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NOTE: This blog has been rated FR15 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Previous It was 20 minutes later when Rachel found herself in the rather spacious living room of the Halliwell Manor. She sat there, still shaken from the emotions that were triggered within her following the vision. She sat between her father and mother, who had a comforting arm around her. A few moments later a… Continue reading →
Posted: 5 Oct 13 08:33 • Comments
“HARRRRRYYYYYYY”, Rachel screamed as she sat bolt upright in her bed, a mixture of pure terror, anguish and confusion jockeyed for dominance in her head. For a few moments she could not understand what she saw. Was this a vision, or was it just a dream? She thought to herself. Her mind was still in… Continue reading →
Posted: 5 Oct 13 08:28 • Comments
I once wrote the first few chapters of a cross-over story that never went any further. It was called the Charmed Trithor and was a Charmed and Harry Potter story. I have recently begun getting more ideas for this story, so I am going to restart it again, from scratch. I hope that this version… Continue reading →
Posted: 19 Sep 13 10:42 • Comments
I have read many stories now where the formatting of the story became so bad, t hat I had to abandon it. What I mean by that is stories are supposed to only have one voice, being expressed, in each paragraph. This makes it a lot easier for readers to follow the conversation, and who’s… Continue reading →
Posted: 6 Sep 13 02:40 • Comments