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Recent entries from indraleigh - the blog of IndraLeigh

NOTE: This blog has been rated FR13 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Title: Old photographs
Summary: Hank Summers comes to New York and is actually a good guy.
Author: Indra Leigh
Rating: FR13
Crossover: BtVS and The Avengers
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Avengers
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Timeline/Setting: Post Chosen for Buffy and post Avengers movie.
Author's notes(if any): No Spoilers for movie, cause I hate to get unexpectedly spoiled and really don’t want to be the cause of someone else getting spoiled.
word count: 374

After letting the receptionist know he was there, but he was early but in no hurry, a man sat down next to Clint. Clint and Tony were in the lab working on new arrows when Tony had been called to his office and Clint had decided to tag along.

Clint watched out of the corner of his eye when the man pulled out a quality but used laptop and started to flip though a collection of photographs that had been scanned from film photographs.

“Are you able to get the internet in here?” Clint said pointing to the guy's computer. The people in the guys photos were familiar and Clint wanted more information.

“I haven't tried. It's my daughter's birthday tomorrow and I'm looking at photos of her. The most recent photo of her is years old and my heart skips a beat when I see it every time. I'm Hank Summers.” Hank said reaching to shake Clint's hand.

“Clint. Why don't you have any more recent photos of her?”

“Two daughters. Out oldest got sick and we both wanted to help her get healthy but we could not agree on treatment and my job was basically transfer or find an different job. When I came home to tell my wife I found an empty house and divorce papers waiting for me. I fought for the girls but I lost custody and all contact with them. I was ordered to pay support for the girls but their mother never took the money so I put it into an account for each of them. I miss them every da...
Posted: 30 Aug 12 00:22 • More • Comments
Title: Getting an Autograph
Author: Indra Leigh
Rating: FR13
Crossover: BtVS and Castle
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Castle
Summary: For Willow’s birthday Xander decides to get her favorite author’s autograph. The author? Richard Castle, Caleb look alike.
Warnings: none
Timeline/Setting: post season seven of Buffy and pre last couple episodes of season three in Castle.
Author's notes(if any): none

Large thermos of coffee under one arm and the worn copy of Willow’s favorite Richard Castle book in hand Xander had gotten to the bookstore shortly after sunrise and got pretty close to the front of the line.

From inside the bookstore Kate Beckett looked over the already considerable line spotting police officers and detectives in the line. Castle had gotten many gruesome letters from a creepy fan that had him scared. He had gotten so rattled about them he had gone to Captain Montgomery for advice. After working with the author and getting to know him, the Captain didn’t brush him off as over reacting. Castle’s first concern was about Alexis’s safety and not a desire to show off the letters to fellow writers was a big sign of how worried he was.

It was a detail composed of volunteers from the 12th Precinct who either were between cases or off duty. Beckett was next to Castle inside with Ryan, Esposito, and others were scattered in the line. Ryan was in front of a guy with a bright red and yellow Hawaiian shirt and eye patch.

After reading Castle’s books, working with and befriending the man Ryan and Esposito were the first to volunteer to help keep and eye out for the creepy fan mail sender.

Holding his own copy of one of Castle’s Derek Storm books Ryan had visited with Xander and others near him in line. With twenty minutes until the door opened allowing people to enter the store and Castle’s signing table Ryan heard Xander behind him mumbling....
Posted: 15 Aug 11 00:21 • More • Comments
Title: Picked a good bar to eat at
Author: Indra Leigh
Rating: FR13
Crossover: BtVS and Leverage
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Leverage
Summary: Touring colleges Buffy and Dawn stop in for bite to eat at McRory’s where someone over hears them talking.
Warnings: none
Timeline/Setting: post season seven of Buffy and season one for leverage.
Author's notes(if any): I have not seen any of the Buffy season 8 comics.

“What did you think of today’s college?” Nate heard the blond gal two stools over ask the brunette next to him.

“I really liked it. Really really liked it. How much can we not afford it?”

“If Hank had actually paid all of his child support and mom invested it all with a really good interest rate and you got some scholarships, you could go with maybe one part time job.”

McRory’s was quiet in the middle of the afternoon and Nate was able to hear the girls’ conversation. A father not supporting his children, not being there for their lives was disgusting to Nate after his loss of Sam. Pulling out his cell phone he sent a message to Hardison instructing him to run the girls faces through what ever computer magic he did to identify them and get all the information he could on Hank.

“Community College it is then. Where did the money come from for your college Buffy?” Dawn asked.

“Mom had a little money saved for our college but the medical bills took it and then there was funeral and the bills keeping the house. Thankfully she owned completely the house or we might have lost it too.”

Hey Nate. You’re sitting next to Buffy and Dawn Summers. Mom is Joyce who died a few years ago and the father is more of a genetic source than dad. He’s been in Spain and Europe for the last almost eight years. It looks like he made child support payments for about a year and even then it wasn’t the full amount....
Posted: 9 Aug 11 02:04 • Comments
Title: Ordinary Day
Author: Indra Leigh
Summary: - word of the day ordinary – Tristian hasn't had an ordinary day since he was a child.
Warning (if any): I'm working on an original story with Pandorah and Tristian as central characters. I'm using these prompts to get to know them a bit better.

Ordinary days are supposed to be a day of hard work, maybe a stop in at a friends house or a tavern, then to home and the family. Ordinary days have good and bad, laughter and tears. When I was a child, before my father was killed, I laughed, ran, and played. I don't know how long ago I laughed or enjoyed a day. I laughed today when a toad hopped out from under a stone Pandorah stepped near and she jumped in surprise. The unordinary woman, for years my only regard to her was simply to keep the Master-Lord away from her, had made me laugh. She had allowed me to have an ordinary day.
Posted: 15 Aug 10 00:46 • Comments
Title: Burned and Crushed
Author: Indra Leigh
Summary: End of Pandorah's Tavern
Warning (if any): I'm working on an original story with Pandorah and Tristian as central characters. I'm using these prompts to get to know them a bit better.

The tavern burned. Summer and hot nights so the stoves and fireplaces would not have been lit for warmth and the fire started on the corner of the tavern away from the kitchen. No one was harmed. Pandorah's home and life was destroyed. Her mother worked hard to own the tavern years ago. She worked hard one person at a time, welcoming them to the tavern. Pandorah grew up there. We would play and chase each other around the tables when we were small enough to fit under the tables. She could have left the tavern, it would have taken a lot of work and maybe a move to a different valley. Instead the tavern became Pandorah's life, her identity in the valley. I question what started the fire, but I don't question that loosing the tavern crushed Pandorah.
Posted: 14 Aug 10 00:25 • Comments
Title: I wont wait
Author: Indra Leigh
the word of the day is : procrastination
Warning (if any): I'm working on an original story with Pandorah and Tristian as central characters. I'm using these prompts to get to know them a bit better.

Every generation of my family has lived their life with one star on their horizon. To defeat the Master-Lord, to save the Daughter of the Scarlet Moon. Neither my father or grandfather knew how our family found out about what had been told to the Master-Lord's ancestor so long ago. I have the journals, that I was told were taken so long ago, and I have what my grandfather has told me. The Master-Lord took my father I don't care about who this generation's daughter is. I only care defeating him. The journal's say the time for the claiming is years away and I could wait. To wait would allow the Master-Lord an advantage, I will not let him grab the power. I wont wait, I will stop him.
Posted: 12 Aug 10 23:05 • Comments
Title: A voice in the tavern
Author: Indra Leigh
the word of the day is : voice
Warning (if any): I'm working on an original story with Pandorah and Tristian as central characters. I'm using these prompts to get to know them a bit better.

I spent many hours in the tavern with my grandfater. He sat, drank, and talked with everyone in the valley. Everyone believed him to be a good for nothing talking lush. He talked to everyone always listening for information about what was going on in the valley and always looking. He didn't know the daughter that had been born under the the Scarlet Moon that generation. I was told he limped because before I was born he was in a knife fight with the Master-Lord and got bad slices on his leg. The tavern was where I played, inside, out the back door into the field that bordered some woods. I would follow his voice to find him, make sure he was still there, as I played then found my own footing in the world.
Posted: 11 Aug 10 22:52 • Comments
Title: All purpose, long lasting satchel
Author: Indra Leigh
the word of the day is : satchel
Warning (if any): I'm working on an original story with Pandorah and Tristian as central characters. I'm using these prompts to get to know them a bit better.

Some people used different satchels for separate tasks. One for the chicken eggs, one for the vegetables from the fields and gardens, and another when taking food or wares to a friend or trade. The old woman used one thing to carry everything. The shape of a drawn string bag large enough for two cats to fit inside, yet woven of sturdy reeds from where the swamp and river met. Her satchel had been used since that first Scarlet Moon when she told the Master-Lord of the power that would arise from the the line of the son carried in his wife and the daughter born under the scarlet moon that was in the sky above them. It was the same satchel she carried, generations later, when the Son and Daughter she had seen so long ago came to her, seeking answers.
Posted: 11 Aug 10 00:30 • Comments
Title: I didn't care who she was
Author: Indra Leigh
the word of the day is : she
Warning (if any): I'm working on an original story with Pandorah and Tristian as central characters. I'm using these prompts to get to know them a bit better.

(tristian is talking)

I never cared about who she was. She was just a tool to keep away from the Master-Lord. The journals that were taken say that when he joins with the Daughter of the Scarlet Moon a power, a force, of no compare shall be known. My father was killed by the Master-Lords line, for generations they've wanted to posses her for their own gain. I don't know how many fathers ago the quest started. My fathers have been intent on keeping the Master-Lords line and heirs from taking her and gaining the foretold power.

I didn't care until we had claimed each other.
Posted: 9 Aug 10 23:35 • Comments
Title: Unspoken Name
Author: Indra Leigh
Summary: The Ladies in the valley region view Pandorah as improper and not a lady.
Warning (if any): I'm working on an original story with Pandorah and Tristian as central characters. I'm using these prompts to get to know them a bit better.

If they had one word for her it would be tawdry. Her mother owned that tavern and Pandorah bought it from her with her own justly earned coin. She had grown up in that tavern, even if she left that building she would still carry the invisible brand of tawdry. . The women who didn't live in the valley didn't know what it was to work and fight off the unwelcome advances of those who enjoyed the ale and food in her tavern she prepared. Tawdry may be the Pandorah's unspoken name but she was born under the Blood Moon. The refined ladies would never be sought after as Pandorah would be by the Master-Lord of the Valley region.
Posted: 9 Aug 10 00:26 • Comments
The A Team Movie is great. I really liked it.
Posted: 22 Jun 10 22:57 • Comments
List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it. Let's see who has what.

Show I own the whole series:
A Team
Earth 2
magnificent seven
due south
stargate sg-1
flash Gordon

have some of:
battlestar galactica, the 2003 series
rocky and bulwinkle
pinky and the brain
big bang theory
northern exposure
how I met your mother
night court

Have immediate acess to
hogans heroes
gomer Pyle
star trek
hitchock presents
Posted: 27 Feb 10 22:47 • Comments
Title: Favorite Customer, Gibbs
Author: Indra Leigh
Rating: FR 13
Crossover: NCIS
Disclaimer: So don't own NCIS
Summary: The rambling thoughts of the gal who is the source of Gibb’s coffee
Warning (if any): none, set any time in NCIS time line.
Author's notes(if any): I got the idea for this from a question asked by Lyl (lyl_devil), “has any one written a Gibbs in Starbucks fic from the pov of the barista?” and I think Gibbs would go for the best coffee on his way to work, and since he’s a loyal guy I thought of this.

My first day working with real customers. Yesterday I made every drink on the menu at least once. I have my notebook of instructions and it’s a supposed to be a slow shift. I sure hope so. The manager is in the back in case the world ends or something as bad as that like if two customers come in at the same time. Okay, it’s now six am we are now open for business. Ohh I nearly forgot to flip the switch on the hot coffee now sign.

My first customer, they must know what they want since they never looked at the sign. I really hope its something easy, like a mocha. I can do a mocha or a latte but if they ask for substitutions I’m sunk.

“Hello, what can I get for you sir?”

He doesn’t hesitate when he states what he wants. I’m not sure how old he is, older than me for sure but then I’m fresh out of college. Took me only three years to do it and here I am now, pondering can wait Amy. Need to focus now.


The way he says that one word makes me think that’s all he wants. I’d better ask to be sure. “Black hot coffee?”


I quickly move to fill the cup with the black gold from the grounds that I had carefully measured out not that many minutes ago. Paper cup, cardboard sleeve, and there is some thing else…..the lid. Properly assembled and filled to order I had the cup to the man who seemed to have e...
Posted: 27 Sep 09 13:26 • More • Comments
my weekend was productive. went home and helped my dad build a deck off the side of the house. Me and heights normally do not happen. but by the end of the weeknd i was sitting on the edge with my legs dangling off the edge. it took all weekend but i got there.

I got no typing of stories origonal or fanfic done.

I did get the sparkplugs changed in my car. That made a huge difference driving home. my car was acting weird or like a petulant terible two year old child and i figured the problem to not be related to the sparkplugs, but that car is behaving....... so far.

My mom has a Wii. Wow. that thing is fun both to play and to watch people playing it. i have pretty much no skill playing it, but it was fun.
Posted: 23 Mar 09 23:59 • Comments
So I'm watching Nathan Fillion's new show Castle for the forth time this week. I like it and hope that it has a nice long run. I am a fan of Fillion and am enjoying seeing him on tv again, but I will admit at one point I was expecting him to curse in chinese.

I have yet to see Dollhouse, should have it recorded but have yet to watch.

I was expecting company today and when the doorbell dinged and there was a knock at the door I thought it was company and since the peephole is a little to tall for me to easily use and I opened the door and it was a magazine seller. no and a slam of the door.

I have seeds started for some vegetables and some flower bulbs I plan on planting tomorrow. I kept putting off stuff during the week so yesterday I made my self a todo list and even had it marked like saturday morning, sat eve and so on. I'm a bit late getting to work on it, but I've gotten a couple things marked off on it.

The dude living in the apartment above me has company this weekend and I miss not having someone living above me.

Today the only part of me that is demonstrating any sort of athletic ability is my nose. running a marathon it is.

next on my todo list is typing up the rest of my current work on progress of "on a strangers porch".
Posted: 14 Mar 09 23:04 • Comments
I saw this going around and thought I would give it a whirl.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

1. "They called me the one who sees. Not even Xander, the one who sees."

2. "Are you taking in stray spirt guides now?"

3. "Sounds like you have a sentinel on your hands."

4. "One thing I've learned from you Josiah is that sometimes a person needs to go old testiment."

5. "You forgot your shopping list kid." Chris said as he stuck the green post it note on the computer screen.

6. "Of course we are going to be here, this is the first time we will be able to meet your penpal."

In other news my mom is talking about getting a Wii. A Wii! This from the woman who always said we dont need that when we would ask about any sort of nintendo or game device when we were growing up.
Posted: 10 Mar 09 21:31 • Comments
so i had been thinking about going to columbia and driving around and seeing what all is there and last night i got a call from dan saying guess what im in columbia right now. columbia is like a half hour drive from my place. so we met for lunch today and wondered around the college campus for a while and met dan's folks for dinner and that was nice seeing them. so right now im watching a meterology student and a meterology buff watching weather radar of a tornado producing storm in kansas state, two computers each computer with at least three radar viewing programs or websites. if i were at my place i know what room i could huddle in and at my parents house there is a basement, but here there is the ditch *points* over there. currently it doesnt look like the storm will hit this area. lesson the first, if you stand up and get something to drink i might take over your computer and at least do something like im doing now. and now they are playing a shoot em up computer game. the enemys head explodes, confetti comes out and they yell yippiee. its quite funny.

at work the other day i had 20 projects and i sat down and sorted them into easy to do and i have no idea how to do it. so i spent a couple days working on the easy stuff and got seven projects done and off my desk at once. they were pretty much all business sent us a l my etter saying we closed up shop or bob retired and jim is taking over and i filled in form letters that basically said thanks for telling us. there were a couple letters asking do i really need a permit? i only have a really tiny thing. so i looked up the rules and sent them a letter saying nah.

yesterday i went though the i dont know how to do them projects and picked out what looked like the smallest  and easest to do.  i went to my mentor and after looking at the way not properly filled out forms we talked to someone who knew more about the project and they said basically wait a while and dont go near that project unles...
Posted: 7 Mar 09 19:19 • More • Comments
so yesterday at work I went over to talk to a coworker, basically what in the world am I supposed to do with this project? When I got to their desk they were on the phone so I had a minute to look at their photos, and there was a picture of a bird, some variety of parrot. When she got off the phone I asked "Is that a sun conure?" they looked at me in shock for a bit before saying "you're the first person to know that!"

so we talked birds for a bit before getting to the project and how to do it. but that was so cool that I correctly identified the species of bird.

my first project was a simple form letter, put in the proper address and names and mail it.

the other 5 projects i have were basically here are the folders or huge binders and go away.
no real instructions so yesterday i went to a coworker with the basic plea of help. they were great.

my office is still kinda barren, i have a map of the state on the wall and it has things marked on it and i have two post cards near my computer screen, both of the marx brothers. so when i look away from the computer i see Chico lookin at me like he's planning something, Harpo looking at Chico as if he's wondering how he will get pulled into the scam, and Groucho is looking at Harpo like I agree he's up to something, but it's kinda dull lately so im up for it.

I plan on getting some silverware this weekend, i have one set of five utensils for one person. so my goes get up, get dressed toss lunch into my bag, go to work, work, come home and wash my lunch dishes, goof off a bit before unpacking a box or two, then to bed.

i also need to buy a dresser, someplace i can store my clothes in an organized manner. i havent looked at any furniture places yet, but i have a picture in my mind of what i would like to have. but before that i will need to find my tape measure and get dimensions of this whole place so i know exactly how big i can get with furniture and stuff.

Posted: 12 Feb 09 23:58 • More • Comments