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Recent entries from Colunm as I see 'um - the blog of BHRamsay

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Tue, 16:24: I liked a @YouTube video Really Hot Girl Tue, 16:26: I liked a @YouTube video The Six Girls You'll Date in College
Posted: 30 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Sun, 17:28: I liked a @YouTube playlist Black Lagoon (DUB) Mon, 07:02: I liked a @YouTube video Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Cinematic Trailer
Posted: 28 Jul 14 08:04 • Comments
Sat, 02:59: I liked a @YouTube video The Dark Knight
Posted: 26 Jul 14 08:05 • Comments
Wed, 20:55: I liked a @YouTube video World War II: Crash Course World History #38 Wed, 21:00: I liked a @YouTube video Education For Death - Disney WWII Propaganda Cartoon
Posted: 24 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Mon, 19:20: I liked a @YouTube video Skyfall - Starring Sterling Archer Mon, 20:32: I liked a @YouTube video Aerosmith - Amazing Mon, 20:43: I liked a @YouTube video Jon Stewart: Marijuana vs. Alcohol
Posted: 22 Jul 14 08:05 • Comments
Mon, 09:15: I liked a @YouTube video Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics - George Carlin (Track 15)
Posted: 21 Jul 14 08:05 • Comments
Sun, 01:59: I liked a @YouTube video Superman: The Animated Series Marathon (Promo) - Hub Network
Posted: 20 Jul 14 08:05 • Comments
Tue, 03:56: I liked a @YouTube video The official full length TV launch trailer - Doctor Who Series 8 2014 - BBC One Tue, 04:03: I liked a @YouTube video Two Steps From Hell: Protectors of the Earth [Extended Remix]
Posted: 15 Jul 14 08:03 • Comments
Sun, 12:30: I liked a @YouTube video Archer/Top Gun Mash Up Sun, 19:17: I liked a @YouTube video Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series - E3 Demo Part Two: Redcliffe Castle Mon, 06:50: I liked a @YouTube video TRAILER MASH-UP: Mass Effect & Guardians of the Galaxy
Posted: 14 Jul 14 08:03 • Comments
Sat, 18:31: I liked a @YouTube video Lewis Black " Stark Raving Black " ( Standup ) Sat, 19:34: I liked a @YouTube video from @peediakala TFS Attack on Titan Abridged Episode 1 Sat, 22:13: I liked a @YouTube video Popeye (7/8) Movie CLIP - He Needs Me (1980) HD
Posted: 13 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Sat, 09:57: I liked a @YouTube video angela「シドニア」PV(short ver.)
Posted: 12 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Thu, 17:55: I liked a @YouTube video Everything Wrong With The Matrix Reloaded In 17 Minutes Or Less
Posted: 11 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Mon, 00:43: I liked a @YouTube video Hall & Oates ~ You Make My Dreams Come True
Posted: 7 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Fri, 00:37: I liked a @YouTube video ASK ARCHER
Posted: 4 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Wed, 16:42: I liked a @YouTube video Nothing Gold Can Stay - The Most Bizarre Episode of Transformers (The Big Picture) Wed, 19:56: I liked a @YouTube video Archer Vice Daydream Trailer - First Draft
Posted: 3 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Tue, 17:39: I liked a @YouTube video Zak and Sara- Ben Folds Tue, 20:42: I liked a @YouTube video K'S Choice - Not an addict (Lyrics) Wed, 02:20: I liked a @YouTube video "Day of the Doctor" Doctor Who Monologue - Performed By Paul McGann (The 8th Doctor) Wed, 03:40: I liked a @YouTube video from @DiscoVivian Poe - Terrible Thought Wed, 03:48: I liked a @YouTube video Poe - Haunted Alan Wake AMV Wed, 10:43: I liked a @YouTube video from @funimation Black Lagoon - 1 - The Black Lagoon
Posted: 2 Jul 14 08:02 • Comments
Fri, 15:40: I liked a @YouTube video HIMYM-Ted & Tracy-Til the End of My Days
Posted: 28 Jun 14 08:02 • Comments
Wed, 12:30: I liked a @YouTube video seinfeld - the switch.mp4
Posted: 26 Jun 14 08:02 • Comments
Tue, 02:46: I liked a @YouTube video George Carlin About Rape Tue, 08:43: I liked a @YouTube video Jon Stewart Tears Into " America's Tragedy Herpe " Dick Cheney over Iraq
Posted: 24 Jun 14 08:03 • Comments
Sun, 18:10: Enjoying the ham and chicken and cream sauce Mon, 11:23: I liked a @YouTube video Hall Trio m. Vera Auer Solisten: HARRY LIME [The Third Man Theme], rare vocal version
Posted: 23 Jun 14 08:02 • Comments
Thu, 14:48: I liked a @YouTube video The Legend of Korra: Korra Vs Vatuu & Unalaq Full Fight Fri, 01:33: I liked a @YouTube video Rachel Maddow Uses Daily Show Segments to Bash GOP for Abandoning All Pretense of
Posted: 20 Jun 14 08:02 • Comments
Thu, 00:15: I liked a @YouTube video BLACK LAGOON(フル・Red fraction)AMV修正版・1280x720 Thu, 00:19: I liked a @YouTube video from @radiant_records [Tooniegirl] Red Fraction {Mell RUSSIAN cover by RR} / Black
Posted: 19 Jun 14 08:03 • Comments
Sun, 14:18: I liked a @YouTube video Jazzappella @ Sala Radio Bucuresti - La vie en rose a cappella Mon, 10:56: I liked a @YouTube video Archer- family feud knock off
Posted: 16 Jun 14 08:02 • Comments
Sat, 21:42: I liked a @YouTube video Frank Sinatra- Fly me to the moon (cover) Sat, 21:44: I liked a @YouTube video Nat King Cole - LOVE (cover) Sat, 21:50: I liked a @YouTube video Almost Famous (8/9) Movie CLIP - What Kind of Beer? (2000) HD Sat, 23:06: I liked a @YouTube video Voiced! Ashley's Letter to Shepard (after Horizon) Sat, 23:10: I liked a @YouTube video [HD] Mass Effect 3 - Ashley Williams Horizon Letter Sun, 11:18: I liked a @YouTube video Jon Stewart - Eric Cantor Loss Killed Compromise... As If There Was Any Left?
Posted: 15 Jun 14 08:03 • Comments
Thu, 12:54: I liked a @YouTube video Jon Stewart - How Did Fox News Already Turn Bergdahl into a Muslim Terrorist? Thu, 13:17: I liked a @YouTube video Watch Jon Stewart Poke Fun at Open Carry Activists (HD) Thu, 13:19: I liked a @YouTube video Tom Cruise on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Comedy Central UK Thu, 13:25: I liked a @YouTube video THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART: 2nd Amendment Manners Do's and Don'ts (HD)
Posted: 13 Jun 14 08:06 • Comments