I fall back into a slump? *Gasp* The horror!), and the cramp in my wrists and fingers (particularly all body parts on my right arm) are sort of preventing me. I might write another chapter before the week ends, just because I want to "seize the moment," while it's seizable, and maybe (hopefully) for return of the Saviour as well. *Sobs* I've really been neglecting it!

And I'm hoping to finish chapter 27 of Road of Innocence before going to bed to night (as soon as my right wrist stop throbbing, that is) - because it's been sitting unfinished on my laptop for awhile now, but I just can't seem to get it right. I'm hoping my sudden spur of muse will correct that, because I do want to finish the first part (30 chapters, do the math) of the rewrite before posting in January.

So, did I make you happy? I know I am!
Posted: 4 Dec 08 08:49 • Comments
I just watched the newest (official?) trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...and it blew me away! The best trailer yet for the series, I think - remains to see if the film is just as good. Can't wait! Watch it here:
Another thing I'm looking forward to is the Twilight movie - I will be going to see it this wednesday. So excited!
Posted: 21 Nov 08 15:55 • Comments
*Squee* A Twilight Trailer I hadn't seen yet! And I love it - the intensity of/in it. I was a bit worried that Robert Pattinsson wouldn't be able to do Edward convincing enough. but after having seen him, and most espescially, heard him, my worries have been put to rest.

I'm actually more worried about Kristen Stewart's performance, strangely enough, since I find her a great actress. Now, I didn't mind the acting itself, just the dialogue. I don't know...something about how she delivered her lines/the tone of her voice bothered me. It just didn't feel convincing enough... maybe it's just me? Watch the trailer, and judge for yourselves. Either way, I'm looking forward to the movie!

Watch it here:
or here:
Posted: 11 Oct 08 16:48 • Comments
The fourth and fifth episode changed my opinion of True Blood. Also, the fourth episode of Heroes has me back to loving the show...thank Goodness, I was beginning to get worried. ;)

Okay, so I like True Blood now. A lot. The fourth episode made me begin to change my mind, and the fifth episode made that opinion stick. Still Cliffhangers, but less silly. Better humor, that I can appreciate and had me LOL more than once. Less sex...and at the same time, not, but now it's more of "funny" "sex", which weighs up the need to roll my eyes in previous eps. The characters are becoming more real to me now, and I'm becoming used to the accent as well. The plot is taking off, in some great twists (for those who haven't read the books, at least...I haven't, but I can never stay away from spoilers, no matter what kind, so I do have a humm of what might be going down...) and turns, espescially in character development, but also in the Sookie/Bill relationship.

Loved to see how Bill was turned, and that little piece of history surrounding his family...and of course, the appearance of Alexander Skarsgård. How can I not? (After all, I am a Swedish gal...and speaking of - loved that little piece of Swedish language thrown in, though the two extremely short words spoken by the girl... *winces* It sounded like she had her mouth stuffed with wool as she spoke. Pronounciation practice, anyone?) He looked super hot and did a great job - Hollywood life suits him better than Swedish film/television acting does, and his character Eric, has made it right to the top as my favourite character, sharing Bill's spot. So, shortly said, True Blood has made it into my "Must Watch" list for this Autumn, despite my earlier reservations.

Future Sylar had me LMAO - such a great twist, and great acting. Nice Sylar threw me for a loop, as did little Noah (obviously, some sort of tribute to older Noah (is he killed in...
Posted: 8 Oct 08 12:41 • More • Comments
So, I watched the first two episodes of Heroes. My review contains spoilers -follow the cut to read. :D

What can I say, other than the 4400 wibe I got back in the second season, continued, what with the injection of abilities = promicin. But the side effects were different, and I'm really interesting to see what happens next. Nice with another Veronica Mars cast member, and I'm really curious about Tracy Strauss and her connection to Nikki. Is she yet another of Nikki's split personalities, or is she truly a completely different person? So much lends credence to the first, but the fact her ability is completely different (ice - so cool!) speaks for the other. Then again, all Nikki's personalities might have different abilities - who knows?

The Nathan development was...interesting - bringing religion into the world of Heroes again reminds me of 4400, but in a completely different way. Linderman's appearance was also great, as was the death of Bob, present Peter's predicament, Matt's, and Mrs. Petrelli's. All needed to bring the plot forward. Kristen Bell was great as Elle, like usual (she's really becoming my current favourite character. I mean, there's so much to her - this child, trying to please her parent, stuck in an adults body, with awesome powers (I really like electricity - and the second episode showed how much it rocks ass), but yet she's so lost and lonely, and now when she's been kicked out (ouch, that nust have hurt like hell, btw, considering she's given her life to her father's cause) she doesn't have anywhere to go. I'm really curious to see what they do to her character, what side she'll take, if any. I could really see the hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in her case. If I were Angela, I'd watch out.

I liked Sylar's scenes as usual - having him take Claire's power gave Claire yet another issue to deal with, and making Sylar nearly unstoppable - once he escapes from lock-up, of course. (I swear, he spends more t...
Posted: 24 Sep 08 05:55 • More • Comments
Just a couple of one-shots of original fiction. (Or rather, the same piece twice, first in english, then in swedish...) Rather angsty. Enjoy! (If that's the right word for it...)


You walk through the rain, through the city, which is silent in a way only a city can be, void of all sound and you feel all alone and forgotten among all the grey buildings.


How long since anyone called you?


All the lamps in the apartments you pass are turned off. The only light comes from the flickering streetlamps along the road.


The trees are bare, all the leaves have fallen off and lies on the ground, rustling, flittering in the wind.


Can leaves get cold?


You’re cold all the time.


The air is cool against your face, and you see a white cloud leave your mouth when you exhale.


Your lips are parched and dry, and you long home to your warm bed. Your umbrella turned itself inside out and broke several blocks back, and you’re wet deep into your soul.


Your heart pounds against your ribcage, one beat at a time, and the sound echoes in your ears. It is comforting in a way, a proof you’re still alive – you haven’t faded away and disappeared into nothingness.


How long since someone spoke to you?


You can see your apartment now, and you increase the pace of your steps.


You long for the spring, for sunshine, for dawn.


You miss the light.


How long since you were happy?


Your hands shake and you drop your keys three times before you manage to insert them into the door and twist the handle.


The door is heavier than usual, but it opens at last and you slink inside, grateful for the heat that meets you in...
Posted: 21 Sep 08 14:36 • More • Comments
After watching the second episode of True Blood, I can't say I've come to any better conclusion than the first. Parts are good, others are bad - it's like 50 % of the episode are yawn-worthy, 30 % surrounding some sex-act/erotica that leaves you embarrased because it's so bad and you can't help but roll your eyes a whole lot. The show really put a capital H to Horny. The remaining 20 % are pretty good. The acting is still average - some are better than others. And it does really embrace the chlichés, doesn't it? And the Southern accents, some good, some bad, does take some getting used to...

I can't really relate to any of the characters yet - none of them really strike a chord, other than Bill (and I'm not sure how much of that is just me having a soft spot for pale vamps with sex-appeal), and as for my opinion the show in's a roller-coaster, baby. I think you shouldn't take it too seriously, but I like taking my shows seriously, unless it's clear it's a humor show - this is something in between. It mocks itself somewhat, and at the same time, there's that seriousness in the background that makes it difficult to label.

And what's with the bad Cliffhangers? Cliffhanger 1, okay. Cliffhanger 2, not so much, because it's more or less cliffhanger 1 in reprise. Plus for great Opening Credits though, but that's not enough to lift the whole series. Am I being a bit negative? I still don't feel the show is a "must-watch" espescially considering all the other shows I plan to/have begun to watch this autumn... One more try, and then we'll see.


House M.D - The Seasons premiere was...above average. Though it was nice to get some more insight into Thirteen (much needed, since I seriously lack any sort of connection to the new fellows), it still felt a little much - I think she was in the episode more than House. And the chemistry between him and Wilson felt a little off - Leonard'...
Posted: 19 Sep 08 12:04 • More • Comments
So here it is. The Prologue of Road of Innocence, part one in Roads Travelled, the rewrite of the Out of the Blue Series. The only chapter which will be posted here, uncut, unbetaed, to give you a taste, but not the whole chocolate frog. And I'll cut the analogy now.

On with the chapter - and of course, the reason I'm posting is to give you a taste of what the rewrite will be like, but also for me to get feedback. nice and leave a review! Let me know what was good and what was bad, what I should keep in mind and so on. It will really help me with the rest of the series.

Edit: Apparently, the chapter was too large to be posted in its entirety, so, I cut about two thirds of it. Don't worry - you didn't miss anything important!


Road of Innocence
Chapter 1 - Innocence

DISCLAIMER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, and Harry Potter to J.K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This story is purely written for mine, and others, entertainment.




TIMELINE: Post BTVS season 2, and during the marauders last year at Hogwarts.


SUMMARY: BTVS/HP crossover. Life had never been kind to Buffy Summers, and she thought she had earned a break. Boy, was she wrong. Stuck in another dimension, with no way back, Buffy must learn to leave her past behind her, and look to the future: New friends, new enemies and new relationships are just the beginning of what will prove to be the longest journey and perhaps the biggest trial of her life.




OTHER PAIRINGS: James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Peter/OC



We all have it, at some point in our lives. I lost mine a long time ago, but I still like to prete...
Posted: 8 Sep 08 16:06 • More • Comments
So I watched the first episode of "True Blood" today, just because of my recent addiction to everything with fangs, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed at first. For starters, the "fangs" in questions were quite silly, and I felt a lot like groaning. The acting was...okay - I might have expected a little more of Anna Paquin, but overall, the actors were decent.

The plot...I'll get back to you on that. So far, it feels like the average "girl fall in love with dangerous vampire, friends and family worried, girl naively innocent about it, and the vampire finds himself intruiged despite himself"-storyline. I haven't read the books, so I have no idea what kind of plot the series is based on.

It did get a bit better, once you got past the first ten-fifteen minutes, though sometimes it "fell through the cracks" again, and I was left feeling strangely non-affected. I didn't get the sort of "wow" effect I'd be hoping for, that would leave me wanting more, despite the cliffhanger ending. My grade: 5/10, Acceptable, but not more.

Never the less, I'll give it a couple more tries, if for no other reason than Stephen Moyer (Bill), one of the few actors who were better than decent and worth watching for the drool effect alone... (I've always had a thing for vampires...)
Posted: 8 Sep 08 15:45 • Comments