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Robin Goodfellow is the twin brother of Puck.  Puck is the golden child, the one that everyone remembers. While Robin is the cast away, the black sheep of the family. He loves humanity, but most of the Sidhe/Fairies think they above humanity. He tends to change his style more and more than everyone else.  
Posted: 13 Apr 14 17:55 • Comments
The woman had her hair up in a messy high pony tell, a swirl of dirty dark brown hair and faded green color.  The smell of heavy perfume, something strong and annoying tickling my nose or assaulting it. The exposed skin of her arms, a blanket of colors of lines symbols, inscribed on her skin. Peaking out from underneath her green tanktop, her jeans were rolled up, a pink on foot, a green on another from old oxford shoes. Her face was hidden by big white glasses, that had swirl of patterns on it. A gold chain looped around her shoulder connecting to a medium sized bright kelly green purse. Her phone was teal on side, pink on the other as she gabbed to her boyfriend, who showed up looking respectable in his uniform, expect for the rocker hair cut high spikes on his head, the slight cole around his eyes, and the earring in his ear as he bent down to kiss her.
Posted: 13 Apr 14 06:02 • Comments

Today, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend died because of Lung Cancer.  I never knew Sue, but I'm  not only doing this for my friend Rebel Kitten who lost her aunt today, but for all the people who's lives have been touched, effected, or lost loves ones due  to cancer. If you would like to put a fanfic, or fanart up for bid, please post a comment in the comment section below. You have until today until next Tuesday to bid on your fanwork of choice. When the bidding is closed, please donate the money to these charities and email me a copy or a screenshot of the receipt.

ETA: You need to donate to one of these charities to qualify to retrieve the fanwork that you bid on - 
The American Cancer Society | Cancer Research U.K. | TheAssociation for International Cancer Research
Posted: 18 Feb 14 16:37 • Comments
Mon, 13:33: About to have my big day out, making of the list of the things I need to buy. #budgetingftw
Posted: 17 Feb 14 11:00 • Comments
Fri, 18:58: ♫ Bitter Heart – Zee Avi #NowPlaying Fri, 20:37: Making very late Valentines day cards for all my peeps. ♥♥♥
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Thu, 17:53: It seems everything that can go wrong today, has gone wrong today. I bought two more domains. None of them work. Not even the free .tk... Thu, 17:54: At this point, I just want my blog up and running. So I'm using x10hosting and using an sub domain Fri, 00:07: YET ANOTHER URL! This is the last and the final domain bitchfit will have. Please update your bookmarks to Thanks! Fri, 00:48: Will White Collar Be Renewed for Season 6? – Today’s News: Our Take | -
Posted: 14 Feb 14 10:45 • Comments
Thu, 00:37: NEW URL! Bitch Fit | Fandom News, Trends, Thu, 14:05: Sorry everyone who been trying to use the site. I been trying to recover .net domain, but I failed. I tried .tk and that failed. #FAIL Thu, 14:06: Now I have which hopefully I will never have to go through this crap again. *sigh* >_< #technicalissues Thu, 14:07: Hopefully, I should have Bitch Fit back up by the end of the day. #crossyourfingers
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Posted: 12 Feb 14 10:47 • Comments
Mon, 20:28: RT @TheBatman: Just think, in a year and a half you’ll be watching Affleck Batman. But wishing for Lego Batman. Mon, 20:30: RT @dailydot: A fandom guide to @dylanobrien, the most popular actor you’ve never heard of: Mon, 20:35: RT @ginnygoodwin: #Oncer SPOILER! @examinercom has clues on how @OnceABC 3b will unfold. Be sure to tune in March 9!, 20:36: Do I sound bitter, because I AM. Write good stories, or get the fuck out my face. #thatisall Mon, 20:36: RT @queenofthedorks: @TheOrlandoJones Drew some Sleepy Hollow fan art with Irving in it that you might find amusing Mon, 20:37: RT @octoberjuneblog: I don't know how to flirt, ok? If I look up from what I'm reading, that means you're cute and I wanna kiss you. Boys s… ...
Posted: 11 Feb 14 10:56 • Comments
Sun, 16:50: RT @regonym: @exmanhater wooo, looks like the podfic how-to panel is a go for @bitchinparty! :D Mon, 00:16: Just finished with the bios that turned more into short blurbs about my characters. So all I got to do is get the season arc down. Mon, 00:16: RT @MTVteenwolf: Don't forget to buy your tickets for this coming weekend's #DaysOfTheWolf convention with the #TeenWolf cast!, 01:27: RT @TheAtlantic: How 'liberal' became a dirty word in American politics Mon, 01:29: God, so many good kirk/spock fic out there. Mon, 01:29: RT @mySA: LaBeouf makes a scene at Berlin film festival via @mySA Mon, 01:30: I have no idea what to say. Hmm...kirk/spock fics FTW! *rubs hand together in glee* ...
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Sun, 15:07: Sorry folks, I been blogging and working on Full Circle. #iamwriting #spreadtoothin Sun, 15:22: So damn hungry, but what to eat? I guess it's PB&J again for breakfast. *sigh* Sun, 15:22: RT @Marvel: By Asgard, it's @TWHiddleston's birthday! Wishing a happy day to our very own #Loki. Sun, 15:24: RT @BC_benedict: I think I'm gonna do it... Sign up to tumblr.. God help me.. Sun, 15:25: I just can't stop listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Sun, 15:25: RT @HuffingtonPost: You won’t believe how much money A-list actors are paid for terrible film roles Sun, 15:26: RT @ruth_hunt: 3. The problems in #russia for #lgbt will continue after the games. And the situation is worse in lots of countries. ...
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Fri, 18:40: Working on Belinda's character questionnaire. Decided to recast it from Vanessa Williams to Essence Atkins. #writing #characters Fri, 19:06: Done with Belinda's Questionaire. I'm about 75% are done with the questionaires! #fleshingoutcharacters #writing #characters
Posted: 8 Feb 14 10:42 • Comments
Thu, 15:58: Apparently, to some random twitter user I'm not a nice person. No, get it right! I'm actually a bitch! Thu, 16:06: Rec: TextAloud TTS Reader. Because you convert all your stories into instant podfic. Not as good as a human voice, but close. Thu, 16:07: RT @HuffingtonPost: Cop caught on camera cutting off detained woman's hair Thu, 16:07: RT @glaad: #LGBT exclusion leads NYC mayor @deBlasioNYC to bow out of St. Patrick's Day Parade @NYCMayorsOffice Thu, 17:16: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. Thu, 17:17: So just got back from freezing my ass off, and now I'm going to start on the character biographies. *sigh* Thu, 17:34: My new theme song! ♫ Hard Out Here – Lily Allen #NowPlaying Thu, 18:16: RT @...
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Wed, 17:36: RT @mmfa: Fox contributor Scott Brown joins other right-wing hucksters as he rents out his email list to sell shady products., 17:39: You know what I'm tired of? People thinking that it's okay to comment on other people's weight. Just STFU, and GTO of my face pls. Wed, 17:39: RT @funnyortruth: getting a text from someone you don't wanna fucking talk to Wed, 17:40: RT @dailydot: Seriously, Internet: LinkedIn is the least sexy social network: by @elana_bc Wed, 17:40: RT @bevysmith: Here's the petition! Stop George Zimmerman&Promoter Damon Feldman from using murder/racial hate in America for Profit http:/… Wed, 17:40: RT @HuffingtonPost: Erin Andrews speaks out about sexist double standards in sports journalism Wed, 17:42: Also my health, my body, my sexuality, my race, is none of your business. #mindyourownbusiness...
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Tue, 23:00: RT @dhewlett: Happy Birthday @OfficialRomero ...who has been taking the dead out for walks long before The Walking Dead! Tue, 23:00: RT @dailydot: You can break up with Facebook, but it'll never get over you: Tue, 23:01: RT @dailydot: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch face his Muppet nemesis: Tue, 23:02: RT @Queerty: UK Conservatives Set An Example For GOP About Dealing With Homophobes In The Ranks - Tue, 23:02: RT @funnyortruth: never lose sight of what's important Tue, 23:03: So I'm back to reading Kradam fic. *make shifty eyes* Don't judge me okay? #guiltypleasures #GoingtoSpecialHell Tue, 23:05: RT @TheAdvocateMag: Oregonians May Consider Marriage Equality and Broad Religious Exemp...
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Mon, 16:02: Writing Log: What is this? Yet ANOTHER milestone? Mon, 17:48: RT @BlackWidowAveng: Where is my lunch?... THOR!!! Mon, 17:58: RT @biggaynews: Blue Cross Now Plans to Offer Gay North Carolina Couples Family Policies Mon, 17:58: RT @TheEllenShow: 6 more weeks of winter. The groundhog went back into his hole on Sunday. I'm not sure if he saw his shadow, or the Super … Mon, 18:43: RT @IanBohen: So many messages from ppl suffering w/ #LGBT confusion and MentalHealth issues. @Bell_LetsTalk You're not alone. I support u.… Mon, 18:43: RT @thinkprogress: The best reason to stop watching Woody Allen's movies Mon, 18:50: I'm studying English grammar right now, and I want to cry in the corner. #IFailatLife Mon, 20:08: R...
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Today's Word Count: 513 words 
Total Word Count: 12, 109 words
Ywriter's Overall Word Count: 12, 942 words

I'm done. I finished the epilogue, and it was sorta easy because I been having flashes of vision of what's going to happen in my head.  And oh my god, the first appearance of the this season's villain.  And she is terrifying, although I don't think she is as terrifying as I have her in my head.  That will change in the last edit for sure. *nods*  I also decided that after I finish doing the background work for the series, that I'm going to write an interlude, a sort breather before I enter the next episode/story.  It should be interesting.  In non-writing news: I'm now working on a video opening credits for the series.  I'm doing it now, because I know who the main characters are going to be this season. I just got to flesh them out. *sigh* I'm also studying script manuals because although I have experience writing screenplays, I haven't done it in a while and I'm a bit rusty. I think the interlude might be a good way that I can practice it.  I also some ideas of having pop up bios in the html version of the screenplay, but I will tell you later how I will decide.  I'm also going to be crossposting to A03 for sure.  Anyway, now I'm off to do some much needed outlining for the rest of season 1, and then you will see me back here for the interlude. I will do the final edit probably closer to self imposed deadline of mid June. 


~ Lindsey
Posted: 4 Feb 14 09:25 • Comments
Today's Word Count: 1115 words
Word Count So Far: 11,596 words
Ywriter's Overall Word Count: 12, 418  words

So I'm done with Part 2! *does happy dance*  I only have the epilogue left, and then I'm going to work on the next episode. I'm not really sure about the ending of the scene. But maybe when I can come to this fresh, I can I go back and fix it. *shrugs* So I just sort of bypass my 12k max word count, and I'm heading into 13k. I might have a full 15k words done.  Which is still the longest completed story to date.  *nods* SPOILERS: (highlight to read)  I had a real problem with the scene where Morgan accepts the magickal contract that make her his apprentice. I might have to do research on real witch initiations for this scene  Also I'm going to transcribe my pseudo script/prose format into pure screenplay script in the third draft. I decided that I'm going to do it that way, because I'm not going to put a embed a lot graphics in the text anyway.  So stay tuned for that. Anyway, I'm working on the website as well, and I will probably have it up soon too.  *shrugs* But we shall see.  Anywhoo.  I'll see you on the flipside, my readers! 
Posted: 3 Feb 14 11:02 • Comments
Sun, 18:35: RT @lindenashby: Phill Hoffman found dead in his apartment… No no no no, I've know him since he was in acting school. Sun, 18:36: RT @Ornyadams: NO!!!!!!!!!!! “@nypost: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose: cops http://t… Sun, 18:37: RT @ajaromano: Man, the last 9 months have really been a beautiful series of (re)-connecting w/all my Harry Potter friends over the thing w… Sun, 18:37: RT @MightyMarvel: #Falcon #CaptainAmerica #TheWinterSoldier Mon, 14:01: RT @_ClintBarton_: My reaction during the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer. #CaptainAmerica #TheWinterSoldier, 14:01: RT @...
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Sun, 09:58: So um...I been having the week from hell. But I finally feel up to finishing my projects. #WhatIsMyLife? #iwillbewriting Sun, 10:00: Back to my regular scheduled programing. And back to my studies as well. Sun, 10:11: Got to go back to cleaning the kitchen. I'll brb later! Sun, 12:03: I'm writing the epiphany moment, and believe me I'm trying not tear up. Poor Merlin! Sun, 12:03: RT @HuffingtonPost: "Many a night, I asked God to take me instead," Erick Mu�oz said through tears Sun, 12:22: I'm taking a break from writing. I'm at the really hard part of the scene, and I need to take a breather. #iamwriting Sun, 12:25: Also I just hit the 10k mark! This will be the longest story I ever completed! #milestones #iamwrirting Sun, 12:36: Back to writing again. God, this scene is so hard to get through....
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Today's Word Count: 1187 words
Total Word Count So Far: 10,481 words
Ywriter Overall Count: 11,303 words


(Central Park - Where This Scene Is Set)

So I just hit my writing milestone.  Ywriter said I wrote more than my own calculations, but still wow never thought I would get to this point. This is the longest story that I have completed ever.  My eyes are constantly like this: O_O!  Sorry, I'm so late with writing.  Jesus, this past week has been a week from hell. I got bit by something, and my glasses were giving me a headache.  Basically, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong this week.  But I'm back, and hitting all types of awesome milestones.  About this scene: Jesus, it was so hard to write.  Mostly because this Merlin's big epiphany moment, and it was so hard trying to write the dialog with my mystery guest star. It was just so hard to convey Merlin's feelings in a meaningful way. *sigh* I also sowed a seed for a later episode starring my mystery guest star.   So stay tuned for later episodes for that.  Also before I go, I got up like around 2am, couldn't sleep. Cleaned my kitchen, played on FB, twitter, and then decided to write. Not too shabby for a 6am writing session!
Posted: 2 Feb 14 08:13 • Comments
Thu, 12:21: RT @lindenashby: Seems to me that J Bieber could use a parental figure in his life who's not his friend and not on his payroll. Tough situa… Thu, 12:22: RT @MillaJovovich: When night shoots and six year olds interface! Lol! My daughter woke me up WAY too… Thu, 12:22: RT @hitRECordJoe: Here, put this pillow in front of your face and lemme jump-kick you in the head.. Thu, 12:24: I'll rise, but I won't shine. #SoNotAMorningPerson Thu, 12:25: I'll probably write today, I have two scenes left and then I'm done with Part 2 #todolist
Posted: 30 Jan 14 10:02 • Comments
Today's Word Count:  1166 words
Total Word Count So Far: 9294 words


(Belinda Smith)

Omg, I'm going to have to sit down for a second. I did a scene and half. And the last scene I did was so emotional,  just ripped my heart out and stomped on it.  Believe me, once I clean it up it will be one of the most emotional scenes of the story. Jesus.  Anyway, I took a few days off. Longer than I thought I did. I had to stop in the middle of it to take a break because again it was breaking my heart.   Lord, and I got to get a handle on Belinda's character for sure. Because she is going to be a major reoccurring character. I'm at almost at my 10k goal for this story. And it looks like the story is going to be around 11-12k instead of 10.  I have exactly four scenes left and then I'm done. And then I'm going to take a break and work on something else in the series. I also I'm thinking that I might change the title of the series to otherworld. I shall see what I feel about it later, and what my decision. Hm, I might be done with this story in about a the end of the week or early next week. 
Posted: 28 Jan 14 10:15 • Comments
Mon, 13:51: My new favorite track! ♫ Happy – Pharrell Williams #NowPlaying
Posted: 28 Jan 14 08:02 • Comments
Sun, 15:01: RT @Drea_Taylor: We can't "friendzone" you unless you girlfriendzoned us first... via @dailydot Sun, 15:01: RT @BZNetwork: CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE HOWLING COMMANDOS lands from @jfcnokirk tomorrow - you'll never see WW2 the same again! Sun, 15:02: Up, and trying to figure out if i should write or not. *sigh* Sun, 15:03: RT @josswhedon: "The Wolf of Wall Street" is far and away Disney's shittiest musical Sun, 15:05: RT @BC_benedict: OOOOHH and Benedict should live there with us... And Martin.. And Amanda.. and Rupert... and Louise!! But I think they'd … Sun, 15:06: RT @HuffingtonPost: Watch the "Modern Family" cast prank a sleeping Sofia Vergara Sun, 15:06: RT @allromance: All Amber Quill Press Books are 25% OFF now at ARe! Get them now while the sale lasts! Sun, 15:07: RT @...
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