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Recent entries from Don't wake me up - the blog of Dryad

NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

my life is a soap opera and i am the dramallama in the middle.

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Posted: 10 May 11 07:41 • Comments
hi guys. so, if i remember correctly i was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder a while back? and... sources say that's what sociopaths were called before doctors stopped calling people socio/psychopaths?

so i guess what i'm saying is i am, apparently, an actualfax sociopath?

(i find this hilarious. guys. guys. the sociopath is coming to get you! with hugs! hugs for everyone!)

...but i guess it makes sense. in a way. fuck, what do i know about sociopaths.

(is being a sociopath inherently bad, do you think? i'm sort of getting that idea from sherlock fandom. if you think it is bad, why?)
Posted: 6 Jan 11 04:48 • Comments
....i am back where i am meant to be? but sick as a dog. whatevz, will post about my experiences in the english speaking countries later.

in the meantime, i took the inception team test and apparently i am the point man.

raise your hands if you are surprised!

(i don't know if i am. for me it seemed like fifty fifty between point man and forger. but i have yet to give it much thought. also, realized i can't draw. at all)

happy new year y'all. make it a good one.
Posted: 5 Jan 11 23:04 • Comments
going to london, new york and miami, now. time to see if my english is as good as i think it is.

happy holidays sweetlings.
Posted: 20 Dec 10 22:03 • Comments
...i think i've figured out why so many casemanagers and psychiatrists tend to repeat what they think i should do over and over and over again, no matter how many times i refuse. if my theory is correct, they've been trained in assertiveness, and are using the broken record technique.

i would like to find out who thought this was a good idea, and punch them in the face. it is NOT assertive. it is disrespectful and manipulative, and is in no way constructive or helpful.

i mean, seriously. why would you think the best way to advise someone on what to do with their life is to wear them down through repetition, regardless of their unwillingness and proclamations that it is not right for them?

seriously. that sounds more similar to abuse than counselling.

(and it can backfire in a major way. according to wikipedia, it can backfire by way of your message losing impact with repetition, which is true, i guess. last time someone tried it on me, though, i just snapped. just gave them a sharp look, raised my voice and said, 'NO'. and also, lost some respect for them. i mean, seriously. if i feel the need to give you the same treatment i give my dog when she humps my leg, i don't think your behaviour is working quite the way you'd hoped it would. just something to think about.)
Posted: 15 Dec 10 16:43 • Comments
i seem to be writing. and i think it might not be fanfic.

Posted: 24 Nov 10 09:04 • Comments
i just watched my first episode of Glee ever. 1x20. and dude. DUDE. I love Kurt's dad. he is fucking awesome. he seems like the epitome of what a dad should be, you know?

though i'm not sure i'm entirely sold on the show itself yet. it kind of gives me the motts. but this makes me want to give it a fair chance.

also, the first season of heroes should arrive in my mailbox sometime this week. i ordered it because of sylar, mostly, but i seem to recall a few funny moments between hiro and nathan as well.

had to get a new passport, because i am spending christmas in miami with the gf. after i receive the passport i'm gonna apply for the esta, which you'd think i wouldn't be nervous about, and i probably shouldn't be nervous about it, but i kind of am anyway. and even if i get that, it's still no guarantee i will be let into the us. even visas aren't a guarantee of that. so yeah.

also, i had to get fingerprinted for the passport, which i think is kind of shady, in a big brother kind of way. but it will take away any doubt regarding my identity at least, which is good, i guess.

ps. still cold. may have to add a bolero. i'm really thankful for my slight weightloss now though, if i were heavier these layers of clothing would probably make it hard to move.
Posted: 9 Nov 10 06:40 • Comments
on friday i was biking into town dressed in a suit and trench coat, feeling fine.

right now i'm inside, on my couch wrapped in a blanket, the oven is beside my feet. i'm wearing tights, two pairs of pants, a wifebeater, a sweater, two shirts, and a bunnyhug. i'm still kinda cold.

you know why that is? i live in norway. and in norway you have to be prepared for surprise attacks by mother nature. because she hates us.

things pissing me off today include the massive amounts of snow signaling my need to go out and shovel it away, my lack of winter tires for the new bike, and the disappearance of my good gloves.
Posted: 9 Nov 10 05:17 • Comments
I celebrated halloween on october thirtieth with the girlfriend and a bunch of her friends from work. i dressed up as castiel, ate three cheeseburgers, drank a bottle of vodka, and then i tucked the girlfriend in and went to sleep. of course, the morning had to come. and i had to go home.

don't get me wrong, i like my home. it was just far. so, after i coaxed my dad into coming to get me, i started ruminating about methods of transportation. and of course we saw an impala on the drive home. it was pretty fucking cool.

....i'm not buying a car, by the way. (but when i do, i'm aiming for an impala)

I'm buying a bicycle! ...or, mom and dad and i are buying me a bicycle. it's gonna be awesome, hopefully. (as long as i am careful on the ice.)

oh, and if you want recs i've got a delicious now. check it.
Posted: 1 Nov 10 14:14 • Comments
guys. guys! you have to read this! it is glorious.
Posted: 6 Jul 10 06:03 • Comments
Right, okay. So here's what y'all need to do right about now, y'all need to read this, and then maybe read it again, and tell Stele3 how awesome she is. It's her first MCR fic, and I really deeply need her to keep writing MCR fics, so. Shoo!
Posted: 15 Sep 07 06:00 • Comments
I just massively revamped my flist. Nothing personal. I am simply too tired these days to keep up with such a large flist, and end up neglecting everyone.
Posted: 11 Sep 07 11:26 • Comments
...I am posting from class. I would like to clarify my last post. The second and fourth paragraph was vaguely directed in the general direction of phaballa. but only vaguely. Mostly it was directed to people who have been much louder and more offensive about the subject.

Also, I am posting from the class thing. Shall read your fic and such when I come home. We are voting on music.
Posted: 7 Sep 07 03:54 • Comments
Oh my god, you guys, stop fucking wanking! I am already covered in semen! (...that image was less disgusting in my head.)

But, okay. I did not read all that much of it, because seriously. Wanking is only enjoyable for me when there are orgasms. But my opinion is that if you do not want people to get all freaked out about who you're kissing, perhaps you might consider returning the fucking favor.

Kissing people of the same gender is not trademarked to the queer people of the world. Other people are perfectly allowed to do it too, and if you're spending all that much time being outraged that, gasp! A straight man kissed another straight man! The horror! ....well then, perhaps you need a hobby. I prefer porn, but I suppose that wouldn't work too well for you. Try knitting, maybe.

People should be able to kiss whoever they want as long as both of them want it. Fuck you. Also, if I kissed a man would you say I was 'pretending' to be straight? Even if I had a girlfriend? Even if all the people who saw me kiss the dude knew I had a girlfriend? If your answer to this is 'yes', please shoot yourself.

Also, being queer? Not actually a horrible tragedy. Queer people are not martyrs or saints. We do not have a get out of jail free card, we are not entitled to special pampering and consideration from the entire world. We're just queer.

Also, it turns out I already knew one of the girls at the class. I am quietly thrilled.
Posted: 6 Sep 07 08:15 • Comments
I am dryad_duinath on greatestjournal. So if y'all have greatestjournals please friend me there? It's mostly just in case people get deleted or everybody suddenly heads for the hills. If everybody heads over to another service... pls tell me. Important stuff to know.

Um. yeah. I'm going to head over to J's house now, as we are going to watch dvd's with S&N. Try not to trash the place while I'm gone.

Posted: 9 Aug 07 12:51 • Comments
part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

Disclaimer: I do not know any of the people featured in this story, and I am in no way affiliated with MCR, FOB or The Used. This is a work of fiction.
Summary: Gerard has wanted to go to art school for a very long time.
Many thanks to reservedxusrnm for basically saving my ass.

Gerard did not come in. He just blushed slightly and lit another smoke; somewhat unwilling to steal back the one Frankie was holding. Frankie smoked for a while, before he simply got fed up and refused to go back in. Frankie figured Jepha would get the point eventually. He might not, but Frankie was, at this point, willing to risk it. He stole a glance at Gerard, who was taking deep frantic drags of his smoke, licking his lips repeatedly. Frankie barely suppressed a groan. He had to be doing that on purpose, how could he not be? He looked like some twisted combination of sin and innocence, which Frank hadn't even thought could be done. But there he was. It seemed to fit him, actually. Wasn't that all Gerard was really? Tough and shocking one minute, shy and sweet the next. How was Frank supposed to resist that? It was like everything he could ever want, wrapped up in a really fucking sexy package.

Gerard finally looked up, and their eyes met. Frank tossed away his cigarette, and grabbed Gerard's.

"Hey!" Gerard said, making a grab for it. Frank grabbed his hand.

"Just shut up for a minute, okay," he said quietly, and stepped closer. Gerard gazed at him with wide eyes. (Gerard was very confused at this point. One second he was freaking out about his designs, the next there was a warm body pressed up against his. He was having a little troub...
Posted: 15 Jul 07 18:34 • More • Comments
part 1 - part 2 - part 3

Disclaimer: I do not know any of the people featured in this story, and I am in no way affiliated with MCR, FOB or The Used. This is a work of fiction.
Summary: Gerard has wanted to go to art school for a very long time.
Many thanks to reservedxusrnm for betaing this part, and thanks to everyone who commented on part 3. <3

Two weeks later Gerard, Branden, Jeph and Frank were thick as thieves. They spent much of their time outside of class together, and it was not uncommon to see Gerard running from Frank and Jeph's dorm room during the wee hours of the morning, usually with eyeliner smeared in odd places and bedhead bad enough to scare small children.

Miraculously, Gerard's grades had not suffered. Gerard had a theory that this could be explained by the others' fascination with watching him paint. The others also had theories about this. Branden thought Gerard cared about it enough not to be deterred by interfering boys. Jepha thought Frankie was mooning like a girl. Frankie just thought Gerard was very sexy when he focused so completely on his art, though that wasn't so much a theory as it was an opinion. (They were all mostly right. Gerard wasn't exactly easily distracted from painting, Frank was in fact mooning like a girl, and Gerard was pretty sexy when he was painting.)

Gerard had been working on Jepha's tattoo whenever he could find the time, and had many different versions of it finished. He never really seemed satisfied, though, and always started making a new one after finishing. None of the guys understood why it was taking so long, after seeing him work they knew he didn't usually take this long. (Mikey would have been glad to fill them in if they'd known to ask him. Gerard was ...
Posted: 6 Jul 07 13:08 • More • Comments
part 1 - part 2

Disclaimer: I do not know any of the people featured in this story, and I am in no way affiliated with MCR, FOB or The Used. This is a work of fiction.
Summary: Gerard has wanted to go to art school for a very long time.

As Gerard walked into musical theory, he quickly realized he was not going to learn anything that day. The reason? Frank was wearing a tight t shirt, ripped pants, and an adorable smile. Gerard resisted the urge to groan. When Frank gestured at him he sat down next to him and was quietly fascinated by the tattoo on his neck. A scorpion. Gerard wanted to lick it. But he wasn't going to. Because Frank was his friend. (Or he could be, anyway, which was good enough for Gerard.) And besides, it wasn't like Gerard had a snowball's chance in hell.

He decided to try and focus on what Mr. Toro was saying, and gave Frankie an absent smile, as he turned to face the front.

Frankie's brows furrowed, but Gerard didn't notice.


Gerard was wearing eyeliner. Frank could die. There was a serious risk of spontaneous combustion. And he was coming to his room later. Granted, it was to talk to Jepha, but that didn't necessarily mean he wouldn't talk to Frankie as well. Unless, of course, he intended to keep up this disturbing trend of ignoring Frankie in favor of paying attention to the matter at hand. In which case Frankie was fucked.

Gerard chewed his pencil. Frankie shifted in his chair. Honestly, that couldn't be legal. It was like public indecency or something.

Frank rested his chin on his hand and stared into thin air, thinking of other indecent things Gerard could do. (Some of them involved whipped cream and handcuffs.)


Ray was teaching a class about musical theory, which was easy, he could do it in his sleep. So...
Posted: 24 Jun 07 15:49 • More • Comments
Part 1
Disclaimer: I do not know any of the people featured in this story, and I am in no way affiliated with MCR, FOB or The Used. This is a work of fiction.
Summary: Gerard has wanted to go to art school for a very long time.

Gerard was lying on Frank's bed. Frank was next to him, petting his hair. Branden and Jepha were having an argument about soy, sitting on the other bed. (They had been having that argument for two years. It has still not been resolved.) They were gesturing a lot. Gerard didn't understand where they got the energy. He much preferred talking quietly with Frank. Frank didn't seem to mind if he just lay there, and Gerard appreciated that.

Suddenly Jepha sat down on Gerard's stomach, interrupting his explanation of why needles were bad.

"Gerard," he said, peering down at him. "We wanna see your art."

Gerard wheezed. "Why?"

"No reason." Jepha grinned mischievously. Gerard looked at him suspiciously.

"Okay, I guess," he said.

"Great!" Jepha stood up.

"Wait, you mean now?" Gerard sat up slowly, pulling away from Frank.

"Yes, now. When else?" Jepha threw their coats at them, and walked out the door. Gerard grumbled and put his coat on, walking out with Branden and Frankie in tow.


Ray was sitting on the couch watching a cop show. The dog, Rex, was sitting on the other end of the couch. He'd been sitting there for half an hour. Before that he'd been on the floor, looking uncertainly at Ray and the couch.

Rex shifted closer. Ray patted his head.


Frank was looking through Gerard's sketchbook, Jepha was looking at his paintings and Gerard was freaking out. (The only person Gerard usually showed his art to was Mikey. He wasn't even really comfortable showing it to teachers.)

Branden grinned and lit a candle. Gerard wrinkled his nose as ...
Posted: 18 Jun 07 08:06 • More • Comments
I have decided to stop bitching and start posting. It seemed a more effective use of my time.

People who have done their very best to try and help me make this story vaguely palatable include: pre_emptive, kosher_pareve and unlovablehands. I am really grateful, and ask that y'all keep in mind that everything that's bad about this is my fault.
Disclaimer: I do not know any of the people featured in this story, and I am in no way affiliated with MCR, FOB or The Used. This is a work of fiction.

Summary: Gerard has wanted to go to art school for a very long time.

Gerard has always wanted to draw. (This is not true. Gerard thinks it is, but it's not. When he was thirteen, he bought a daredevil comic on a whim and became fascinated by a dangerous and vengeful man who knew no fear. That was when he was first ensnared by the notion of creating a universe with the stroke of a pen. At first, he wanted to create something in which everyone who wronged the hero suffered, but as he aged he more and more just wanted to create something that would help people like him lose themselves in a reality happier and more exciting than their own, and eventually just something to help people.) He wants to draw a comic. He wants to have it published. He wants people to *see his work*.

But to do that, he'll have to have an education. Gerard has wanted to go to art school for a very long time. (This is true. Mikey fully believes he will get published, just as he has always been confident Gerard would get into art school. Mikey secretly believes Gerard can do anything. But he misses him.)

Gerard is hoping he will fade into the woodwork of such a large school, the way he never really could in high school. Vaguely goth, chubby kids who don't stand up for themselves are distinctly unpopular, and Gerard has learned that a day in which nobody talks to him besides the teachers is a good day indeed.

Gerard looks at the build...
Posted: 11 Jun 07 18:09 • More • Comments