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NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

tVD/The Hobbit Fanfiction Challenge

The Hobbit, Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Elena/Thorin

Settings/Notes: Takes place after Rose and Trevor kidnap Elena. Elena is not with Stefan and also she is the same height as Thorin. For the Hobbit, takes place from the beginning.


What if in the Petrova bloodline, most females were witches but the Doppelgangers in the bloodline would have triple the magic and skill. So Elena has been a witch all her life and started doing magic when Bonnie found out that she was a real witch (back in S1).

Elena does a spell to help her find a way to escape Klaus' ritual but the spell brings her to Middle Earth, but more specifically in the Shire. Gandalf finds her and brings her to Bilbo's house, which is filled with dwarfs and Thorin Oakenshield! Gandalf signs her up for the adventure they are about to leave on, remembering that Petrova Doppelgangers are witches. And how does he know this? He met a Petrova Doppelganger who came to Middle Earth years ago!

Thorin immediately feels attracted to Elena but still objects to a woman in the Company but changes his mind when he finds out she is a witch. What will happen when Thorin and the rest of the dwarves find out that Elena is something called a Petrova Doppelganger and in her world she meant to be sacrificed in an vampire called Klaus' ritual? Will they feel more fiercely protective toward her? And along the way Thorin and Elena fall in love.


*After it was revealed that there have been many versions of Elena (the Petrova Doppelganger), what if one of the previous Petrova Doppelgangers had gone to Middle Earth and met Gandalf and told him who she was. What happens to her is up to you

*Thorin survives the Battle of Five Armies


*I don't want any other tVD char...
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My Fanfiction Preferences/Likes:
1. I like het fanfiction only. (Male/Female)
2. I do like well planned 'Original Character/Canon Character' romance fics.
3. More often than not I end up loving alternative pairings more than canon pairings. (Example from fandom Veronica Mars. My favorite pairing is Veronica/Lamb and the canon pairing of the show is Logan/Veronica, which I like second to Veronica/Lamb. Another example is from Dark Angel. I love the canon pairing Logan/Max and not the alternative pairing Alec/Max.)
4. I love crossovers and even more than crossovers, I love crossover pairings!
5. I love long fics!
6. I love well written fics.
7. I love smut in fics and especially in romance fics as well! ;)

My Fanfiction Pet Peeves/Dislikes:
1. I don't read slash pairings in any fandom at all. I just don't like slash and I avoid reading it. (Only exception is occasionally I will read Kahlan/Cara from Legend of the Seeker though I do prefer Kahlan/Richard mostly. Also bromance is okay and here are some examples of bromances I enjoy: Damon/Alaric, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean. Though not slash.)
2. I don't like Mary Sue fics. (I believe there is a difference between a OC and a Mary Sue, and the big difference is well thought out characters and good writing.)
3. Bad writing/grammar/paragraph editing skills. (If a fic has any of this first chapter, I won't read the rest of the story.)
4. If a story summary is full of bad spelling and grammar, most likely the story will be as well so I don't even click on the link.
5. I don't like character bashing. I especially don't like it when it's my favorite character.
6. While I do like reading a few Kagome (from Inuyasha) crossover pairings such as Kagome/Vegeta, Kagome/Hiei, etc., I don't like how many Kagome Crossover authors will pair Kagome with just about any male from any television s...
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Categories: Dark Angel/Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Max/Klaus

Settings/Notes: For Dark Angel, takes place in 2011 but Max was born in 1984 and the break out from Manticore took place in 1993 so Max is currently 27 years old in 2011. And of course she is still a X5 and Lydecker is still hunting for herself and her brothers and sisters who broke out with her. Also no Pulse. Max did live in Seattle but left due to almost being discovered by Lydecker. For Vampire Diaries, takes place from the start of Season 3.

After leaving Seattle and her life their behind, Max moves to the other side of the country to Mystic Falls, Virginia. What happens when the supernaturals who live there get involved with X5/Manticore business and Max herself gets involves with supernaturals? And what happens when Klaus comes back to town to discover Mystic Falls has a new resident in the form of a cat DNA enhanced super soldier?

*Max's cat-DNA and the side effects must be heavily used in the story
Posted: 15 Mar 13 16:01 • Comments
Categories: Veronica Mars/Young and the Restless
Pairing: Lamb/Chelsea
Settings/Notes: Recent events for Y&R. Post 3x14 for Veronica Mars


Don Lamb moves to Genoa City after faking his death back in Neptune. When he gets there he discovers that he has a long lost twin Adam who looks just like him. And he's beginning to fall for Adam's soon-to-be ex-wife Chelsea, who left Adam after he couldn't let go of his ex Sharon. Before Lamb comes to town, Adam had been trying to win Chelsea back but Chelsea isn't buying it.
Posted: 6 Mar 13 22:33 • Comments
I'm still a diehard Chadam fan no matter what they've been through. But now they are broken up and Adam and Sharon have sadly gotten closer lately. Now that Chelsea is pregnant with Adam's baby, I am glad. I want them to get back together but I want it done right. Just like Chelsea herself has said, I want Adam to be with Chelsea for the right reasons not just for the baby. Some of these will be based off of recent events with the pregnancy and other may not. I will specify the settings for each one. :) Actually they all take place in recent events. :)

Y&R Challenge Plots
All plots are Adam/Chelsea (Chadam!)

1. Takes place around Feb/March 2013. Chelsea is pregnant with Adam's baby. Though Adam seems to have moved on with Sharon in her eyes and she is scared and alone. After Sharon interrupts her from telling Adam she is pregnant for the second time, she sees this as a sign that it isn't meant to be and gives up. Will Adam ever find out about the beautiful life he and Chelsea created the last time they were together?

2. Takes place around Feb/March 2013. On the way to a baby checkup with her doctor, Chelsea is in a major car crash and is rushed to the hospital where she slips into a coma. Will she and her baby make it? Meanwhile a blissfully unaware Adam spends more time with Sharon as her roof is redone by Dylan. A couple days later Adam wonders why he hasn't seen Chelsea around the Athletic Club lately. What happens when he finds out that Chelsea's in a coma days later and that she's also pregnant? What will happen when Chelsea awakens?
*Adam must not find out right away. I want a couple of days to pass until he finds out. Maybe the doctors forgot/didn't call him to inform him because Chelsea changed her emergency contact number to Chloe or something.

3. Takes place around Feb/March 2013. Adam seems to have moved on from Chelsea after spending time with Sharon after Chelsea and Ada...
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Young and The Restless Challenge
Pairing: Chelsea/Adam

What if Adam had never been with Sharon or had feelings for her? How would Chelsea and Adam's love story proceed then? 
Posted: 23 Jan 13 01:08 • Comments
Just recently I have created a forum on FanFiction.Net for Buffy Crossover Challenges, for people to take a challenge if they need an idea for a new story or if they would like to post ideas for other authors LINK

The only forum rule is that if you are interested in a challenge posted in my forum, you must private message the person who uploaded/wrote the challenge and that also goes for my other challenge forums on FF.Net.  

I have already posted 12 of my own Buffy challenges in the Forum so please go take a look and see if you like any of them!

Types of Challenges You Can Post:
*BtVS Crossover Challenges*Angel Crossover Challenges*Regular non-Crossover Buffy Challenges and non-crossover Angel Challenges*Buffy/Angel Crossovers (example Buffy/Angel/Vampire Diaries, which I would call a triple crossover)I also created a Numb3rs Crossover Challenge forum as well which has some new challenges posted there that are not on LJ. LINK

In other Forum news, my Veronica Mars Crossover Challenge forum has some new challenges that I posted recently. Please take a look. :) LINK
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Categories: The Santa Clause movies/Alice In Wonderland, 2010

Pairing: Jack Frost/Mirana, The White Queen
Settings/Notes: Takes place after The Santa Clause 3 though Jack still has his powers and his hair and such is frozen though his heart is thawed. For Alice In Wonderland, post-movie would be good but whatever feels right to you.


Mirana, Alice and the Hatter end up at the North Pole. How and why they get to the North Pole is up to you. Jack is smitten with Mirana immediately upon meeting her.


Jack Frost ends up in Underland and meets the White Queen. 
Posted: 11 Jan 13 00:01 • Comments
This is a Don/Amita challenge. Though I am also a Charlie/Amita fan so even if Charlie isn't with Amita I still want him to be happy. So I picked Liz to be paired with Charlie because I like Liz. At first I did not like Liz but the more she was in episodes then the more I liked her and kinda wished that she and Don had stayed together instead of Don getting back with Robin, who for the life of me I can't fully like because she's hardly in any episodes and then I can't form a connection to her character

Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Don/Amita, Charlie/Liz
Settings/Notes: Takes place in Season 1. Charlie are really just best friends in this. This is how Numb3rs would be if Don/Amita's attraction in S1 formed a relationship. 

What if Charlie and Amita were really just best friends and they had no romantic feelings toward each other? When Don and Amita meet a deep attraction between them begins to brew and forms a passionate relationship between them.
Posted: 30 Dec 12 20:48 • Comments
Categories: Numb3rs/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel
Pairings: Don/Buffy, Charlie/Amita, 
Settings/Notes: For BtVS, set post season 7. No comics. Also post Not Fade Away for Angel; no one died in the battle and Wolfram and Hart is under old management after the Senior Partners brought Lilah, Lindsay back to run it, etc. The council has been rebuilt and Buffy is Head Slayer. The Council's new base of operations is the Hyperion Hotel in LA and Buffy's group and Angel's group have combined to fight things that go bump in the night together. Though Angel and Buffy are just friends. For Numb3rs, any season you want though Don is not with Liz or Robin.

I have two plotlines for the above settings, pairings, etc:

Plot 1:
The FBI has come to learn about the growing Supernatural crimes and deaths happening in LA. Don and his team are asked to approach Buffy and her group to start a new program at Don's FBI office called Supernatural Crime Prevention (something like that) that would have Buffy working with Don and his team when a case turns supernatural. You can choose who on Buffy's team/Angel's team joins, though keep it down to Buffy as the only Slayer that joins though if you want you can include Faith and also Spike and Angel would be part of the team. Also I like the idea of Liz/Spike, Faith/David or Faith/Colby, etc as minor crossover pairings. Also if you want you can make it so Cordelia just woke up and never died so Angel/Cordelia can happen.  

Plot 2:
The FBI has a Supernatural Crime Supervisor job opening in Don's office and Buffy joins the team after she completes her FBI training. Her being the Slayer is added bonus to the FBI to have her on their team.
Posted: 29 Dec 12 16:36 • Comments
Here's a Veronica Mars and Numb3rs crossover challenge!

Categories: Veronica Mars/Numb3rs
Pairings: Veronica/Don Eppes, Charlie/Amita
Settings/Notes: Set post-Season 3 for Veronica Mars. Also LA and Neptune are very very close to each other. She is not with Logan or Piz. For Numb3rs, any season is fine though Don is single as well. Also Veronica is around 24-26 years old and on her last year at Hearst. 

While on summer vacation, Veronica is staying in LA for a huge case that the FBI has asked her to work with them on as part of an internship. Though Veronica is still working on other PI cases with her dad as well. When she and Don Eppes meet they have trouble controlling their desire and passion for each other after realizing they have feelings for each other. What will happen? 
Posted: 22 Dec 12 01:29 • Comments
Here's a new crossover challenge for anyone who's interested!

Categories: Numb3rs/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Buffy/Don, Charlie/Amita
Settings/Notes: For BtVS, takes place post-Chosen. The Council is rebuilt by Giles and Buffy and moved to the Hyperion Hotel in LA, though Buffy does keep an apartment elsewhere in LA and patrols everynight and sometimes during the day. For Numb3rs, can take place from any season though Don is not involved with Liz or Robin. If you want Angel Season 5 can come into play. 


Buffy gets caught up in the FBI's pursuit of a criminal escaping on foot who grabs her not expecting her to fight back. When Agent Don Eppes sees this petite blonde take down the bad guy he's sure that he's just fallen in love. Now he wants to know more about Miss Summers. What happens when Buffy and Don's world's collide. 
Posted: 21 Dec 12 03:48 • Comments
After discovering that they have fanfiction for this series, I've been really into reading fanfiction for the Santa Clause movies starring Tim Allen and I have some challenge ideas for anyone who is interested! I will also be including some Santa Clause crossover challenges as well! :) Mostly these should turn into chapter stories.

Regular Challenges

1. Takes place after SC1 but before SC2. Bernard/OC. Scott Calvin's twenty year old daughter comes home from college and finally gets to visit the North Pole after being told about the events in SC1 by Charlie a few years ago. (Her mother is Laura Miller; she and Scott had her a few years before Charlie.)

2. Takes place during SC3. Jack Frost/OC. The OC has to have a connection to the Miller family but can't be a sister or cousin. Must be around 20 years old. 

3. Takes place during SC3 though it takes place when Lucy is in her twenties. Jack Frost/Lucy. How would the third movie have gone if Lucy had been a young adult instead of a kid? How would Jack's view of Lucy be and what would Lucy feel towards Jack if she was older?

Crossover Challenges

1. Crossover with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Pairing: Bernard/Buffy. Takes place after SC1 and during SC2. Takes place after season 2 and in or around Season 3. Buffy finds out from Joyce that her father is not Hank Summers but Scott Calvin. Joyce gets in contact with Scott and sends Buffy to the North Pole so she can meet and get to know Scott, who is also Santa Claus. But Buffy has secrets too. She is the Slayer. What will happen when she and Bernard meet?

2. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Pairing: Buffy/Jack Frost. Takes place post Season 7 for Buffy. Can take place during SC3 or after SC3. Bonus if you include Bernard in the story as well as Bernard/OC.Though only Jack's heart unthaws not the rest of him (so h...
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Young and The Restless Prompts
Pairing: Adam/Chelsea
Settings: All these prompts are based on Chelsea and Adam's current storyline with Sharon in Nov/Dec 2012. Adam/Sharon as endgame for any of the prompts is
forbidden and unless I make a note otherwise, no Adam/Sharon. Most of them can take place after Chelsea already knows about Adam helping Sharon and all. If there is extra settings I will make a note of it.
All Ratings are allowed and smut/love scenes between Chadam is very welcomed!!Prompts:
When Adam ditches Chelsea yet again to see Sharon, Chelsea goes out to a nightclub to get her mind off things and after stepping out into an alley, she gets jumped and is helpless to stop herself from being raped. Based on what happened when she lost the baby, Chelsea hides it from Adam because she feels that she can't depend on him to comfort her and because she feels second to Sharon in Adam's life. What will happen when Adam eventually begins to catch onto Chelsea's behavior? Will he realize that he's basically been abandoning Chelsea all this time for Sharon?

When Adam gives into temptation with Sharon and Chelsea catches Adam and Sharon together, Chelsea tells him that she's leaving. Will Adam be able to make it up to Chelsea once he realizes his mistake? Only include a little Sharon/Adam at the beginning.

Takes place after Adam and Chelsea have their screaming match about Sharon on 12/3/2012. After Adam walks out, Chelsea eventually goes looking for him. She ends up getting into a potentially fatal car crash because she was driving upset. She is rushed to the hospital critically injured and falls into a coma. Adam doesn't find out until he comes home after Sharon cuts him off and Chelsea is not home. What happens when he checks the answering machine? Incorporates a supernatural genre and can also be a crossover with a vampire show (though please not Twilight; I would be most happy to see Vampire Dia...
Posted: 4 Dec 12 00:39 • More • Comments
Veronica Mars Challenge

Pairing: Veronica/Lamb

Plot: Write a Veronica/Lamb story/oneshot based on the song Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg. It doesn't have to be exactly like the song though it can be if you want. You can twist it to suit V/Lamb. Though I would like it to happy and a bit angsty though there can be fluff. Though a happy ending with V/Lamb is required that ends up with them together. I also would like it to be in Lamb's POV. Also if you want the happy ending can include smut. 
Posted: 25 Nov 12 03:42 • Comments
I love Buffy/SPN crossover and I was interested in hearing what you think about them. :)

View Poll: Buffy/SPN Crossovers
Posted: 8 Nov 12 14:37 • Comments
I just created a Veronica Mars community for posting Challenges & Prompts. All pairings and even Veronica Mars crossovers are welcome! It's still a little bare, I haven't been able to start posting challenges yet. I only have one so far posted there but I'll get there! Please feel free to join and check it out! In the next few days I should start posting some of my challenges from my personal journal there. 

Posted: 5 Nov 12 02:29 • Comments

Categories: Inuyasha/Fushigi Yuugi
Original Author: TheElegantFaerie (me)
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Pairing: Tasuki/Kagome (main), Tamahome/Miaka
Summary: Kagome goes with her friends Miaka and Yui to the National Library and gets pulled into another adventure and finds new love with one of the Suzaku Warriors who protect her and Miaka.

I have put my story New Love In Ancient China back up for adoption because Mira'n-Myra, the previous adopter of the fic, has not made any effort to start uploading any new chapters for the fic in the 8 months it's been since they officially moved the fic over to their profile. The only thing they've done is upload the first five chapters which I wrote. I tried contacting them many times and I haven't gotten any replies. I sent one last email a month ago with a warning that I was going to take the fic back and put it back up for adoption but I have received no replies from them.

And here are the adoption requirements:

*Have at least one story that you regularly update to know whether or not you are reliable in updating (one chapter every couple of months is acceptable, as long as there is progress in the story)

*You must have adequate writing skills in order to take on the story

*You have to keep the pairing the way it is (Tasuki/Kagome-which is the one thing I won't change if asked so please don't ask.)

*You must be original in your work and you must have no past records of plagia...
Posted: 4 Nov 12 18:10 • More • Comments
These are rules to follow when taking one of my challenges from my personal livejournal or from challenges I post in my Veronica Mars Community. These also apply to the challenges I have posted on my forums on 

For vm_prompts users, the one rule I have for all challenges is that you must notify the user who created the challenge when taking their challenge and give them credit. Any other stipulations or rules are up to the challenge creator. 

1. You must always notify/ask me before taking one of my challenges. This is mostly so I know which challenges of mine are being written. And it's also polite to ask first anyway.

2. You must always credit me for the challenge you take in your authors note and if possible link back to Though if you get one of my challenges from my Dreamwidth account, still link back to my livejournal because most of my challenges I have here are also there. 

3. I would prefer that you have some prior experience writing fanfiction so I know that when I hand a challenge over to you it's in good hands. 

4. You can post the story on any website you wish (, livejournal, dreamwidth, ao3, deviantart, etc) though just make sure you notify me of where it's at so I can read it!

5. You must honor the contents of the challenge and keep everything the same as I have written. Though if there is one thing you might want to change then talk to me first about it we'll see if it's doable or if it's a no-go.The only thing that is always not unchangeable is the main pairing that I set for the challenge. Don't ask...
Posted: 4 Nov 12 01:28 • More • Comments
Here's most of my favorite pairings listed in separate tables. I have included TV Shows, movies, anime and also crossovers. There may be some missing because I do have alot of favorites so it's easy to forget to include some. So this is what I ship and the fandoms I'm into.  See if you like the same stuff I do! :D

MY Favorite Pairings
TV Show Pairings Show


Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Veronica Mars

Lamb/Veronica, Logan/Veronica



Vampire Diaries

Damon/Elena, Klaus/Elena


Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois

True Blood

Sookie/Eric, Godric/Sookie, Eric/Sookie/Godric, Eric/OC



That 70’s Show



JD/Elliot, Elliot/Dr. Cox


Dean/OC, Castiel/OC, Sam/OC, Gabriel/OC

Legend of The Seeker

Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Kahlan

Young and the Restless

Chelsea/Adam, Cane/Lily


   Movie Pairings Movie


Harry Potter

Draco/Hermione, Draco/OC, Harry/OC

Van Helsing

Van Helsing/Anna

Sleepy Hollow

Hessian/OC, Katrina/Ichabod

Sherlock Holmes

Holmes/OC, Holmes/Irene

The Breakfast Club

Claire/Bender, Bender/OC

Moulin Rouge




Hunchback Of Notre Dame


The Avengers

Steve Rogers/OC, Loki/OC, Tony/OC, Clint/OC


Thor/Jane, Darcy/Loki, Loki/OC


  Anime Pairings Anime



Posted: 3 Nov 12 20:12 • More • Comments
Please vote for your top three favorite Darcy Lewis pairings. Only check up to three answers. Thanks! :)

View Poll: Avengers Pairing Poll - Darcy Lewis Pairings
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Posted: 3 Nov 12 00:28 • Comments
Smallville Fic Challenge
Chloe/Oliver (Chlollie)

Setting: Season 6 (around the beginning)

I haven't seen a 'new and fresh' Oliver-meets-Chloe-instead-of-Lois story in awhile so yeah that's basically what this prompt is. 

Chloe and Oliver meet. What happens next? Will Oliver be able to tell Chloe about being Green Arrow? We all know she can handle it! 
Posted: 3 Nov 12 00:09 • Comments
Posted: 2 Nov 12 16:32 • Comments
Categories: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Settings/Notes: Takes place in Season 2 when Spike arrives in town. This is based on what Joss Whedon says about Spike being in love with Buffy all along and that it wasn't just an infatuation with an arch enemy. It was in one featurettes on the Season 5 dvd. The one that basically summarizes all of Season 5. Well what if Spike actually realized his feelings right away in Season 2 after his encounter with Buffy in School Hard. (He can realize he has feelings but not love right away.) 
(This may have been done before but it seems original enough to me.)


Spike realizes he has feelings for Buffy after fighting her at Parent-Teacher Night. Now his plans have shifted from killing Buffy to making her his. Now all he has to do is break up Buffy and Angel and dump Dru on Angel. But when have his plans ever gone off without some kind of hitch? 

*Don't include too much angst (comedy and fluff is very much appreciated!)
*Spike has some revelations about his relationship with Drusilla that help him start his plan of making Buffy his

This is a challenge!
Posted: 30 Oct 12 22:11 • Comments