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I was wondering who all watched Ascension on Syfy last night? I stopped watching after the girl yelled into the depths of Space, exclaiming that she wasn't afraid of the entity, or entities, watching her.

Did it get any more interesting after that?
Posted: 16 Dec 14 12:46 • Comments
Hey, does anyone have a copy of the original extended prologue in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's first episode: Welcome to the Hellmouth?

I lent out my video cassette more than ten years ago, and never got it back.

The prologue has a longer description of the Slayer's history, and never showed up on DVD's or Digital Services.

I'm just looking for it... it's sort of like that missing scene from the original Battlestar Galactica television premiere where Adama and Serena hold an extended chat: missing from subsequent digital history (and you only remember if you happened to be watching at the time).
Posted: 5 Nov 14 19:27 • Comments
No, seriously, my cats ate spinach that fell on the floor. Now, they are begging me for pieces of salad.

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Posted: 14 Sep 14 22:33 • Comments
Tue, 17:02: RT @TVFTROU: Too sad. On of my greatest TV heroes ever. I'm crushed. Robin Williams Found Dead in Possible Suicide
Posted: 13 Aug 14 15:01 • Comments
Martha Wells is holding a book giveaway, and I wanted to share with you! Please head over to her journal and check it out!


Originally posted by Illustrationmarthawells at Autographed Book Giveaway to Mark Two OccasionsNext month in the first week of September, two things will happen: I'll turn fifty years old, and Stories of the Raksura: Volume I
The Falling World and The Tale of Indigo and Cloud
, my sixteenth book, will be published. (in trade paper, ebook, and audiobook)

To mark these occasions, I'm going to do a book giveaway. (This is also partly to help crowding issues in my book storage closet.) To enter, all you do is: Read More at Martha's Journal!
Posted: 5 Aug 14 14:46 • Comments
Seriously! I'm supposed to be writing! I am writing! My cat was walking all over my tablet and when I checked my email I found this and just went ah, cute, luv! My heart filled with all those gushy feelings that cause people to retweet Emergency Kittens and such, so here you go.

Plus, watching David Hewlett's YouTube channel is a super interesting distraction! LOL!
Posted: 5 Jun 14 13:35 • Comments
What it takes to get him back in the game?
...of course!

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Posted: 9 Jul 13 03:25 • Comments skull caps and plaid. Plaid everywhere! My. Gosh. Also, angry young women who wish to rant about the Feminist viewpoint in Folklore. Is this just in Portland, or in every community college these days? Ack.

Also? Not happy with professors who don't complete their syllabus's and still think they live in the 1960's. I signed up for a literature course, not what this particular yahoo tried to serve me on a platter. For example, since he listed the university I earned my English MA in his credentials, after class I asked if he knew a few of the professors I knew who still actively teaching. Then he stated, "Oh, I don't know anyone, I just taught classes on-line."

Higher education is becoming about as bad as public education was twenty-five years ago, but now we pay for the privilege of badly organized curriculums directly through our pocketbook. But the school doesn't much care because, hey, most of their students are taking out student loans and receiving Federal and State grants. I really think the community college systems need some over-sight, especially the urban ones supporting multiple branches.

I really don't think it's just 'All right' for a temporary summer teacher to completely change a course parameters because he (or she) feels it's more important to focus on YouTube as a teaching tool and refocus the students into the professor's personal area of interest. When I asked the professor why he did this, he told me that it's only a 200 level course (200 level is the highest community college offers), so he really didn't see the big deal. Also, since it's summer the school offering the course doesn't seem to care what he does either.

It's not really important anymore. I dropped it.

Intro to Mythology was supposed to be fun, not a millstone around my neck.

/End rant.

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Posted: 25 Jun 13 04:43 • Comments
Livejournal's new userpages are freaking driving me insane. Really. Really truly. Guh. Really articulate. I know, right?

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Posted: 18 Mar 13 01:55 • Comments
the world stops, the world stops, the world ends,
the world ends.
no one notices.

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Posted: 20 Nov 12 17:01 • Comments
Found the C. Notes, now have to find a new med manager. It's always something - and my test is 1.5 weeks away and I still haven't heard from ETS! ::Head-Desks::

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Posted: 31 Oct 12 08:53 • Comments
Posted: 30 Oct 12 11:45 • Comments
Originally posted by Illustrationinnogen at Testing a repost buttonSo, found out about this nifty repost button, and decided I wanted to test it out.

So, Okay....This has a lot of possibities. But I still don't like the changes LJ is planning. I purchased a permanent account some time ago, and each change just seems to make my life more difficult. ::sigh::
Posted: 29 Oct 12 02:43 • Comments
Ack, now I can't find my c. Notes! I really, really don't want to re-read all those Shakespeare plays, Dante's Inferno, the who-the-heck-knows by Chaucer, Spenser's Faerie Queene and Shepherd's Calender; oh, and uh, memorize every form of verse, rhythm, and the progression of the English language in the next two weeks. ::Head-Desks:: I decided I really hate grammar as well.

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Posted: 29 Oct 12 00:45 • Comments
Yeah, raining in Portland. No surprise, right? LOL.

Posted: 28 Oct 12 21:02 • Comments

I don't think I've figured out the meaning of life, birthdays aside. Huh. Maybe sometime this year?

Posted: 17 Oct 12 18:41 • Comments
Bobby and Me?

Something for fun - I took a quiz at and the super-personality meme machine decided that I'm:

Which Supernatural Character Are You?

More on Supernatural. Created by BuddyTV

Posted: 18 Sep 12 10:08 • Comments
I'm home; it's raining. The coast was cold. I'm not that good at photography, but I'll see what I can salvage from my camera.

Posted: 9 Sep 12 19:33 • Comments
I really dislike laundry. It's always one red thing ruining everying.

Posted: 24 Aug 12 13:09 • Comments
I need to know who all I should sort into Supernatural. I spent seven/eight years on the fringes before diving into that show, and now I'm making up for lost time. So, custom friends tick box?
Posted: 5 Aug 12 23:15 • Comments
My completely irreverent tumblr blog:


and now it's even spelled right
Posted: 5 Aug 12 22:23 • Comments
Misha Collins interviewers? What is your obsession about porn and Sera Gamble? Really? Seriously? Stop Poking at the nice Executive producer who writes one or two scripts a year? Yes? Please?

I'm in the middle of reading an interview with Misha Collins, and just about the first thing the interviewer asks is if Collins hates Sera Gamble? WTF? The Bourne-Again Identity stigma appears to really be a divisive issue within Supernatural fandom, creating a three-way split, uh, literally. (Not that the Interviewer bothers to explain anything to the reader, no, just lets the reader infer, making the interviewer even more stupid.)

Read HERE, at the Huffington Post.

Oh, yeah, the interviewer is oddly interested in porn as well:

Cas and Dean. They're a continual source of speculation, fan fiction, pornography…
Yep. I'm just always gratified that I'm in some small way contributing to any kind of pornography. It warms the cockles of my heart. Words chosen carefully.

I haven't finished the article yet; I'm sure more cosmopolitan fans found this much more quickly than I. I just ran across this in my clumsily explorations on Twitter and Tumblr and thought I'd pass it on. While I enjoy reading and (trying) to write fanfiction, I fail to see why article interviewers need to bring the whole sordid fan-drama-mess to the actor's (any actor's) face and question him about it. While I'm all for reader-response critical theory, that's taking things too far. These are the kinds of questions that push fan divisions even further, which in turn encourage the writers to write scripts encouraging further mocking of said divisions.

Posted: 4 Aug 12 22:10 • Comments
All the blogging services are confusing me - Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordsmith??? ?? Oh, and Facebook. Really, what is the point? I can't seem to get any of them to sync up.

Who uses the super-post client from Hell?

Does one even exist?

Posted: 4 Aug 12 18:37 • Comments
Patty Hewes? What The Freakin' Flaming F?

Damages is making less and less sense as the season goes on. Patty and Ellen are definitely heading into another collision zone (yeah, so what else is new - remember how we met them?), but I'm beginning to wonder if I will care if anyone actually survives this season.

Good thing Glen Close managed to get out of her contract for good, right?

Because I really could care less about the whole Patty Vs. Michael custody battle, and whether or not Ellen will survive the great wrongful death trial (where she is playing lawyer) so she can testify against Patty (where she is playing witness for Patty's bratty nineteen-year-old drug-dealer/lord son).

Right now, Ellen is the only character I actually like, but the show likes to illustrate how emotions equate badness in the world of law. In Damages, because Ellen has a decent moral compass, people like Patty will take advantage of her every single time, and then basically stand around and point out how her emotions and compassion are a detriment to her ambitions, which she has too much.

The two women stay in each other's orbit, refusing to completely break their history. Patty tells herself she still has use for Ellen; Ellen tells herself she wants to still want to consult Patty's expertise. Finally, when Ellen appears to move completely out on her own, all hell appears to break loose, and not just with a case involving international hacking. The two two women, who have been playing mind games with each other for years; heck, Patty even tried to have Ellen killed when she was a first year associate and Ellen actually got over that, believe it or not; have increased the mudslinging, but Patty doesn't quite know where to aim. Since Patty is a lot higher up in the lawyer world, she has a lot farther to fall; Ellen, in turn, can easily make an enemy in Michael if she doesn't deliver her testimony to tune against his mother - ...
Posted: 3 Aug 12 23:02 • More • Comments