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Recent entries from Flights of Fancy - the blog of DebraN

NOTE: This blog has been rated FR13 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

So I managed to post all of Stanford's Hunters for August, but September was pretty much a bust as far as writing goes. Now I'm doing double duty in October working on my newest Cub & Kit story 'A Place to Call Home', and finally getting around to the sequel to Transformations with 'Transitions'.
Posted: 2 Oct 12 21:25 • Comments
I've got the first chapter of Stanford's Hunters up at I decided to wait until next week to post it at The Twisted Hellmouth, since it really doesn't become a crossover until chapter two.

I'm still working on chapter three but all of Connor's reveal is done. Sam is up next, and since he's a little drunk more open about his past than usual. Jessica's bit will be understandably shorter than either of the boys.

I've also managed to keep up my 500 words a day goal.
Posted: 3 Aug 12 20:39 • Comments
Posted chapter six of what was supposed to be my four chapter story. I'm getting a good response. I will start posting Stanford's Hunters next weekend.

Stanford's Hunters already had the first two of its three chapters done. Chapter one has Sam stumbling on the werewolf attack and stepping in to help. Chapter two introduces Connor and deals with the werewolf. Chapter three is the big reveals. I started with Connor. Four thousand words later and I'm still on Connor. I'm hoping to get him done soon so Sam can get a word in edgewise.
Posted: 29 Jul 12 11:40 • Comments
Yeah! I finished 'A Good Guide is Hard to Find' on the fourth of July. I even managed to email it to my beta before the husband and I took our girls to the local independance day parade. Hopefully I will get the edited version back within a week and I can post the last chapter. It ending up being much longer than expected. My rough estimate from the outline put the story at somewhere around twenty thousand words. Instead the final count was forty-three thousand.

So next in the pipe is 'Stanford's Hunters'. It will be the first in a twelve story series which (if all goes well) will lead into another fifteen story series. I'm a little nervous because this is by far my most ambitious project. If that isn't enough it is a crossover AU (like I ever write anything else;-) involving Supernatural and Angel; two fandoms I have never written in.

To make sure I don't overdose or get burnt out on the new series I am going to alternate between the new Stanford's Hunters series and finishing up my old Cub & Kit series. I already re-edited and posted the first two stories in the series. The third in Cub & Kit story was edited Saturday. I also altered one of the scenes to change perspective. But I don't want to post it until after the completed 'A Good Guide' is posted.

I've been alternating projects since Memorial Day and it seems to be a good way to keep the creative juices flowing. I've been doing a steady five hundred words a day ever since. (Taking the occasional day off for editing, research or real life.)

I've also decided to toss out a request to any photo manipulation artists that might be fans of my Finding Family series. See if any of them would be interested in creating a 'book cover' I could post on with the series. I figure if I get multiple responses I will make a poll and let people vote on their favorite. Assuming I can figure out how to do such a poll.
Posted: 9 Jul 12 10:03 • Comments
Okay so I feel the need to rant for a moment. I was especially stuck the other day by another person's inconsiderate actions. Coming out of a 'free-play' time at a local swing set store I was dismayed to find that the car's driver side was blocked in by the minivan next to it. At the front tire there was about a foot of space, while at the back tire it was closer to six inches. This might not have been an insurmountable problem if I owned a minivan like my rude neighbor, after all it's much to squeeze in and out when your door slides open instead of swinging wide. The icing on the cake was that my neighbor easily had three feet between them and the vehicle next to them. So clearly it wasn't a case of them trying to fit into a too small spot, but merely sloppy parking on their part. It's not like to parking lines were covered in snow, which might buy them a little leeway. They just apparently decided that as long as they could get in and out of their car who cares about anyone else.

So there I stood six months pregnant and wondering how I'm going to climb over my cars gear shift, since I obviously can't get in through my door. Let's not forget that I had not only my own 16-month daughter, but also her 17-month old friend and 3-year old brother in tow. With the back driver's side door blocked this means I had to heft to girls over multiple car seats to secure them safely. Again, not an easy thing when six months pregnant.

I thought about leaving an obnoxious note on the windshield, deliberately opening my car door into hers leaving scratches and dents as a thank you, and even going back into the store to hunt down the car's owner to ask them nicely to please move their minivan so that I could take the children home. But all of those choices seemed to hover somewhere between petty and bitchy, both of which I generally try to avoid being.

So I took the martyr route and spent ten minutes crawling over car seats and gear shifts before heading ...
Posted: 14 Mar 09 09:52 • More • Comments
70 and breezy yesterday. It was a great day to be outside. Yes I know it's only March, and honestly I'd be happy with the mid 50s we're supposed to be getting at this time of the year. I'm getting tired of the one day nice and next five below freezing. Hopefully that trend will go away soon.

So how's the weather by you?

On the bun-in-the-oven front our little tadpole is very active this morning. FYI we did confirm we're having a girl but Chris still hasn't picked a name for her. (I picked Drew Christina's name so this time it's his turn, though I still have veto power.)
Posted: 8 Mar 09 09:38 • Comments
First day back at work wasn't too bad, aside from running five to ten minutes late all day. From running out of gas on the way into work to picking up the preschooler a couple minutes late due to a toddler diaper emergency.

Still, I managed to get a fair amount done. Best of all I received the link to the studio portraits we took of Drew during the vacation. I must brag . . . My daughter is a cutie.
Posted: 2 Mar 09 21:15 • Comments
Note to self. When six months pregnant, traveling on a five-day trip from Columbus, OH to Milwaukee, WI (and back) to visit the folks, followed two days later by a four-day trip to Butler, PA (and back) to visit the in-laws, can be just a wee bit tiring.

I need to take a vacation to recover from my vacation.
Posted: 1 Mar 09 21:42 • Comments
Posted: 15 Feb 09 10:59 • Comments
Despite a chilly breeze the sun still warmed Danny’s skin, stinging his eyes a bit with its brightness.

“Here, put these on,” Martin instructed tossing Danny a pair of sunglasses. “Enjoying the sunshine?”

“I know they told us that most of the legends surrounding vampires didn’t apply, but I just needed to be sure,” insisted Danny a bit self-consciously.

“Relax, Danny. I get it,” assured Martin. “So how is Elena doing?”

“She’d finally given up on going back to work, and was resting when I stopped by,” detailed Danny. “What about your Dad? What did he want to talk to you about?”

“Potential career advancement for those with the right sort of abilities,” Martin smirked.

“You’re not serious,” said Danny. When Martin shrugged, Danny shook his head. “Your dad has serious issues.”

“Yeah, I know,” Martin agreed affectionately.

“This doesn’t bother you?” Danny was fairly certain that these were the type of ‘talks’ with Victor that usually sent Martin off into quite the self-righteous snit.

“It’s hard to get mad at him when I can feel what an emotional wreck he is about the whole incident,” Martin shrugged in bemusement. “Anyway I figure I should save my energy for our meeting with James Gamble and the rest of the Seven. Buck said their plane landed twenty minutes ago.”

“Right, because now I’m supposed to assume some sudo-royal position of leadership while you make small talk with your three-times great grandpa,” mused Danny.

Martin grinned, clearly having a little too much fun with the situation. “Transformation has certainly made our lives more interesting,” he pointed out.

Danny studied the way the rays of sunlight filtered between the city buildings. Beside him he could feel Martin not just leaning against his arm, but also his laughter in Danny’s mind and his warmth in Danny’s soul...
Posted: 21 Dec 06 07:05 • More • Comments
Juliet carefully helped Lateesha sip blood from a straw. Cam had returned with it from a butcher shop a while back. She would have preferred to strengthen Lateesha with human blood, but Cam had been too helpful to eliminate. Besides, Juliet remembered that Lateesha was picky about which humans she drank from. Juliet was a little worried that Lateesha might get upset when she learned that Juliet had fed her Becca’s blood. It was Becca’s fault really. Cam had been helpfully following Juliet’s commands, using the best of his pre-med education to apply first aid. Becca however had provided nothing beyond the car. All the while yammering about how horrible this was and why hadn’t Juliet done something to stop them and why wasn’t Juliet doing something to fix Lateesha? So Juliet had done something. She provided warm blood for Lateesha and silenced Becca’s questions once and for all.

They weren’t in New York anymore. They’d driven south for hours after dumping Becca’s body. Juliet was glad Becca was gone. It was hard, so hard trying to think things out; make plans. That was what Elizabeth did, only now there was no more Elizabeth. Juliet couldn’t remember the last time she been forced to make decisions. She knew there had been a time before Elizabeth, but trying to remember that only brought pain. Better to think on how Elizabeth took care of her: brushed her hair and gave her food and let her play and told her how precious she was. All Elizabeth had ever asked for in return was Juliet’s obedience. It was such a small price to pay for Elizabeth’s love. Love that other’s had forsaken.

**It was Elizabeth’s gentle touch that roused Juliet after Buckingham’s traitorous attack. She’d untied Juliet’s hands before confronting the men. There’d been threats and allegations most of which Juliet hadn’t understood. After all, Elizabeth wanted Daniel and Martin to become a part of their family, how could they not want the same? T...
Posted: 20 Dec 06 21:40 • More • Comments
Martin was feeling fine. Okay, maybe that wasn’t entirely accurate. Martin was feeling stronger now that the doctors had hooked him up for a blood transfusion. (There had been quite a flurry of amazement when tests indicated that Danny and Martin were both at barely half the normal blood volume.)

Martin was also feeling a lot of guilt and confusion. That it was Danny’s guilt and confusion he was feeling just drove home how much his life had changed in the last few hours. The confusion Martin could understand, after all Danny had been out of it for much of what Elizabeth and her cult had done to him. The guilt on the other hand was actually starting to irritate Martin a bit. The ‘blood donation’ had been Martin’s idea. Harold had tried to warn him that it might be dangerous, but Martin had taken the chance anyway, knowing that Danny was worth the risk. Danny had no reason to feel guilty about anything.

Then there was all of the worry he was feeling, in surprisingly equal parts, from both Jack and his father. Jack was worrying about the fact that Lateesha and Juliet had vanished with one of their cult followers, Cam. Becca’s lifeless body had been found by one of the search teams. The preliminary cause of death was being called blood loss, though there had been a suspicious lack of blood where her corpse had been found. That alone was enough to convince Martin that Lateesha was still on the loose. Buck wasn’t overwhelmingly concerned though. He was of the opinion that Lateesha, ever the more controlled member of the group, would retreat at least for the time being so she could lick her wounds.

Victor’s worry was almost overwhelming, the crippling sort of fear that only a parent can feel for a child. The crisis was over and Martin was safe, but that didn’t seem to alleviate his father’s fears nearly as much as it should. That Victor could weather this emotional storm while maintaining his favorite stoic demeanor, floore...
Posted: 19 Dec 06 06:53 • More • Comments
Buck was silently cursing the fact that Martin and Danny hadn’t run with Harold. A few more seconds would have been all they needed to escape. Now both of their exits were cut off and Elizabeth looked ready to make them suffer for their defiance.

Elizabeth stepped forward, kneeling down beside Juliet to remove her bindings. “It was you that allowed my Daniel to escape that first night, wasn’t it Buckingham?”

“Yeah, that was me. I untied him and gave him his gun,” admitted Buck. He’d been able to slip away from Elizabeth’s inner circle while they’d entertained themselves with torturing Danny’s friend Ryan. Thought the drugs were still affecting Danny he’d seemed to understand what Buck was telling him, that he had to get out before Elizabeth turned her focus back on him. Then Buck had been called by Elizabeth and had been forced to leave the agent to his own devices. It had never occurred to him that Danny would follow him back to the room where Ryan was being tortured. In retrospect he probably should have realized that Danny wasn’t the sort to leave a friend behind.

**Buck was already back at Elizabeth’s side, nibbling on her neck, whispering that perhaps it was time to take a break and indulge in sweeter pleasures. Usually it was Lateesha that reined in Elizabeth, but she’d left an hour before allowing Elizabeth to wallow in her sadistic tendencies. Buck forced himself to ignore Ryan’s cries of agony. He had already sent an SOS to the rest of the Seven. That they hadn’t immediately responded indicated that something big was happening beyond New York. Buck knew he couldn’t take down the whole cult on his own, so he bided his time gathering information and doing what little he could to help the cult’s victims.

The door to their chamber had slammed open. Agent Taylor, barefoot and wearing only a pair of jeans, stood in the doorway waving his gun. “Cut Ryan loose! Do it now or I swear I’ll kil...
Posted: 18 Dec 06 06:48 • More • Comments
Harold was certain that the air had never smelled so fresh and free as it did when he stepped out of Elizabeth’s little house of horrors. He wasn’t going to kid himself; he simply wasn’t cut out for this good versus evil, battle to the death sort of stuff. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate that there were times that people needed to take a stand, but when it came down to it, he was just a regular guy and Elizabeth and her ilk scared the hell out of him.

It wasn’t like he’d become Kin because he had any illusions about fulfilling some grand destiny. He’d just wanted to live to be thirty. He’d been a happily married tax accountant with his first child on the way when he’d been diagnosed with Small Celled Lung Cancer. With an only five percent survival rate he’d feared he wouldn’t even live long enough to see his child be born. Then a cousin had come to him with an unbelievable miracle cure. At first he’d thought his cousin was crazy, but it was strange how impending death could leave you grasping at all sorts of crazy straws. No one had been more surprised than he when the cancer had vanished. Becoming Kin had given Harold twenty-six glorious years with his wife, Agatha, until she herself had died of breast cancer. Because she hadn’t been chosen, she didn’t have the right genetic makeup to trigger a transformation, and he only been able to hold her hand at the end. Still, he couldn’t regret the extra quarter of a century they’d had together. By simply making a few small changes to his diet, namely cooking his meat rare as opposed to medium well, he took in enough blood to ensure good health. He’d never really considered taking the larger doses of blood required to slow his aging until his daughter and son-in-law died in a car accident. Suddenly the sole guardian of two small children, Harold, by then a fifty-eight year old widower, had decided that adding a little vitality to his life was a necessity. Now that the grandch...
Posted: 17 Dec 06 09:34 • More • Comments
Samantha kept a close watch on the estate, while Jack coordinated with the local police. Vivian was still at Downtown Hospital, where she been ever since they’d confirmed that the patient checked in as Inez Recillos was in fact Elena. At last report Elena was awake, though still confused and suffering the effects of a concussion. According to Viv, all she could remember after a knock on the door was seeing a strange group of men and women waiting in the hall, then the door crashing in on her and finally nothing.

Vivian had also relayed that Elena wanted to continue trying to help the team, despite the fact that she was apparently seeing double. Vivian, after noticing that Elena seemed to be having trouble focusing, had held up three fingers and asked Elena to tell her how many she saw. Elena’s reply of, “Cuando te crecio el sexto dedo,” had been laughingly translated by a nurse into, “When did you grow six fingers?” That had succinctly closed the door on any more talk about Elena trying to work for now.

Jack had been clearly hopeful when he’d arrived at St. Vincent’s to learn that an on-the-ball orderly had memorized the plates of the vehicle that had dumped the barely alive Ryan Saluke just outside the Emergency Room doors. Even better was the almost immediate response to the ABP by a patrol officer who recognized the plate number on a speeding BMW. Instead of trying to pull the vehicle over the officer had tailed the car, eventually surrendering its position to an unmarked vehicle, which had followed the BMW back here.

The local Sergeant who’d arrived to coordinate with the FBI was of the opinion that they were making a huge mistake. There were dozens of cars in the drive and lining the street. Almost every window in the manor was lit and music could be heard from the party inside. The Sergeant had firmly insisted, three minutes already, that Jack was crazy to think that some billionaire, no matter how eccentric, was go...
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Danny wasn’t sure how long he’d been floating in the darkness. He just knew it was safer then the place he’d been. Somehow he had become trapped in that place he’d been before. The place that haunted his nightmares; where others held him down so he couldn’t fight, where pain ruled every thought and enemies whispered through his mind. The worst part was that somehow he knew Martin was trapped there, too. He remembered calling out to Martin, hoping he was wrong. Martin’s reply had been both a blessing and a curse. Yet he’d latched on to it with what little strength he had left. He could feel Martin in a way he’d never recognized before; feel Martin’s frustration and desperation. He knew that somehow the same ones that were hurting him were keeping Martin from helping him. A corner of Danny’s mind was relieved, pleased even that his suffering meant that Martin was spared, but he could also feel how watching Danny’s struggle was tearing Martin apart. So as his strength ebbed and the whispers grew, Danny took the last shreds of his soul and wrapped them protectively around the feel of Martin, tucking them safely into one of the corners of his mind, which the whispers hadn’t broached yet. Then he fell into the darkness where he somehow knew the others couldn’t reach him.

Eventually something changed. Martin was there; and not just in a distant, barely understood way. Martin surrounded him, his touch and smell sheltering him. Danny followed the lifeline of Martin’s voice out of the darkness. The whispers were gone and the pain receded. He didn’t understand everything that was happening, but he could feel Martin giving him strength somehow. Martin needed him to do something, needed his help to get them out of this hell. Danny tried to respond with confidence feeling how much Martin was relying on him.

Opening his eyes wasn’t as difficult as he expected it to be. But Danny immediately went on guard when he realized the person...
Posted: 15 Dec 06 16:30 • More • Comments
Martin’s wrist ached and his right hand was swollen and bleeding, but he didn’t stop twisting at the manacle. He knew he was making progress. Even if it meant tearing off several layers of skin he couldn’t stop until he was free. Danny hadn’t moved since they’d finished with him more than half an hour ago. Then Elizabeth, Lateesha and Petru had left the prisoners on their own.

When Danny had first shuddered and moaned beneath Elizabeth’s touch, barely gasping out the question, what was she doing to him; Martin had been determined to intervene. Then with nothing more than a flick of her wrist, Elizabeth had sent Martin flying across the room in a move that would have left most special effects experts green with envy. Danny had seemed only half aware of what was happening around him, and Elizabeth’s continuous reminders of their deal had kept him from fighting her wishes.

Martin had barely gotten his feet back under him when Lateesha had grabbed him. He’d fought a lot of tough opponents in his life, and he hadn’t always won, but nothing prepared him for her iron grip. He’d fought her with everything he had and she hadn’t given so much as a millimeter. When Lateesha began chaining him, he’d continued to shout at Danny, hoping to break the spell Elizabeth was weaving. Though it earned him a bloody lip from Lateesha, it seemed to work. Danny held Elizabeth off with questions, and they both learned that she wanted to somehow make them like her. A vampire, though not quite the type they’d always heard about as children.

The arrival of Harold Pembroke had been a welcome distraction. Though Martin still didn’t trust the man’s motives, he was somewhat relieved to hear that others of her kind, the Kin as Harold called them didn’t approve of her actions. He’d even gone so far as to refer to her as a cannibal, indicating that perhaps drinking human blood wasn’t the norm. The distraction had ended too quickly when E...
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