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#100000000% Done
#abandon ship
#Badass Artemis
#Bitch I Might Be
#Bitch, I'm Fabulous
#BRB Tearbending
#Don't Fucking Cry
Posted: 25 Oct 13 08:44 • Comments
sails itself
save you maam
Scarlett Dance
screams of pain
ship it
shrill fangirl screaming
Shut Your Mouth Dr
son, just don't
standing ovation
stiles approved
tangled feels
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1. Christina Garcia

2. Aruna Seth
Aruna Seth shoes
3. Le Spose di Gio V-Neck A-Line Tulle
Le Spose de Gio gown

4. Stacey Joy Camilla I Lace Gloves
Stacey Joy lace gloves
5. Two-tier Veil FRONT
Two-tier veil - front
6. Two-tier Veil BACK
Two-tier veil - back
Posted: 17 Jul 13 04:13 • Comments
Omigod it was amaze-balls! The casting was spot-on; the acting was absolutely phenomenal and believable and everyone looked perfect!I was especially impressed with the casting of the female roles, as they managed to find actresses who actually looked the part of the time-period the movie portrays.Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Janet Leigh in the role of Marion Crane: the fear of the character as well as the apprehension of an actress approaching an entirely new role in cinematography is entirely apparent and beautifully portrayed.Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock was an amazing pick by the casting director(s) and I applaud them not only in that, but in their choice of Helen Mirren as his wife, and self-admitted better-half, Alma Reville. Together they brought to life the story of director and wife as they changed the face of horror films in America forever.I would recommend this movie to anyone, whether or not they are fans of the work of Alfred Hitchcock or the actors and actresses chosen for this great piece. The movie has a unique mix of drama and suspense, highlighted by the well-placed and well-timed comedy, and was well-worth the wait, time, and money!
Posted: 15 Dec 12 22:30 • Comments
Finally back to working on my 100 themes Makorra:

6. Bored [one-shot] - "A silent agreement was reached between Mako, Tenzin, Pema, and Bolin to find a way to keep Korra occupied at all times for fear of the consequences."

22. Hide [2/?] - " ' So yes, Mako, we are going to hide. And then we are going to come back to Republic City and kick some Equalist butt.' "
Posted: 13 Oct 12 13:42 • Comments
Just found out that Scarlett Johansson is appearing as the Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

All my fangirl comic (canon) dreams come true!

cast and crew

Posted: 8 Oct 12 11:25 • Comments
A/N: Clintasha Week Day Seven

ON TIME! (By half an hour but meh…semantics)

This is the last one; and OMIGOD I actually managed to finish them all…

My idea for this, (which may or may not be expanded on in the future) is that Natasha’s parents were at the head of some crime family when they died; her uncle takes over and adopts her formally. She’s all set to be married off to the son of some rival crime family when she meets Clint Barton - orphan, recently dragged by his brother into becoming part of the family. Needless to say, he falls hard for the redheaded mystery girl of the Romanoff crime family.


She’s already waiting for him in the church when he arrives, sitting in the very back pew, hands clasped and apparently praying. She’s quite beautiful, even in the plain dress her adoptive father provides for her. He slides into the pew next to her, lightly touching her shoulder to alert her to his presence.

“Did you have any trouble getting out of the house?” he whispers. She shakes her head, red curls bouncing in the light of the candelabras.

“I am not sure about this anymore,” her voice is shaking and he can see the fear in her eyes; her adoptive father has always scared her. The owner of the Red Room bar in town and head of the local crime syndicate, he has many friends and is extremely influential; but Clint has seen the bruises that everyone else seems to be able to ignore, and he can’t just look away.

“Tasha, look at me,” she does so, meeting his eyes and relaxing a bit. “You trust me don’t you?”

“Of course I trust you Clint!”

“And you don’t want your father to marry you off to that abusive bastard who dares call himself a man, do you?”

“He’s not that bad,” she denies, frowning.

“Natasha I can tell! I may be an orphan and at the...
Posted: 7 Oct 12 23:38 • More • Comments
A/N: Clintasha Week Day Six

Kind of short; but very sweet, I think.


Natasha is sitting alone in the conference room, arms crossed on the table-top as she stares at the security footage from a few days ago. She has been staring at the security footage since the mission briefing almost an hour ago and it’s actually starting to worry him. He steps into the conference room, closing and locking the door behind him.


“Did you know that I was married?” she asks suddenly. “At least, I think that I was. If I wasn’t, then at least the Red Room made me believe that I was.” He sits down next to her. “I don’t remember him. But I remember Yasha.” She closes her eyes. “In a way, he was my first friend.”

“Nat, are you okay?”

“I’m not…good at making friends. I can seduce the most dangerous of men but I can’t form a lasting relationship.” He’s not even sure that she’s listening to him. “After Ivan sent to the Red Room, Yasha trained me. But he wasn’t like the Red Room’s handlers; he cared.”

“Tasha, look at me,” he whispers, grabbing one of her hands in his. “We don’t even know who this guy really is, if he even is the real Winter Soldier.”

“He is the Winter Soldier,” Natasha states confidently, opening her eyes to look at him. “I just hope that we find him before whatever is left of the Red Room does.” Clint knows her; she’d not the type of person to form meaningless attachments; so the fact that she is even willing to speak to him, to open up to him about something like this even after almost six years of partnership, (three of those years spent as being something even more than that), speaks volumes to him.

“You’re my best friend, I hope you know that,” Clint whispers.

“I think – I think that you’re my best friend too,” Natasha admits. “After all, I don’t know all that many peopl...
Posted: 7 Oct 12 23:09 • More • Comments
A/N: Clintasha Week Day Five

I focused on ‘feelings’, with a hint of fluff.

I’m catching up…


Natasha finds him on the roof of Avengers tower; not surprising really, considering what day it is. He’s hanging his legs over the edge, a few empty bottles of cheap beer set on the roof next to him, one half-full one held limply in his hands.

“Been up here long?” she asks quietly, sitting down on his other side.

“Few hours,” he admits, taking a swig of his beer.

“Liar,” she whispers, nudging his shoulder. “You’ve been up here most of the day, haven’t you?” his silence is answer enough.

“Where have you been?”

“Mission debrief; I got back late from my assignment last night.” He nods in understanding.

“Do you ever wonder if we could have done anything differently?”

“Every time we go on a mission and I have to listen to Sitwell instead of…” she trails off and he turns his head to look at her.

“We’re a mess.”

You’re a mess Barton; I’m slum chic,” she denies, stealing his beer and drinking the last of it. He chuckles and lies down on his back.

“If Coulson could see us now –”

“He’d kick our asses,” Natasha states, “half the time we’re a team and the other half we’re a disaster waiting to happen.”

“He’d have us whipped into shape in no time,” Clint agrees. She lies down next to him, basking in the silence; it’s been exactly one year since the Chitauri invasion, since they became a part of the Avengers. It’s been exactly a year since Phil Coulson had been killed by Loki.

Coulson had been more than just their handler; he had been a friend to them, a confidant. He had been a person that they could count on no matter what, a person other than themselves and each other. Natasha ...
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A/N: Clintasha Week Day Four

I re-wrote this FOUR times; it was being stubborn, but it finally came together…


She can feel the blood seeping through the fabric of her combat suit, knows that most of it is most likely hers, but she really could care less at this point. She lost her comm.-link somewhere in all of the fighting, but she knows that Clint will be waiting for her to return to the rendezvous point for at least a good six minutes more before he knows to go looking for her. She replaces the magazine in her handgun and dives into a roll from behind one slab of debris to another, letting off four shots and not bothering to check; she knows that she hit her mark.

She’s starting to notice a pattern in their missions. She and Clint always get sent on the most difficult assignments, and always together. Their solo missions are challenging as well, but never anything as overbearing as São Paolo, or even Budapest. Fury always handpicks the two of them for the impossible jobs, the jobs that for almost anybody else would be a suicide mission, but for them are almost simple.

She’s almost at the rendezvous point and she can feel herself slowing down, feels the blood grow thicker, and knows that she had better get there soon. There’s a flash of something bright to her left and she turns just in time to catch sight of an explosive-tipped arrow fly past her and land in the wall of a building that most of the hostiles were standing next to. She doesn’t waste any time; she takes the opening that he made for her and disappears into the access tunnel that leads directly to the hotel where their aliases have been staying.

Clint is waiting for her at the basement access door, his recurve already stashed in his briefcase at his feet and the duffel bag with their street clothes slung over one shoulder.

“I already checked us out. Our luggage is being shipped a...
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A/N: Clintasha Week - Day Three

Late, I’m late!
There are days when Natasha flashes back to that first mission, when Loki came to Earth and rained hell down upon it in the form of an alien army. There are days, when the arguments are stupid and they can never agree on anything, and on those days she sincerely thinks that maybe Bruce Banner was right in his assessment. The Avengers are a time bomb of the greatest self-destructive possibility; and then there are the calm days.
There are days in Avengers tower she spends sparring with Steve and comparing fighting techniques. There are days she spends locked in a game of chess, an intellectual battle of the brain with Bruce. There are days where Tony does not annoy her half as much as usual, and they discuss potentially useful upgrades to his Iron Man armor. There are the very rare days, on one of Thor’s extended visits, when the two just sit and talk about the differences between their two worlds, and she opens his mind to the world of a tactician. There are days they spend picking their way through Tony’s extensive DVD collection, educating Steve on modern pop culture. These days are her favorite; these days usually begin and end with her wrapped in Clint’s arms, safe in one of their rooms in Avengers Tower.
But, in her professional opinion, they did not truly become a team, become the Avengers, until one of the worst possible scenarios occurred; Pepper was abducted on her way to the airport in California. Everyone was present in the lab, observing one of Tony and Bruce’s latest experiments, when Tony received the ransom call. He was all set to pay it when JARVIS announced that he had been able to trace the call per ‘Ms. Potts’ backdoor programming, installed by Ms. Romanoff.’ They had all silently agreed that no-one else was to get involved.
They were Avengers after all, and they took care of their own, and Pepper was one of theirs.
Later that nigh...
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A/N: Clintasha Week - Day Two

Still late, I know. But at least it’s something, right?~~~~~~Budapest was a shit storm – that’s one thing that both Clint and Natasha agree upon: the information was bad and the contact was worse. If you asked Natasha, the entire operation was FUBAR from the moment someone hacked their comm.-links and broke radio silence; if you asked Clint, the operation should have been scratched the moment it landed on Coulson’s desk.
An undercover operation into a suspected child-trafficking ring running out of Budapest; intelligence suggested that the entire operation was being controlled by a well-respected Hungarian politician, so Natasha was automatically picked by Fury to go undercover. It was their first mission together after almost two months of solo operations for the both of them, but they had been partners for almost three years and had always worked well together. So it was no surprise that Coulson called both Natasha and Clint into his office for the mission details the moment that Clint stepped off of the quinjet from Venezuela.
Clint was against the mission from the get-go. He hated radio silence, especially while on mission with Natasha. She didn’t talk much to begin with, but she was almost completely non-responsive while in the field, unless she was in the field with Clint. When the two of them were alone, the silence was almost comforting; but Clint hated not being able to communicate with her while on an op. It had taken her months to adjust to working with a partner after joining S.H.I.E.L.D., and even after she had adjusted, she still worked best with Clint.But Budapest was bad.
What Natasha remembers is the firefight; waking up tied to a chair and surrounded by armed men working for a rich megalomaniac psychopath is not the most pleasant feeling in the world. She remembers escaping from the basement room where they had been keeping her captive. She remembers finding the two dozen...
Posted: 4 Oct 12 23:08 • More • Comments
Clintasha Week - Day 1

A/N: I’m late, I know. So sue me, I have what resembles a life outside of the internet; shocking I know!

Please enjoy!


That’s my target?” Clint asked, eyeing the red-head dancing on stage from his seat in one of the front rows. “Christ Coulson, she’s just a kid!”

“She has a kill count higher than yours Agent Barton,” Phil’s voice reminded him. “Do not underestimate her.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. She’s dangerous and a lethal weapon and I read the debrief,” Clint sighed as the music wound down and the lights dimmed on the dancers taking their final bows; he stood, clapping with the rest of the audience before slipping into the aisle and disappearing into the thickening crowd of departing patrons, escaping into the storage room where he had stashed his weapon and gear. He changed into his field-suit, strapping his quiver to his back and removing his re-curve from its briefcase before climbing up into the air vent and following it to the roof where he found the perch he had scouted the day before, waiting for his target to exit from the back.

“I should have eyes on the target soon. I’m going radio silent.”

“Understood.” His earpiece fell silent and Clint unfolded his re-curve, settling in to wait; he had been watching for the past week, waiting for an opportunity. The target always left the theater last, after everyone else was long gone. No-one knew what she was doing there, what her supposed end game was or if she had a target herself – maybe she just enjoyed dancing – but orders were orders and she was his target now.

An hour later, after the rest of the dancers and the maintenance men had left, he heard the door beneath him creak open one last time. He withdrew an arrow and knocked it in ...
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And it came with a free tote bag...
And I'm looking at the tote bag....12
And at the DVD cover...
And I suddenly realize...

Oh, that's right.
They're just lowly and human and have no REAL superpowers; they don't deserve the front cover or tote bag.
Posted: 25 Sep 12 13:22 • Comments
I own nothing. BtVS belongs to Whedon. Victorious belongs to Schneider.

I wrote this last school year near the end of the year for creative writing. The goal was to write a short story that contained both an Illusion and an Allusion. Based on this picture-prompt:

Please review and let me know what you think! If I get enough decent reviews, maybe I'll write a follow-up piece. MAYBE.

No promises. I've got a lot doing at the moment.

Otherwise, enjoy!


Cat was in no way as naïve as people seemed to assume she was. Sure she acted sketchy and scatterbrained, and she dyed her hair to look like red velvet cupcakes, and sometimes it took her a little while to think things over completely, but most of the rest of it? The proverbial dumb blonde act? It was just that: an act. After all, she did go to a school for actors and actresses.
The truth was, she knew more about the horrors and dangers of the world than anybody at Hollywood Arts School ever would. She sighed, tapping her furry pink pencil against her head as she listened to history teacher go on about some war or another. The bell chimed to signal the end of class and she jumped up happily, tucking her pencil back behind her ear as she slung her purse over her shoulder and headed for the door, a smile plastered on her face as she skipped up to Jade in the hallway.
"Yay! It's lunch time!" she chirped.
"Oh joy," Jade deadpanned as Beck draped an arm over her shoulders and she reached up a hand to intertwine their fingers.
"I hope Festus has quesadillas today," she stated, following them to the Asphalt Cafe and finding a spot in the line in front of The Grub Truck while Beck and Jade went to find a table to wait for André, Robbie, Rex and Tori, (yes she knew Rex was just a puppet, but ...
Posted: 7 Aug 12 02:00 • More • Comments
Completed themes and mini-summaries:
7. Fight: [one-shot] - "They are fighters; it is in their blood and their nature and their bodies and their spirits. And they wouldn't have it any other way."
16. Pushed [8/9{so far}] - "He is standing neck-deep in the water. Korra holds out a hand and he looks up at her. 'We need to talk.'"18. Different [one-shot] - "Amon's hand drops and Korra is collapsing at his feet as Mako shouts her name, knowing that he is probably next and not caring at all."
25. Remember [1/? {AU-verse}] - "Korra spent the entire time in the park that had led her to the two boys, one of whom would eventually become her best friend, while the other would become one of her greatest enemies."
27. Kiss [one-shot] - " 'Jeez Mako,' Korra chuckles breathlessly, 'if this is your reaction, maybe I should get you jealous more often.' "30. Screaming [5/9{so far}] - "Mako rests a hand protectively on the top of his four-year-old daughter's head, thoughts of how close he had come to losing them both rolling around in his over-active mind."55. Drunk [one-shot] - "There are tears welling up in her eyes and Mako thinks that maybe, just maybe, he managed to reach her. And then she bends at the waist and throws up all over his shoes."56. Sick [1/9{so far}] - "She is a fully-realized Avatar with all the powers of the Spirit World at her disposal. But right now she is kneeling ...
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Any completed works for that will now be posted on DevArt,, my tumblr, my personal site, and TTH, but not here.

They will be linked from the original journal post 'Challenge' however, directly to my DevArt account.
Posted: 1 Jul 12 07:21 • Comments
Ok. So I not only post here, but I have accounts on TTH(Twisting the Hellmouth),, and DeviantArt, as well as having a Tumblr and my own personal website.

And lately, aside from my recent 100 Themes Challenge I posed to myself, I've also been working on some art for my stories. So here, enjoy.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight crossover; future-setting.
Am thinking about cleaning it up a bit

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter crossover; slight future; Faith-centered
Posted: 29 Jun 12 14:34 • Comments
Posted: 28 Jun 12 07:20 • Comments
OMIGOD! Mako, you are a jerk.

Anyway. I hadn't had a chance to watch Korra because of school, so last week I spent re-watching all three seasons of Avatar the Last Airbender, which inevitably prompted this:


Anyway, after re-watching AtLA, I then proceeded to catch up on Avatar the Legend of Korra, (which at the time was episodes 1-9), and I watched episode 10 on Sunday (since Saturday was spent touring a college), and OMG I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FINALE! I'm kind of upset they only signed off on two seasons but, *sigh*, what can you do?

I absolutely love the steampunk-roaring-20's vibe going on in Republic City and the new characters and designs are absolutely amazing. My current favorite characters are:
and Bolin

I hope the finale doesn't disappoint!
Posted: 20 Jun 12 15:02 • Comments
</form>Which Broadway Musical Are You Destined to perform in? by dangerousgameName/NicknameAgeSexColorBroadway MusicalInto the WoodsPartLead
Posted: 9 Mar 12 23:30 • Comments
So...I have now had every part of my computer replaced at least once, my hard drive two-three times, battery twice, motherboard twice, keyboard twice, and so on.

So now my EXTERNAL hard drive, which has my entire life (writings, school crap, pictures and music) on it, is acting funky and not working and just giving me a hard time, which means that until I either find a way to get it fixed or get all of my stuff off of the damn thing, I will not be updating any of my stories on FanFiction, TTH, or DeviantArt, unfortunately.

The only things I might possibly update, are the things that I have physical, paper copies of or whatever I might be able to rewrite from memory (which is highly unlikely as my memory is a crappy thing these days and I can barely remember what I had for breakfast last week.)

Anyway, I'll do my best to update what I can, when I can, ASAP.

~Kidnap the Muse
A.K.A Insomniatic.
Posted: 29 Jul 11 19:56
Who else wants to kill Dean?
And Castiel?
And Crowley?
Because I know I do!

I literally just got done crying after watching the two-hour season 6 finale of Supernatural and seriously need to rant. So since my friend, whom I usually rant to, has not yet finished season 6, I will rant here.

Crowley is an insufferable douche bag who makes it his slimy demon goal in life to make the Winchesters' lives hell and I want to stab him with a pitchfork coated in holy water and twist it till he screams and then stab him with the demon-killing knife. He should have learned by now that you never ever EVER mess with the Winchesters or the people they love, especially not Lisa or Ben because Dean will hunt you down and make you regret ever having been born.

Dean is a dumbass who doesn't seem to realize that he just threw away the one chance he had at ever being happy, even if that means putting the people that he loves more than anything in the world in harms way. Again. And Again. And Again.

Castiel is a douche bag who could use some serious rehab. Do they have SJA for Angels?(Soul Junkies Anonymous) Because if so, he needs it desperately. I mean, first off, he lies to Sam and Dean, and then we learn he's teamed up with Crowley. I mean seriously. CROWLEY. The biggest, evilest douche on the planet. Then he goes and he has to try to open up purgatory, break the Great Wall of Sam, not to mention SUCCEED in opening Purgatory, turn himself into a nuclear reactor of souls, and finally completely jump off that diving board into the DEEPEST end of the pool WITHOUT HIS FLOATIES ON! Then he goes, kills Raphael, lets Crowely get away, and have I mentioned that he thinks he's a freakin' GOD????
Angel or not, he needs to be taken down a peg...or two...or three...or, hey, A MILLION!

And the writers, GOD, the writers! How can they do that? How can they end the episode, not to mention the SEASON, ...
Posted: 20 May 11 22:25 • More • Comments
I collect Snapple Bottle Caps. I don't remember when I started collecting them, but I was drinking Snapple tea and suddenly I realized there was writing on the bottom of the bottle cap. I started checking the bottom of every cap after that, reading all the facts, and before I knew it, I had started collecting them!
Posted: 18 May 11 14:24 • Comments
So I have decided to use this as my blog for TTH(Twisting the Hellmouth; a Buffy the Vampire Slayer FanFiction site), and am saying now that even if I update my LiveJournal often, not all of my posts will show up because some of them I allow only my friends to view, and with good reason: I also use this as my dream journal. Once in a while, I'll post a dream that you can see. But more often than not, they will be posted for my friends eyes only.
Some of my posts won't show up because they are for MY eyes only: meaning that they are probably story ideas/plot-bunnies and I hate giving out spoilers.

So this is my blog and today I will blog about books.

I recently finished a book by author Nancy Farmer called 'The Land of the Silver Apples'
It was a very good book about a boy named Jack who is in training to be a Bard when his younger sister is kidnapped and he must set out with a knight, a Northsman, and a former slave to find the Elves and attempt to rescue his sister from Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.
The only problem I had while reading the book, is that halfway through reading it I realized it is the sequel to another book called 'The Sea of Trolls'.
That annoys me. It's something I've been doing a lot lately without even realizing it. I start reading a book and have no idea what's going on, then by the time I'm halfway through and understand it all, I realize that it's a sequel and I now need to go back and read the book, (or books as the case may sometimes be), that comes before it.
It makes me feel so ridiculous.
So before you take my advice and read 'The Land of the Silver Apples', please make sure you read 'The Sea of Trolls' first.
That goes for any book you read; before you begin immersing yourself in the wonderful, fictional world between its covers, please ensure that, if it is a series, that it is the first book in that series.

Lots of Hugs
And Thanks for Reading,

Posted: 26 Jan 11 10:25 • More • Comments