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Recent entries from The Sixth Planet - the blog of Saturn

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First off I know this is old news but I'm going to talk about mildly spoilery stuff. (See I still have manners)

I realized something about Supernatural. To me, what made it good were the supporting characters. Bobby, Jo, Ellen...even some of the demons. When the show did the whole Heaven/Hell/Heaven civil war/war I couldn't figure out why I wasn't digging it. Part of it was that I felt the Winchesters were just too outgunned but I think it was mainly because the angels were so boring and serious.

And let me just gush about the most awesome new characters from the seasons I just watched.
-Hunter Garth - He's just so ridiculous but he just fits. :) I mean who doesn't love a guy that rolls around blastin Poison from Bell Biv Devoe.
-Drunk Castiel - Go home Castiel, you're drunk!
-And best of all...Lucifer in Sam's head. I just love how he alternated between fake torture and then singing random songs in his head. The random comments that Lucifer made were just great.

I might see if I can find some highlight clips to post. There were some nice story moments too although there were some characters that died I wasn't too happy about.

Posted: 7 Jan 13 06:39 • Comments
Nothing much going on. Working overnight at the hotel Wednesday and Thursday night so I may or may not wake up and eat food for Thanksgiving.

But in the meantime I've got a flood of spam comments on my journal. If I'm going to get tons of spam comments it should at least be from friends so please give me your best impression of a Russian LJ spammer.
Posted: 22 Nov 12 04:01 • Comments
So Athena begged me to let her stay up a little later to do her chores on Thursday. I hated to discourage such eagerness to do chores so I let her. :) She got everything done except put her clean clothes away and wash the dishes. She finished those tonight. All so she could get her allowance and spend it on a toy. She's had a chore list to do if she wanted allowance but I don't think it really clicked until this week. I've been telling her every time she asks for a toy or something that if she had the money she could buy it but that I wasn't going to buy it for her. And she saw a toy she wanted that was 4.50 on clearance so she got the job done. While we were at the store I told her I would buy her a wallet to keep her money in since she was just walking around with a fist full of dollar bills. lol. She spent about 30 minutes "trying to make the right decision" on which one to buy. It alternated between a panda wallet, a Yoshi wallet, a Mario Brothers wallet and this glittery pink cheetah looking print. I was really sad she didn't even consider the Batgirl wallet. She tried to escalate it to getting a wallet and a purse since it matched and she can't just carry a wallet!?!? And she can use it when she's a grown up. It was just so cute to see her putting so much thought into which purse/wallet to buy.

In store news the new Magic the Gathering set Return to Ravnica came out today and it sold very very well. Between that and some other big sales we actually did an entire weeks worth of one day. It's crazy. Also in store news I may have to fire some employees. I send out a weekly email and at the end I ask a question that requires a response so I know the email was read. I actually had 2 employees say they didn't know either of the people in my question. The question was: "Who would win in a fight between Ash from Army of Darkness and Snake Plissken from Escape From New York?" TWO PEOPLE THAT WORK IN A COMIC/GAME STORE DIDN'T KNOW OF EITHER O...
Posted: 6 Oct 12 01:43 • More • Comments
Preface: The fist part of this post was written back in April and I just forgot to post it. LJ restored it from a draft. In that time I've gotten separated from my wife of 10 years and have my daughter 5 days a week. Things are tighter than ever with money and free time and everything but things are looking up. I've got good friends and family and when I get into another relationship I'll do a better job picking a partner and also in being a better partner. I'll make sure any new ladies in my life like Firefly. I should have taken Mikey Mason's advice.

Original Post Section:

Look it's my post for this year. :)

Athena was out of school for Spring Break so I decided that we would go up to DC and take advantage of that hotel discount I get. We drove up Tuesday night and got there about midnight. The trip up was pretty uneventful for a Michael Bay film but had a few moments that I thought were pretty cool. One was that Athena wanted to sing We Will Rock You by Queen with me. We used to sign this a lot in the car after hearing it a year or two before at some type of event. Don't remember what type of event it was but sadly I couldn't remember the song well enough to do it. And when I tried to pull it up on youtube on my phone it was disabled for mobile devices. Which made me kind of sad. I am going to find it and burn it to a CD for future road trips. :)

The first day we went to the National Zoo which is always worth the money (free). It always annoys me when I hear people complaining about it. It cost you nothing but your time and it's better than any zoo I've been to that cost money. Having been before I planned ahead with backpacks with drinks and snacks since we were a 30 minute metro ride from the hotel and I was trying to do things on the cheap. Somehow it turned out that Athena wore my small Gen Con backpack and I wore her Barbie backpack. At one point a random little girl said to me. "Hey, I have that backpack too!" A...
Posted: 4 Aug 12 00:25 • More • Comments
Just doing a test post from my phone.

Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 31 Oct 11 16:17 • Comments
I've been at best a LJ lurker for a while. I blame the ease and shallowness of facebook. It's just so much work to write more than 1 or 2 sentences these days. :)

So what's everyone been up to? What's the cool new thing? I still love me some Buffy and am getting caught up on Season 6 of Supernatural via Netflix. I also started watching a few new things...which I will force you to read about below. I have some old favorites I still watch like Sons of Anarchy, Fringe, Breaking Bad & The League.

Ringer: I was happy to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back and the show seems interesting but since it's not available On Demand with Cox Cable I probably won't follow it. I just don't have a very good laptop and I don't like to sit at the computer and watch TV.

Terra Nova: Has a good concept but I think that the writers didn't really think about how people would live in a world where dinosaurs roamed the land. They treat it like humans living a jungle where they just have to worry about a lion or something. Big Game animals are dangerous and all but dinosaurs are a whole other level of danger. I don't care how big your rifle is...don't pretend you're gonna stop T-Rex with a gun you can carry. That and they have way too many windows and glass doors in a place with a wall that doesn't seem like it would stop a dinosaur that REALLY wanted in. And what about dinosaurs that fly? Despite that little mini rant the show has some promise. Mainly the whole Terra Nova/Sixer conflict. It's kind of like the whole Others thing in Lost without all the intricate plots.

Walking Dead: I haven't posted about it since it started but I love the show. I love the comic book and they did a great job of capturing the feel of the comic in the show. I just wish they would pick up the pace a bit. It's not like Robert Kirkman doesn't already have 7 years of material to draw from.

Falling Skies: I started to watch but kind of gave up after half of the firs...
Posted: 31 Oct 11 02:38 • More • Comments real point to this other than to spark some type of exchange. When did we give up on ruling the world? We had such plans! Or was I the victim of the evil-world conquering equivalent of being left at the K-Mart by your parents?

Discuss new plans of world domination here. No ideas too small.

You know this is serious see how big and bold this font is?!?!
Posted: 15 May 11 03:16 • Comments
I don't know if I've shared this on LJ yet but this is not something you should miss. The comic is literally one of the best written comics out there right now. I think one of the best things about it is that Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) read the comic and decided he wanted to do a TV series for it.

Posted: 12 Oct 10 20:14 • Comments
So after watching about 20 minutes of an episode of Rizzoli & Isles I've decided it's the crime drama version of Rachel & Ivy from Kim Harrison's Hollows series. The almost gay is just so blatant it was the first thing that came to mind.
Posted: 19 Aug 10 07:13 • Comments
So I've been absent for a while on LJ other than the random comment here and there. I was reading another friend's blog about not spending time in fandom anymore and feeling like they were drifting apart from fandom friends. I'm curious about where people draw the line between fandom friends and actual friends. I know I've met folks online that I actually consider friends even though I don't talk to them every day or even live in the same state. So please satisfy my curiosity and feel free to comment if you are comfortable with doing so.

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Posted: 18 Jul 10 04:08 • Comments
You know what you need? A 14K White Gold 1/3 Carat Marquis Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring. :)

Anybody planning to get married? I have a great deal on a nice engagement ring. It's not my wife's. :) It's not stolen either. But we are trying to refinance our house so we can get caught up on bills and are trying to build up a little money for that purpose. We're just squeaking by on what money we have now. So if you know anybody that can use this let me know. I'll even do a manip or write a story for you if that's what it takes. :) Send people my way, spread the word...assuming I haven't been forgotten by everybody. lol. I've been working so much that I spend very little time online anymore unless it's for work.


Below the cut is the description and certification of the ring. I don't want to say I'm desperate...but I'm desperate.

I have a Diamond Engagement ring from a failed engagement attempt. The ring itself has never been worn and is in beautiful shape. There are no scratches and the diamond is exceptional quuality. I also have the paperwork which includes a picture as well as other identifying details of the ring from a certified local jewelry appraiser that values it at 1900.00. It was purchased locally at Gordon's Jeweler. I am looking to get 1000.00 for the ring. I will also accept offers but I will give preference to higher offers. Attached is the actual image of the ring. Below is the description of the ring taken directly from the appraisal which was done by a certified appraiser.

The ring is stamped RMFG 14K 950 Pt GORDONS .31. The solitaire style ring consists of a 14K white gold shank tapering in width from 2.62mm at the shoulders down to 1.80mm bottom center. Top center is a 95% platinum six-prong setting...
Posted: 27 May 10 16:24 • More • Comments
So far we've dodged the snow. :)

And I have Seasons 1-3 of Smallville for $30 if anybody wants them. Free US Shipping if you want it. :)

Posted: 30 Jan 10 02:57 • Comments
My roommate moved out and left me an autographed picture from Smallville. He also left an autographed picture of Michelle Trachtenberg but that one's not going anywhere. :)

So the Smallville print has autographs from:
Tom Welling AKA Clark Kent
Michael Rosenbaum AKA Lex Luthor
Kristin Kreuk AKA Lana Lang

It doesn't have a certificate and is framed in a nice wooden frame. The picture itself measures approximately 8x10.

Also up for grabs is the softcover book: 'Smallville The Visual Guide' It retails for 15.99

If anybody is interested in picking up one or both of these let me know. The first person to offer me 30.00 can have both items and I'll pay for US Shipping.

Posted: 19 Jan 10 23:30 • Comments
Title: Jericho/BtVS
Author: Saturn
Rating: FR-7
Disclaimer: I don't own the images used. No money is being made.

Posted: 14 Jan 10 02:10 • Comments
Title: 2 Fast 2 Furious/Dawn
Author: Saturn
Rating: FR-7
Disclaimer: I don't own the images used. No money is being made.

Fast & Furious -Dawn
Posted: 4 Jan 10 00:20 • Comments
Got an autograph card of him in a pack of cards from 2005. Wondering if it's worth selling. I figure if he's popular in the X-Files fandom it might be worth doing it. Anybody know? Or anybody want it?

It's from Inkworks X-Files Connections Autograph A-6 (nicholas lea as alex krycek)
Posted: 2 Jan 10 14:32 • Comments
Need some opinions on just doesn't seem to work. I have full color versions of both of these but I can't get the colors to match so I did grayscale.

I'm trying to get back into doing some manips but I feel like I'm out of practice. Buffy seems more in focus than Faith and I'm not sure how to correct that in photoshop.

Buffy/Faith WIP Buffy/Faith WIP (color)
Posted: 28 Dec 09 23:10 • Comments
A bunch of TV shows as well as movies from various fandoms and genres. :)
Posted: 7 Dec 09 00:11 • Comments
*Disclaimer: I think this is interesting & funny so while this isn't a total ad to buy stuff from me I do want you to know that if you actually want to buy one let me know. :) I do own a store for a reason after sell things. lol.

So I thought I'd share some shocking fandom news!

Villain of Season 8 Buffy comics revealed! *GASP*

The Supernatural RPG came out finally. As well as a new series of collector magazines that come with a hand painted metal figure. So far they have Buffy & Angel with Spike being the next in the line.


See more random Supernatural/Buffy item pics here:
Posted: 3 Dec 09 23:37 • Comments
Posted: 1 Dec 09 23:10 • Comments
Just finished watching Ginger Snaps and couldn't placed where I had seen Ginger before. Turns out she was Ava from Supernatural.

The whole time I was watching I was just thinking what a cool crossover this would be with Buffy or Supernatural. Although I also thought it would be just as cool if Brigitte decided to become a werewolf to be with her sister. And the whole Ginger/Brigitte interplay was very Buffy/Faith to me even down to Ginger calling Brigitte 'B' all the time. And then there's the whole Brigitte becoming a hunter after the end thought process I had. Has anybody else seen this? I plan to watch the sequels soon to see how they compare.
Posted: 21 Nov 09 03:45 • Comments
So it irony that I ordered the Supernatural RPG Book for the store while watching the Supernatural episode about roleplaying as Sam & Dean? And didn't even think about that fact until 20 minutes later?
Posted: 20 Nov 09 01:16 • Comments
We have this whole noreaster thing going which means we have three days of floodworthy rain. It's the kind of weather you don't want to go out in. Well...most people anyway. I'm being lazy at home since I don't have a choice as my daughter's school was canceled due to the weather. It doesn't help that my roof is leaking either. We had an addition to the living room about a year ago and the roof isn't right. They've fixed it about 3 times now. I thought the third time would be the fix but this weather proved me wrong. So now I have to get them out to fix it again.

How is your day going?
Posted: 12 Nov 09 12:36 • Comments