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NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH


Hee. Probably no one's reading this but I'm going to post it anyway because it's awesome. I won a writing award! Yay, me. Okay, it's for fanfic but it's not like I've published anything original and it's a first for me. Even if it wasn't first, though, it would still be awesome.

I mentioned earlier that a story of mine had been nominated in the Crossing Over Awards for Twisting the Hellmouth. It was nominated in two categories which is pretty excellent by itself because that puts it in a Top Ten (or so) situation. It lasted in both categories through to Round 2, which puts it in the Top Five in both categories, which I was also pretty chuffed at. Thank you so much to everyone who voted (and especially to everyone who voted for me).

Well, the voting is over and here are the results:

Crossing Over Awards

And here's where I stand in them:

Winner in Best Portrayal of Xander
Second place in Best Stargate Crossover (178 votes to 195).

Yay for me!

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Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Chapter 9)
Author: thecrystalkey
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the murder of a navy petty officer. Local NCIS calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Disclaimer: See Chapter List.



Jack crouched below and to one side of the ground floor window that Chloe had earmarked for his entry point, glad he’d chosen to wear dark colours the day before. By staying low, silent, and unmoving he could remain undetected here for as long as he needed. Always provided no one got too close to his position. Chloe had picked this spot because it was out of the way and unlit. Jack could think of barely a handful of people he’d ever worked with who would have taken the placement of the outdoor lights into account when directing him to a point of ingress while working off satellite feeds and blueprints.

The former CTU agent was waiting for Chloe to give him the go-ahead for the ‘break’ part of this break and enter. The window was the kind that opened out from the bottom and had, as far as Jack could tell from a quick glance into a darkened room, a simple lock. It would be a tight fit but given the weight he’d lost recently there was no doubt that Jack could make it through. Easy. Except that nothing ever was and those goddamned patrols weren’t giving him even the ten seconds he needed to jimmy the lock. Chloe, watching them from above via the satellite, would let him know when the coast was clear.

He was burning with impatience but managed to stop himself from making any comments that Gibbs might use as an excuse to throw Chloe back into a holding cell. Jack was just thankful at this point that Command-and-Conquer boy wasn’t running this. He’d have taken whatever help he could get, of course, even if meant being...
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Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Chapter 8)
Author: thecrystalkey
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the murder of a navy petty officer. Local NCIS calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Disclaimer: See Chapter List.



“Jack, it’s Chloe.” The analyst’s voice was a welcome interruption to the comm. silence.

“Go ahead.”

“I’ve got satellite coverage of the area. Only one of three NSA satellites covering that sector has infrared. I’m going to have to reposition it to see the whole compound. How’s your position?”

“It’s fine. For now. How long is the repositioning gonna take?” Jack fully expected it be to be the usual ten minutes; while he didn’t want to wait that long, he’d learned over the years that you couldn’t get faster satellite coverage if the system was busy.

“No one’s fighting me for it for once,” she said, echoing his thoughts. “So it should only be a couple of minutes.”

“Copy that. Is there any way for you to identify Mike from the satellite feed?” In the conference room they were using, Jack’s quiet voice rasped out over the intercom. Chloe had it coming through her earpiece as well, feeding only Jack’s half of any conversation through the conference room speakers, Jack wouldn’t be able to hear any of the others unless she un-muted the phone’s microphone.

Chloe made a face and replied without missing a beat of her rapid typing. “Sorry, Jack. If he had his cellphone we could track the chip but otherwise…Infrared doesn’t distinguish between good guys and bad guys.” She paused in her typing for a moment, watching the satellite image as it repositioned. McGee was watching her every command over her shoulder, following her movements with rap...
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Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Chapter 7)
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the murder of a navy petty officer. Local NCIS calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Disclaimer: See Chapter List.


“So?” Gibbs turned to his two senior field agents. He kept one eye on the conference room through its glass walls while he stood in the hall to talk to DiNozzo and Kate in relative privacy.

Kate shook her head when Gibbs looked at her. “I’d just be repeating myself.”

“You’ve got nothing new?”

“You were right about that loyalty going two ways,” she said with a shrug.

“What?” Tony asked. “How do you come up with that?”

“He really wants to get on with rescuing his friend and he knows he can’t do it without help,” Kate explained. “But instead of going around us, he’s willing to work out a deal to keep her, at least temporarily, out of a holding cell.”

“Who else would he call?” Tony asked. “According to his daughter, Chloe O’Brian’s the only friend he’s got who’s still breathing.”

“Buchanan,” Gibbs said.

Tony stared at him for a second. “You’re…not kidding.”

“He’s right, Tony,” Kate agreed. “Buchanan would work with him. And would probably cut us out of the loop if Bauer asked. What I’m wondering is why you said you were still planning to hold her, Gibbs? I thought you’d already decided Bauer was innocent.”

“I still think he is,” Gibbs admitted. “But my gut feeling doesn’t count as solid evidence,” DiNozzo’s muttered ‘since when’ earned him a slap to the back of the head as Gibbs finished the sentence, “and I’m not going to risk losing track of him until ...
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Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Chapter 6)
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the murder of a navy petty officer. Local NCIS calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Disclaimer: See Chapter List.


While Chloe and Jack were discussing the details of the satellite coverage he would need, Bill Buchanan and Jethro Gibbs were talking quietly but heatedly in a corner.

“She’s just admitted to being an accomplice to everything Bauer’s done today,” Gibbs argued. “I am not going to just let her go because he says so.”

“You don’t have to let her go. Sign her over to CTU custody, we’ll have her under guard while she works and you can have her back at the end of the day.”

“No. As far as I’m concerned, she’s an accomplice to murder until I see proof that Bauer didn’t do it. She’s not going anywhere.” For Gibbs, that was the end of the argument. He’d pitched his voice loud enough on that last statement that Bauer should have heard him.

“I need her for this to work,” Bauer’s voice came over the phone, confirming that he’d heard Gibbs.

“It’s a computer thing. McGee can do it,” Gibbs offered.

“Has Agent McGee ever even seen a satellite feed, much less know how to read one?” Bauer growled, his mounting frustration clear in the overly controlled tone of his voice.

“Yeah, Probie, have you?” DiNozzo asked McGee.

Gibbs smacked his senior field agent on the back of the head without even having to look. “Not helping, DiNozzo. McGee, answer the question.”

“Uh,” Tim McGee swallowed. “I-I can read a satellite image but I’ve never tried to follow a live feed before. I could probably do it but, uh, if I unde...
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Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Chapter 5)
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the murder of a navy petty officer. Local NCIS calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Disclaimer:  See Chapter List.


Jack checked his watch for the second time in ten minutes, wondering what was taking so long. It had been over twenty minutes since he’d hung up with Chloe at NCIS and while there was a lot to explain, Chloe was used to being succinct without leaving anything important out. Twenty minutes was more than enough time.

It had been such a relief to hear her voice that the emotion had managed to briefly overwhelm his knee-jerk concern that she was calling him on behalf of the people trying to arrest him. Her quick explanation had pre-empted that concern while he was still trying to reassure himself that she was really all right. He had never truly believed that she’d have called him without having done her best to secure the line first. He would sooner doubt himself than doubt Chloe.

What Chloe had told him of Gibbs’ record, that he always got his suspect regardless of rank or pressure from above, had given Jack the impression that the man would never let an opportunity pass to find a suspect. Much less a phone call that he could control. It should have been a setup, despite Chloe’s apparent co-operation, but the whole deal had made more sense when she’d included Bill Buchanan on the list of people in the room.

Bill seemed to have a soft spot for Chloe, repeatedly turning a blind eye to her less sanctioned activites, including some outright illegal ones. Of course, since those activities were generally on behalf of Jack himself, he supposed it could be said that Bill had that soft spot for him. Somehow, Ja...
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Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Chapter 4)
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the murder of a navy petty officer. Local NCIS calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Disclaimer: See Chapter List.

Author’s Note: Special thanks to Abs and BD for helping me out of the corner I’d written myself into, you both know what I mean.


“Chloe?” Buchanan prompted her.

She’d been staring into space since she’d hung up the phone, trying to collect her thoughts. She’d been running, figuratively anyway, since early yesterday morning. But between getting whatever information that Jack had last asked for, tracking the NCIS investigation, and anticipating Jack’s next move; she hadn’t had a lot of time to get everything that had happened into an order that would make sense to someone else. Oh well, when in doubt, start at the beginning.

“Jack called me at 4am yesterday morning—“

“You mean this morning?” Kate interrupted to ask.

“No,” Chloe said impatiently. “If I’d meant this morning, I would have said this morning. Yes-ter-day morning. Jack called and asked me to trace a phone call he’d gotten less than five minutes before. I couldn’t backtrace the signal since it wasn’t an active call but I did trace the number. It was a payphone in the warehouse district down by the port. Jack said that a friend of his from when he worked for Secretary Heller had called him and told him that he had been kidnapped. They claimed to have his wife and daughter and said they would hurt them and then kill them if he didn’t cooperate and work for them. He wanted Jack to check up on them and help them if they were in trouble.”

“Jacquie and Francine Sel...
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Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Chapter 3)
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the murder of a navy petty officer. Local NCIS calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Disclaimer: See Chapter List.

Author’s Note: Special thanks to BD for the title suggestion. It’s the Navy hymn and I hope no one takes offence at my using it for a title.


Chloe stood in the centre of the elevator, arms crossed in front of her, eyes on the floor. She knew she should straighten her shoulders, stand tall; she was doing the right thing here. But she really just wished she were invisible. As invisible as she used to be, before Jack came back. Even six months ago, no one would ever have connected her to Jack; except maybe Erin Driscoll or Michelle Dessler. The cops wouldn’t have bothered talking to Driscoll and Michelle wouldn’t have said anything. Of course, six months ago, she would also have thought that no one would frame a dead man for murder.

She felt eyes on her and slid her gaze to the left to see Agent Gibbs watching her thoughtfully. She looked away quickly, dropping her eyes back down to the floor. The older man reminded her a bit of Jack; only leaner and with grey hair. And less hard, somehow. She didn’t trust Gibbs, of course, but she did wonder if the NCIS agent didn’t represent a glimpse into what Jack might have been like if he’d gone into a law enforcement field that was less harsh than the world CTU operated in. Not that she doubted they saw some horrible things as NCIS agents but, Jack had had to do some pretty terrible things instead of just working through the aftermath.

Gibbs, Todd and Buchanan had all initially disappeared to deal with the paperwork Chloe had insisted on for her d...
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Link to the FFNET version of this story.

Eternal Father, Strong to Save
Author: thecrystalkey (aka. evil_hobittess)
Summary: Jack Bauer has been framed for the torture and murder of a navy petty officer and her daughter. Local NCIS, out of leads, calls in the best of the best, Jethro Gibbs.
Spoilers: Season 5 of 24, Season 2 of NCIS

Author’s note: It's worth noting that since the end of S5 of 24 (Hour 16) this is AU in the 24-verse. In my version, Jack and Chloe went rogue basically immediately after Homeland took over and took down Henderson et al, including Logan, more or less by themselves. Also, if you haven’t seen NCIS, don’t worry, it’s not strictly necessary to understand this fic. That said, it’s a quality show and worth catching some episodes. Lighter than 24 but if you like Jack Bauer, you’ll like Gibbs.

Disclaimer: Nothing in ‘24’ is mine, especially not the characters that appear, or are mentioned, here. It all belongs to Twentieth Century Fox, Real Time Productions and its creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran. Nothing in ‘NCIS’ is mine either, especially not the characters that appear, or are mentioned, here. It all belongs to Belisarius Productions, in association with Paramount Network Television. Mike, Jacquie, and Francine Seldler are mine.

Chapter List:

1. Interrogation
2. Negotiation, Part 1
3. Contact
4. Briefing
5. Negotiation, Part 2
6. Compromise
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.


“I’m going over this once, so listen carefully. These are the best ways to kill a vampire: fire, beheading, stake to the heart,” Xander ticked the points off on his fingers. They were in a van borrowed from the base with O’Neill driving. The teen sat in the first bench row in the back running an impromptu seminar on how not to get killed while hunting vampires. “Sunlight works, too, but that’s gonna do us much good. Holy water burns like acid but unless you feel like stopping at a church, that’s not gonna matter, either. Crosses’ll keep ‘em at bay for awhile; if the cross is big enough and the vamp isn’t too old. Otherwise, stake to the heart’s the best way to go. But if you’re doing that? Don’t miss. That would be bad.” He paused. “You still sure you wanna do this? ‘Cause we could just…go for ice cream or something.”

The young man looked around hopefully but ended up on the receiving end of unfriendly glares from the major and the general, and an upraised eyebrow from Teal’c.

“Yeesh,” Xander muttered. “Tough crowd. Fine, any questions?”

“How does one identify a vampire?” Teal’c asked.

“If they’re not in game face? Dated wardrobe, super-pale, no heartbeat, no breathing. But the big clue is usually when they go to bite you. That’s when they go into game face.”

“Game face?” Hammond asked.

“That’s when the fangs come out,” Xander explained. “The rest of their faces go all knobby and fugly and their eyes turn yellow. That’s the demon coming out to play.”

“Demon?” Carter exclaimed. “You expect us to believe in demons, now?”

“Did I not just say? Vampires are demons,” Xander replied. “Well, half-breeds. Well, okay, not even, according to Anya. Vampires are demon-possessed corpses. Like the Goa’uld, but the host is...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.


Jack O’Neill accepted the glass of scotch his CO handed to him without a word. They’d retreated to the general’s office as soon as the team and Xander had left. The two sat in silence for a little bit, Jack having decided that letting Hammond have the first word would be the better part of valor in this case. That the general had resorted to the bottle he kept hidden in his office was a bad sign. That he’d given Jack a glass was a good one.

The two men sat in silence for a long moment.

“When I asked you a year ago whether or not I wanted to know what was really going on in Sunnydale, you said no. I believed you, Colonel,” Hammond looked at him, as if for confirmation. Jack nodded, remembering.

“I still believe you,” The general confided. “But I think this is past the point where what I want has to do with anything.”

Jack reluctantly nodded his agreement with that assessment but waited for the base commander to ask the question they both knew was coming. The general surprised him.

“He killed a Goa’uld with his bare hands, Jack.”

“I know, sir.” And he couldn’t help feeling just a little pride over the regret. Not sure now where his CO was going with this, Jack pointed out, “If he hadn’t we might have still been there when Apophis got there.”

“I’m not questioning his actions, Colonel,” Hammond said with a heavy sigh. “He did the right thing in the circumstances. Most of the soldiers in this command would have done the same in his position. He did what he had to do, without hesitation. What bothers me is…Name me even three of our academy recruits who could have done the same thing at age 18 without any formal training or experience.”

Jack let the pause stretch to see if that had been rhetorical before answering. “I can’t, sir.”

“He reacted like...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.

They moved through the woods as quickly as they could, sacrificing stealth for speed in a gamble to get to the ‘gate before the Jaffa boiling out of the temple could close their search net and block them from getting home at all. Hoping like Hell that Daniel and Teal’c were already there waiting for them, possibly even already in control of the Stargate itself. It had been lightly guarded and the two men, with stealth on their side, were more than a match for a few Jaffa.

As they ran, Xander noticed Carter glancing at him sidelong. Her eyes had the same troubled look that they had when she’d refused to meet his eyes back in the ship’s hallway. Neither Air Force officer had yet asked how he’d gotten away from Nilea or what he’d meant on seeing the massing Jaffa that they’d ‘found’ her. Her current expression, coupled with her previous irritation at his inclusion in the mission, told the teen that she’d seen or heard something that had made her re-evaluate her opinion of him.

O’Neill and Carter must have split from their teammates in order to rescue him. Their lack of curiosity about Xander’s escape meant that they must have stumbled across Nilea’s and her host’s bodies. He had a feeling the major would be moving from troubled to angry fairly soon if she was anything like the other adults the Scoobies had ended up including in their nighttime activities. O’Neill had been pissed as hell at Giles and Ms. Calendar both for ‘allowing’ the teens to fight. It wasn’t until the colonel had realized that Giles had had no choice that he’d forgiven him. The group of teens had made it clear, as soon Jack started, that they’d all made their own decisions. The young man wondered, without a Giles to lay the blame on, whether she’d be angry at Xander himself or find someone else. There was no question of not telling her now, he realized...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.

Xander looked again at the door before letting his gaze sweep the main room. He tried not to let his eyes rest on the body- bodies- on the bed even though that was where they wanted to linger.

I’ve seen dead bodies before, he reminded himself.
Not ones you made that way, whispered his conscience. He wrenched his mind away from the thought and forced himself to take his eyes off the bed and think.

The room fit the personality of the parasite, right? And the damn things were paranoid as hell…Is it still paranoia if they really are out to get you? Fine. Distrustful, then. Either way, if this was where she slept, no way was there only the one door.

The walls, fabric-draped as they were, could hold any number of concealed exits. He moved to the far wall, brushed the fabric aside and began searching.


Jack led the way from memory until they reached the room in which they had each been so recently interrogated. It was empty when they entered, the tools of the trade laid out neatly to one side of the room, including the hand device. That was unusual. The Goa’uld usually kept that particular toy on at all times, seeing it as a personal weapon as much as anything. That meant wherever Nilea, and therefore Xander, were she didn’t think she’d need protection from him. Jack didn’t even want to think about what that could mean, except that when they found her at least she might be vulnerable.

“They’re not here,” Carter said, turning to face Jack.

“What was your first clue?” the colonel growled.

She made a face at him; the one that made it clear he wasn’t helping and could they please just get this done without the sarcasm. And his 2IC was right. As usual. Dammit.

“Well then, where are they?” Jack asked, more to himself than because he expected Carter to know. “We do
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A/N: I've rated this 18. It kinda disturbs me, and I wrote it.
See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.


They took him to a different room this time and Xander wasn’t sure if that was a good sign or a bad one until they arrived and he got a look at the place. That was when he decided it was the worst possible thing after torture.

This room was still more or less gold all over but the walls were draped with fabric in shades of white and gold and in the center of the room was a huge bed with sheets of white trimmed with gold stitching. And in the center of the bed, wearing a draped length of sheer fabric that only nominally qualified as a dress, Nilea was lounging.

Xander gulped and looked anywhere but at her. I can’t get a date with a normal girl for love or money, he thought to himself. What is it about me that attracts the scary chics?

“Bring him to me,” she commanded. “Then leave us.”

They grabbed Xander roughly by the arms and hauled forward until he was next to the bed. Brute force applied to his shoulders put him on his knees, head still determinedly down, and then he heard the goons clunk off.

How in seven hells did guys that make that much noise sneak up on us? The irrelevant thought crossed Xander’s mind as he tried to keep his mind on anything except what he knew was coming. Of course, it only worked until Nilea’s hand took hold of his chin and forced him to look at her.

“That’s better.” She smiled at him, her eyes deceptively warm. “I am going to assume that you have kept your eyes lowered out of respect, but if I did not want my body appreciated, I would wear more coverings. Keep it in mind.”

Don’t you mean your host’s body? Xander thought rebelliously, even while he nodded in pretend submission. As he swallowed nervously, the young man resolved to keep his eyes glued to her fa...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.

The kid was unconscious when the guards brought him back to the cell. Or, at least, he seemed unconscious until the guards had dumped him on the floor and retreated, hauling Teal'c away with them.

As soon as the guards were gone, Harris rolled onto his side.

“Colonel,” the young man rasped out.

“Harris, you all right?” Jack demanded, moving to the kid’s side. He was appalled at the split lip and bruises on the kid’s face.

“I’ve been better,” Harris’ voice sounded raw and Jack could guess why. Reading the look on the older man’s face Xander gripped the colonel’s arm and locked eyes with him. “Not your fault.”

“I think it is, kid. And I’m the colonel here. That means you’re not allowed to argue with me.”

Harris snorted, then groaned and clutched his head. “Ungh. Laughing hurts. Anyway, it’s really not your fault. ‘S mine. Smart mouth. Always gets me in trouble.”

“What did she do to you?” Daniel asked, on his other side. “Is anything broken or…?”

“Not-not broken. Lots of bruises. Mostly my, brain, hurts. Stupid hand-bracelets. It’s still tacky as hell. And something- she called it a, pain stick, how unoriginal is that? Back of the neck. That really hurt.”

Jack half-smiled grimly and saw that Daniel was as well. They were probably both thinking the same thing; if the kid was up to giving editorials on Goa’uld interrogation techniques, he’d probably be all right even though he seemed at best semi-conscious at the moment.

“If that’s it,” Carter murmured where she stood on Daniel's left, “he’ll feel a lot better with some rest, though what he really needs is some medical attention.”

“Nu-uh,” Harris protested, trying to sit up though his eyes weren’t more than halfway open. “No docs. Ask to...
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Rated FR-18. You have been warned.
See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.


Xander woke up but the world stayed dark. He waved an experimental hand in front of his face. Nothing. Next he carefully felt his own face and assured himself that both his eyes were still there and that his eyelids were actually working. The last thing he remembered was a bright flash of light and noise of a decibel level that beat out even the explosion that had taken out his high school.

“Colonel O’Neill?” he called out over the ringing in his ears. “Dr. J? Major Carter? Teal’c? Anybody?”

“I am here, Xander Harris,” Teal’c answered. “I do not believe the others have yet awoken.”

“‘M awake, ‘m awake,” O’Neill protested in a mumble. There was the sound of someone rolling over, then: “Carter? Daniel?” the colonel called out, sounding much clearer already.

There was the sound of movement and a quick intake of air, followed the noise of a boot kicking a wall and thump. “I’m here, sir,” Major Carter answered a moment later from the direction of the sounds.

“Daniel?” O’Neill asked again.

“Unless I’ve got my hand on you or Teal’c, sir, he’s over here,” Carter said. “I don’t think he’s awake yet.”

“So,” Xander began, keeping his tone determinedly conversational, “are we trapped in a windowless dungeon or have I gone blind?”

“We’ve all gone blind,” O’Neill answered him, sounding resigned. “It’s only temporary.”

“We know this because…?” Xander fished.

“It’s a side-effect of the sonic grenade they hit us with,” Major Carter answered. “We’ve been through this before. It should wear off fairly quickly.”

“Oh, good,” Xander said with sarcastic good cheer. “Because, you know, I was almost worried there for a second.”

O’Neill sn...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.


The mayor looked up at the sky as the eclipse began, early, and tried to continue his speech even through the pangs of the changes beginning to alter his body. It wasn’t long before he gave up, speaking regretfully about the paragraphs on civil responsibility that he’d written.

Just change already, Xander thought. He saw the same impatience flicker over Buffy’s face where she stood a little way over. Then Richard Wilkins’ human body was gone and there was a giant blue-purple snake-shaped Demon Lord taking up the stage and then some. Ignoring the former mayor’s continued comments and the panic of the teachers and parents, Xander looked around at his friends. Exchanging a nod with Buffy told him that the time was right.

“Now!” He and the blond slayer yelled in unison, shedding their graduation robes in favour of the battle-gear concealed beneath. Their command had kicked off their classmates to do the same and Xander’s dream began skipping through the battle itself.

Part of him was aware that he was dreaming, knew what was coming after three weeks of the same, but the rest of him battled on.

His unconscious mind flashed up the demon mayor laying into the front line, then skipped to the jury-rigged flamethrowers failing early, and its wielders paying the price in the pause while the archers switched to hand weapons.

Then it all went pear-shaped, as it hadn’t in real life; the vamps surprised them from behind and Xander fought on unable to help the friends and classmates around him as they fell to the vampires or the demon-snake. Buffy, Willow, Oz and Cordy were the last but him to die.

And then, just as the mayor was coming in to finish him off, he felt hands on his shoulders and came abruptly awake.

Not yet entirely conscious, he kicked his way clear of his sleeping bag and rol
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.


Daniel Jackson, knowing his friend, had expected Jack’s little prank and was standing in about the right place to catch Xander and prevent him from falling completely on his face. The young man was cursing the O’Neill name under his breath; fairly imaginatively actually, Daniel noted. He also noted that about a third of the curses were in some language other than English. The archaeologist wondered how long the “Archaeology Club” excuse would work on Sam and Teal’c before they’d a need a better explanation for why a teenager would have learned long dead languages in high school.


The trip (pun intended) through the wormhole had been vicious, and Xander’s first view of another planet was a close-up of the nearest bushes as he emptied his heaving stomach. When he recovered from the dizziness and nausea that the others apparently expected, Xander was able to smile grimly at O’Neill, making sure the promise of payback was visible in his expression.

“I am going to get you for that,” he promised.

“You can try,” the colonel said with a smile as he waved for them to move out.

“I can succeed, too,” the teen muttered under his breath.

Looking around, Xander noticed that this world looked a lot like Earth. There were trees in front of them, grass in the area around the Gate itself; the sky was blue, the vegetation was (mostly) green and all in all it looked a lot like he’d pictured the Pacific Northwest. The air was noticeably cleaner than any he’d been exposed to in his life but given that this world had, according to the briefing, not discovered the internal combustion engine or even steam power that probably shouldn’t have surprised him.

They were going to discuss some trade treaty with the local village chieftain and Xander was kind of looking forward to having not...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.


He wasn’t sure what he’d said to convince the kid but, not about to question his luck, Jack had whisked Xander down to the armory and begun quizzing him on makes and models of guns while pulling out the ones that every team carried with them off-world. He disassembled them, laying out the parts on a handy table. When he was done he gestured Xander forward.

“Let me guess,” the kid said, “this is the part where I have to pass a test?”

“Oh, you’re good,” Jack informed him. “Wanna guess what the test is?”

“I’m thinking…target shooting?” he asked hopefully.

“We’ll get to that,” Jack assured him. “First, though, I wanted to see how much you know about handling guns already. Starting with putting them together.”

“How do you know I know anything?” Xander asked.

“You said some things,” the colonel responded. “After that fight.”

“Your memory is way too good.”

Jack smirked and put a finger to his lips. “Shh. It’s a secret.”

He was pleased when the kid grinned back at him. After a moment of shared conspiracy, Jack got back down to business.

“Okay. Assemble these, if you can. I start timing you the minute you touch the first piece and stop when the last piece is in place. There’s a nine millimeter handgun, an M-9, and a P-90. Start whenever you’re ready.”

Xander eyed the disassembled guns on the table as O’Neill stepped back. It was a bit of a shock after two years of, mostly, disuse to find the names of the different gun parts still at his fingertips. It was even more of a shock to find his hands reaching for two separate parts of the nine mil and slotting them together. A picture of the gun parts and how they slotted together, one that he’d never seen before, flashed up from somewhere in his subco...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.

“Sir, I’d like to take Harris through the ‘Gate.”

They were standing in the general’s office. The kid wasn’t budging on his refusal and Jack, seeing opportunity slip away, had asked to speak to Hammond in private.

“Are you insane, Colonel?” Hammond asked. “Why is recruiting this…child so important to you?”

Harris lived in a war zone and he hadn’t let it beat him down or break him. More to the point, he’d seen Harris and his friends assess a complicated situation and come up with a workable plan in less than ten minutes. The plan had been to rob a museum, granted, but it had been for the greater good. Within twenty-four hours they’d implemented their plan and succeeded in the heist and Jack and Daniel had been on their way out of Sunnydale with a newly-stolen Goa’uld sarcophagus. That nobody had ever so much as reported missing.

He remembered thinking that the System Lords would hate these kids more than SG-1 in no time if they were let loose on the wider universe. Now he had the opportunity to recruit at least one of them and he wasn’t about to let it pass without giving it his best effort.

“I’d rather not give details, sir, but I’ve seen this kid work. He may not come across as much but when the sh- when the going gets tough, he stands up and hits back. I believe he could be an asset to the SGC.”

“Based on what, Jack? His language skills? Granted they’re unusual in an 18 year old American teenager but he said himself that there are other experts out there.”

“Not his language skills, sir. Based on my personal observations, he’s tough and he keeps his head in a crisis. And somehow or other he’s picked up some military training along the way. How many experienced field personnel, that we’ve spent time and money training, have washed out or been transferred off of field ...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.

Xander Harris had agreed to, and signed, a non-disclosure form and then Jack had escorted him up to the briefing room. When they got there the blast doors had been closed to cover the windows into the embarkation room. Waving Harris to a seat, General Hammond pulled Jack aside for a whispered conference.

“I have doubts about this, Colonel,” Hammond said.

“I don’t, sir,” Jack said.

“He’s an eighteen year old civilian, Jack,” Hammond said.

“I know that, sir,” Jack said. “But I also know he can keep a secret. Hell, sir, you know that too.”

“That’s a large part of my concern, Colonel,” the general said seriously.

“He understands the danger of the general public finding out secrets this big, sir,” Jack assured his CO. “He’s been keeping something similar a secret since age 16 or earlier. I know we can trust him with this.” The general looked like he might object again so Jack kept going. “More to the point, sir, I would never have suggested his involvement if I didn’t think he’d be able to make a valuable contribution to the program.”

“You really think he can help?” Hammond asked.

“I really think he can.”

The general sighed. “I trust your judgment, Jack. Tell him. But he’s your responsibility. Anything goes wrong, now or later, because of him and it will be on your head.”

“I understand, sir,” Jack said. He hoped his faith in this kid wasn’t misplaced. He turned to face the table as Hammond took a seat. Jack clapped his hands together and grinned.

“First, introductions; everyone this is Alexander Harris. Harris, the people you don’t know are Major General George Hammond, Major Samantha Carter, and Teal’c. Daniel you’ve met.”

As the Colonel went around the table Xander nodded sharply to each of them. He...
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See Chapter List for Disclaimer. Read it, love it, live it.

A/N: Sequel to 'A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale'. I love Xander and Jack.


Xander Harris could not believe his luck. He’d left Sunnydale after graduation, Jack Kerouac under his arm…well, okay on the passenger’s seat, but who was counting. His graduation trip, his first and probably only chance to get completely away from the Hellmouth for three whole months, and what happens? He ends up sitting in what he can’t help but think of as the stockade of a military base in Colorado.

He’d been on the tour of NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain. It wasn’t much of a tour but, still it was home to NORAD and USSPACECOM, so he wasn’t complaining. He knew it was probably geeky as hell but he’d been enjoying it.

He’d been minding his own business, trying to catch up with the tour group after a bathroom break, when a freaky-looking bipedal demon had rushed him from an elevator. Having lived in Sunnydale for as long as he had, and having fought beside the Slayer for the last three years, instinct kicked in before thought and he took the thing to the ground, going down with it.

Next thing he knew the thing had thrown him headfirst into the wall. He managed to take most of the impact on his hands, but still got a pretty good bump on the head. By the time the demon had managed to get to its feet they were both surrounded by black-clad soldiers. The part of Xander’s mind that contained the memories of the Soldier he’d been the Halloween before last was already putting his hands up, having identified the men with guns as Special Forces.

The demon, obviously realizing it was surrounded, made an odd grunting sound and twisted something on its outfit. It took him only a fraction of a second to figure out that the flashing lights were bad and then, men-with-guns be damned, he’d been up and heading for the nearest cover, where the corridor turned a cor...
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Illustration    Illustration

Disclaimer: All characters copyright MGM or Joss Whedon/Twentieth Century Fox/Mutant Enemy. Only the plot is mine. This is a non-profit fan story not intended to infringe the rights of MGM, Showtime, Gekko or Double Secret productions. Nor those of Joss Whedon, Twentieth Century Fox, or Mutant Enemy. Besides, I have no money, suing me would be a waste of time. :)

Chapter List:

1. What The Hell Was That?
2. Doubts, Fish & Secrets
3. A Vacation From Your Vacation
4. Into the breach...For The First Time
5. Trips and Treks
6. Of Dreams & OLBs
7. Interrogation (rated FR-18, you have been warned)
8. Escape Plans and Local Myths
9. The Great Escapes (rated FR-18, you have been warned)
10. Running Blind
11. Flights of Escape
12. Conversations with Non-Dead People
13. Vampires and Vacations

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