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NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Title: Journey to Another Hell
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake

Narcissus raised a sculpted brow, but refrained from saying anything. Xander was almost disappointed and sat on the desk, carelessly pushing Narcissus' paperwork out of the way.

"Is this what you do with your time?" Xander asked. "I was expecting there to be more orgies."

"Perhaps in another hour or two," Narcissus joked.

Xander wagged a finger at him. "Don't you set me up for disappointment, now. You wouldn't like me when I'm disappointed."

"I'll try to remember that," Narcissus said. He lifted his pen, but seemed hesitant to start working. He'd seen enough to know that Xander hated being ignored and wouldn't hesitate to ruin all of Narcissus' hard work.

Xander rolled his eyes. "What am I, a child? I'm not going to ruin your paperwork." Not when it's something you're expecting. I'll have to find some other bit of fun to indulge in. He gave Narcissus a sweet smile to prove his sincerity. Narcissus looked doubtful, but went back to his work.

After a few minutes, a bored Xander slid off the desk and slunk over to the couch against one wall. Narcissus was polite enough to offer comfortable seating to the entourages of his guests. That or he enjoyed having sex in his office and liked a pleasant place to do it. Either way, the couch was comfortable, and once he'd pulled Nathaniel down next to him, Xander had no problem closing his eyes and curling on his side, Nathaniel cradled against his chest like a living teddy bear.

He drifted to the scritching sound of Narcissus' pen against the paper. He brushed his hand down Nathaniel's hip, stroking the wereleopard as if Nathaniel had his fur on.

Xander had always had a skill for finding his own entertainment and for not letting much of anything get to him. A good hunter was a patient hunter, and Xander had taught himself to be one of the be...
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Title: Journey to Another Hell IV
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake
Characters: Xander/Jean-Claude/Asher, Xander/Nathaniel

He prowled close to Narcissus' desk, raking his eyes over the werehyena. Narcissus was careful not to meet his gaze in any way that could be construed as a challenge. Not that Narcissus was cowed -- Xander wouldn't have liked him as much if he were that easily subdued. There was a sly slant to his lips.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Narcissus asked.

Xander leaned his hip against the edge of the desk. He examined Narcissus closely, liking what he saw. "You haven't slept yet?"

"I've got a bit more work to do." Narcissus pointedly looked at the red curtained window, the light glowing around the edges. "Isn't it a bit early for you? The sun's up."

Xander shrugged. "Surprise. Any vampire hunter that comes after me won't like what they find. Though the challenge will be fun."

Narcissus pursed his lips, but didn't say what he was thinking. Instead, he took a sip from the glass of water in front of him and signed a few more pages. "What brings you to me, dear Alexander?"

"Curiosity," Xander said. "Boredom. A few questions that wouldn't mind some answers. You can take your pick."

"Questions, then," Narcissus said, laying his ballpoint pen down with a faint click. He rested his hands together and looked up at Xander. "Is there something you would for me to do for you?"

"Oh, lots of things." Xander leaned closer, nostrils flaring as he scented the air around Narcissus. He blinked and drew back in surprise. "You're pregnant."


"How did that happen?" Xander asked. He knew Narcissus had some extra bits, but he'd figured the guy would be a stickler for birth control. Shifter pregnancies weren't exactly the safest thing around, mostly for the baby, though there was some risk to the mother....
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Title: Little Bit Strange, but Still Special
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake
Characters: Spike/Xander

Spike laid a hand on Xander's shoulder, and Xander felt some of the tension slip away. With Spike to watch his back, they were going to get out of this alive and Penelope would make it home to her parents. He wanted to believe it.

"I thought we were stopping at the hospital," Xander said. He tried not to sound as accusing as he felt, but it was hard when he got the sense that he was being manipulated. He'd heard enough about Jean-Claude to know that the vampire had no problem seeing people as collateral when figuring his plans. If Jean-Claude thought Penelope's presence would give him an advantage, then he would be happy to use her.

"The hospital's the other direction. Jason is taking her," Anita said.

Glancing at Penelope, Xander wondered how much English she understood. Everyone was talking about her, deciding what was going to be done with her.

"Jason won't get in trouble?" Xander asked. "You know, people asking questions about some guy dropping off an underage French girl covered in vampire bites?"

Anita waved her hand. "He knows my number, and I'm planning on stopping by before I go home." She sighed heavily. "I don't think I've had a full nights sleep in five years."

Xander did not roll his eyes at her dramatic "woe is me" tone, but he wanted to. He wondered what Buffy would have said on meeting Anita, and it was no contest about who his favorite vampire slayer was.

"Let us get inside," Jean-Claude said. "We have much to discuss."

Xander turned to Jason before following Jean-Claude. "Make sure you get Penelope to the hospital. I will be checking up on her, and she better be in good condition when I check on her." He glanced at Spike. "Can you make sure Penelope knows what's going on? Like give her our phone number so she can call...
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Title: Little Bit Strange, But Still Special
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake
Pairing: Xander/Spike

"Well all right then," Spike said. "If we feel like we can't keep it civilized any longer, then Xander and I will be free to leave. Agreed?"

Xander held his breath, his hand tightening on the strap of his bag. Spike would hold them off long enough for him to pull a weapon, though he wasn't sure anything they had could do any real damage to a rampaging were. Silver had been outside of their price range when they were putting together their weapons collection.

Jean-Claude looked at Spike a moment longer. "Agreed," he finally said. And Xander didn't sag in relief the way he wanted to. "We will talk like civilized beings."

"Yeah, civilized," Spike said.

Asher had pulled out his cellphone and was speaking quietly. He ended the call, tucking his phone into the inner pocket of his jacket. "The cars are pulling up out front," he said to Jean-Claude. "We should go. The clean up will be handled without us."

Xander assumed Asher wanted his boss off the scene in case the cops showed. There was a whole club full of people that were going to have some questions when they woke up. If any of them were smart, they would learn their lesson and stay away from vampires in the future, but he figured most of them wouldn't.

Humans could be almost suicidally stupid. And in this world, they'd decided to be best friends with the monsters. Like putting a nice face on something that saw people as food made it all right.

At least Spike's always been honest about what he is, Xander thought. Even when it would have been comforting if he'd lied.

Xander met Spike's eye and gave him a nod. They'd go with Jean-Claude and his minions, but at the first sign of trouble they'd make a break for it. Peacefully if possible, or violently if they had to. And they'd take the girl--P...
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I had a dream about the new "Avatar" movies. Seriously, I've seen no trailers, read no teasers, but my brain produced this completely awesome thing that I'm still reeling. I will be completely disappointed if the movies aren't anywhere near as good.

Okay, so in "Avatar," the planet Pandora has an atmosphere that humans can't breathe. At the end of the first movie, the humans get sent back to Earth except for the few that are allowed to stay. And the natives are big and blue with fangs and big eyes and like leopard spots on their bodies.

In my dream, humans had returned to Pandora (remember, it's several years travel from Earth to Pandora, so time has passed) and they're back to their mining for ore. Then a jeep (? what?) comes tearing through the woods with four people inside, two women and two men, all tough looking. The lead woman was Zoe from "Firefly," or a facsimile thereof. None of them are wearing any breathing equipment and when they come at the illegal miners, they've got leopard patterns against their skin (kind of like Thundercats?) and they've got fangs and tails.

Somehow, the humans that stayed in "Avatar" were adapted to Pandora and have become very anti-human. There was a scene where Jake Sully is talking into a mirror and he looks like a human-Navi hybrid and he's talking about subjugating the native people, then he's like "Oh, I can't do it. That'll never work" and he pulls his face off and he's a Navi underneath. "That's better." And he'd become very anti-human.

I don't know, it was like I was watching one of those "This will be the fall line up shows" and they were showing the first episode of the "Avatar" show, and then there were cuts from some new "Star Trek" thing and maybe a "Stargate" thing, then I was like "Wait a minute, can I rewind some of these? What's happening here?" and I woke up.

It was amazing.

TL;Dr - the new "Avatar" movies better involve human-navi hybrids that are like...
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If you've been following me on AO3, all my original works were deleted. Sorry, folks. I guess they didn't exist within the fannish overlay.

I may repost the chapters of "Paradigm Shift" on my site, and anything else you can probably find on Kimichee at some point in the future. Right now, "Paradigm Shift" is posted in chunks at, though they're in raw form and the chunks are 500-1000 words versus complete chapters. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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My deadline is tomorrow. I'm totally freakin' out man.

I was having such a hard time getting this done, and time just seemed to get away from me. Now my deadline is coming up and I'm panicking a little bit, though I'm hopeful that I'm going to make it.

If you see me on here whining and crying in six hours, then it will be time to worry. Wish me luck.
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Title: Journey to Another Hell IV
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake

There was a thrill in doing something he wasn't supposed to. Even knowing that Jean-Claude had probably worried before the sunrise knocking him out, Xander was having too much fun to care. Besides, he was sure that he could be apologetic enough that Jean-Claude would forgive him. He'd do that thing with his mouth.

He'd heard that it was better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.

"Why are we here?" Nathaniel asked nervously. He'd kept close to Xander's side from the moment they'd stepped through the door.

"Why wouldn't we be?" Xander grinned at a werehyena he recognized and let a little green flash in his eyes.

They'd traveled the sewers to reach Narcissus In Chains, and Xander had half a mind to yell at some city planners. The sewers of Sunnydale had spoiled him for comfort. In comparison, St. Louis was a disgusting rat infested warren of stink. He was thinking about throwing away his shoes once he got home.

"Master Xander, if you will follow me," a handsome blond werehyena said. He was bare chested and there were still hints of glitter on his skin. He had a name tag clipped to his pants pocket that read "THESEUS. Assistant Manager."

Xander raked his hands over the guy. Narcissus had good taste in his man-meat. "Lead on."

The club was empty at this time of the morning, the doors closed to the public. There was a skeleton staff pulling clean up duty before they went home to their beds.

He and Nathaniel had used the secret storage room entrance Narcissus had shown him. His skin still felt a little hot and tight from the ten foot run he'd made from the sewer grate to the back door, but he hadn't burst into flames so it was all good. The look on Nathaniel's face as he'd used his leather jacket as a sunshade had made him laugh. It was one of the tricks he'd learned from Spi...
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Title: Journey to Another Hell IV
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake
AN: Mentions of past-noncon.

Peter was worried. Anita had sounded serious with her warnings, enough that the fear had crawled into his head and made itself a little home.

Edward was certain that they were going to be all right. He was trusting his weapons and his years of experience to see them through. While Peter wanted to believe, he couldn't quite tame the worry that they were making a mistake. They should pack up and go home, rethink the plan and try again when they were better prepared. Peter didn't want to be such a liability.

Instead they were skulking around the Blood District at eleven in the morning. The streets were pretty empty at this time of day, which didn't keep them from sticking out like sore thumbs. Edward said it meant they had to be slicker about not drawing attention. It was easier to meld into a crowd at night than to walk around in the open during the day.

It wasn't like they were doing anything illegal at the moment. Ted Forester was a registered bounty hunter and they were tracking a bail jumper named Cyrus Muldondy. He was their excuse for coming to St Louis in the first place, a vampire with a predilection for teenaged boys.

Peter wasn't willing to offer himself as bait for the sicko and Edward had nixed the idea first thing, but it was something he was aware of. Cyrus liked teenaged boys with dark hair and athletic builds, and while he'd been careful not to kill or turn any of his victims, an undead rapist was a nightmare worth stopping.

The parents of four of his victims had pooled together the money for the bounty. The police-issued warrants against Cyrus could only claim his charges of breaking and entering and failure to appear in traffic court. And he'd only gotten the B&E charge because the sister of his last attempted victim had called the police before he'd m...
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I'm still editing and rewriting this monster. I was confident that I was going to have it done before the end of May, and now I'm worried about making my mid-June deadline D:

There's all these people counting on me, and I'm waffling around still clicking through the editor's comments and retuning scenes. I've accepted all the small changes, no problem. It's the reworking stuff that's killing me.

I don't know what I'm going to do if I miss the deadline. This is a lot of frickin' stress.
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Originally posted by Illustrationkidezt at post Illustration

Illustrationriddlerrbb14 is desperately needing authors to claim these 4 prompts!

The minimum requirement is 3,000 words. If you have any familiarity with the Riddler and is interested in writing, check the prompts out!
They are all amazing artists with amazing art, so do take a look if you can.

Claims Post | Rules & F.A.Q.s

The artwork for these is adorable. Someone needs to do these. I would claim one, but I don't feel that I could do the Riddler justice. I don't have a feel for his voice.

If anyone out there wants a prompt to help you out, I looked at the artworks and I came up with a couple of story ideas:

Prompt 1: Edward Nigma and Jonathan Crane not being very happy with each other.
For this one, I imagine that Crane was running some kind of scheme (drug dealing ala The Dark Knight?) when Nigma -- being chased by the Batman -- managed to run through the middle of Crane's deal and brought the fury of the Bat down on Crane's head. Nigma escaped i...
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Title: Journey to Another Hell IV
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake
Characters: Xander/Nathaniel

A/N: This scene is Xander/Nathaniel. There's some rough-talk and sexual content. Skip if you're not into that.

Xander was becoming fond of Nathaniel in spite of himself. There was just something nice about such uncomplicated submission. Someone that would happily accept any torment Xander devised and even beg for more. It was a delight.

"Why don't you show me what you can do?" he purred.

Nathaniel gave him a questioning look, though he couldn't speak around Xander's cock in his mouth.

"I like a little pain, just a very little," Xander urged.

He could practically see the gears shifting in Nathaniel's head as he tried to figure out what Xander wanted and the risks involved. A little nibble of teeth was fine, too much and Xander would happily rip Nathaniel's intestines out.

Lucky for Nathaniel, he made the right choice.

Xander squeezed his hands around the bed rails, feeling the metal warp to the shape of his fingers. He thrust into Nathaniel's throat, all-out fucking his face, and in between thrusts Nathaniel would carefully allow the tips of his incisors to prick against Xander's glans. A bit of pressure along with the liquid heat of Nathaniel swallowing his cock, and Xander was coming down the man's throat in quick spurts.

When he was done, he pulled out and wiped his cock on Nathaniel's cheeks, leaving streaks of cum against the pale skin. "Good boy," he said.

Nathaniel looked debauched, his lips swollen red and his pupils blown wide. He gazed at Xander with so much raw emotion that it made the monster part of Xander want to break him just because he could, the fault lines laid bare.

Xander flopped on his back and rested his hands on his stomach. "I might decide to keep you. What do you think about that?"

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Title: Little Bit Strange, But Still Special
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake
Characters: Spike/Xander

There was something in the line of Spike's back that told Xander he needed a rescue. There was a lot of Angelus-shaped baggage in Spike's history, things he'd never dealt with. so even knowing it was a bad idea to draw attention to himself, Xander put himself forward.

"Fey?" Angelus raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah," Xander said. He forced himself to look relaxed even though the situation was weird: a bunch of angry vampires and lycanthropes ready to lunge forward at the first sign of an opening, Anita Blake held on her tippy-toes by Darla's hand clamped around her neck, and Angelus looking at him as though he'd found a new toy. Xander could have done without the interest--being fascinating to a psychopath was not a good thing at all.

"We're on what I suppose you'd call my walkabout or Rumspringa," Xander said. "I get to see the human world and Spike keeps me safe. Your William's is the last face he chose. We weren't expecting to see it here."

"And who are you that you need a bodyguard?" Angelus asked.

Xander shrugged. "I told them I would be find alone, but my family is protective." And how weird was it that he was thinking of Angel and Wesley when he said that? He wondered which one he saw as his mom and which one his dad, then had to hold back an inappropriate grin. Angel was definitely the hulking mama bear type, plus fey were matriarchal from what he'd read.

Spike must have been doing that weird Xander mind reading thing. "It would cause an incident if anything were to happen to us," Spike said. "His mother's the worrying sort, and I've seen her torture and kill the childer of her enemies before she even bothered with the ones she was after. She's a real queen of the night type. Master of vast domains and all that."

"If she's so important, then why...
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The old lust for blood and violence wanted Spike to rush in and join the fray. He was more than his instincts though, and he wasn't about to leave Xander and the French girl unprotected. So he settled in to watch the show, and what a show it was.

The vampires of this world were all about posturing and showing their power. They'd put off going for the throat to get in a few extra minutes of monologuing and looking pretty. A Slayer would have hewn through them before the fun could even start.

His lip curled. Anita Blake was the nearest thing this world had to a Slayer, and from what he could tell, she was close to becoming a monster herself. It wouldn't take much of a push to get her over the edge.

From their first introduction to this world, he'd been careful to keep Xander away from the vamps. His boy was a nummy treat, and the last thing he wanted was for someone to take an interest in Xander. Especially not Jean-Claude, as word on the street said that Anita had a serious jealous streak, one just looking for an excuse to kill the competition.

Spike wasn't looking to start a war with the locals, but he wouldn't hesitate if any of them looked sideways at Xander. And he had the advantage of numbers on his side.

Give him a week, and he could unleash a plague of vampires on this world. He wouldn't want to do it, as he was supposed to be redeemed, but he'd found that the soul hadn't changed who he was all that much. He was still love's bitch. And to protect Xander (or avenge him) he would unleash hell on Earth. It was in his nature.

"Spike," Xander said, snapping him out of his own head.

"It'll be all right," Spike said, keeping his eyes focused on the action in front. He trusted Xander to let him know if anyone was trying to creep in from the sides.

Jean-Claude and his vamps surrounded the room, but they were careful to stay out of the Kill Zone. Spike thought that was smart of them, as Anit...
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Suits/Orphan Black -- I would love a story where Mike is sent in undercover to that bar to do something, and while he's there he meets Helena and is fascinated. He starts digging around, and is drawn into the world of Clone Club and craziness. Decides that he wants to help them. Seriously, there's a lot of legal ramifications around clones, scientific ethics, corporations playing god, etc.

Suits/Hannibal -- I need a crossover where Bella is Jessica's sister. I don't want her to end up as a victim of Hannibal or anything; I just want to see the characters interacting. Maybe some backstory of their childhood together.

If someone writes one of these for me, I would be ever so grateful. I'd write something back if you wanted ♥♥♥♥
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I hate when I've been following and enjoying a story, and all of a
sudden the author -- who was aimlessly writing -- decides they need to
introduce some conflict, so they do, in the form of a sudden murder, a
violent attack, whatever. It ruins the pacing, the story loses the
rhythm, and I find myself no longer enjoying the story the way I was.
The magic is gone.

Sometimes a story doesn't need a bunch of action to be good. The
emotional component brings enough of a conflict, the character growth
is satisfying, and the final resolution can be shown through the
originally introverted and lonely character resolving their emotional
problems and being able to find acceptance by others.

A story doesn't have to end with a wedding, but it doesn't need a
murder either. So when someone throws in a surprise murder for no
other reason than drama ... It can destroy the feel of the story,
break the emotional connection between reader and characters, and
introduce a needless conflict simply to postpone the climax. It's
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I promised someone that I'd have some story updates by Monday. It'll
be some "Journey to Another Hell IV," and some "Little Bit Strange,
But Still Special." So there's that.

I am finally wrapping up "The Panic Pure," which is ridiculous. I've
been sitting on the last chapter for months and I don't know why. I
think I was reluctant to let it go or something. But I need it to be
done. I'm still looking for a cover though, so that's a last headache
to deal with.

Still proofing my edits. I was sure it was only going to take a couple
of days, but once again editing kicks my ass and takes forever. I hate
editing with a fiery vengeance, especially since the editor marked so
much ;_;

On a lighter note, "Rolling In the Deep" is coming along okay. The
pieces are nearly set up, and soon it will be time to introduce the
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Dear future stalkers,

I am assuming that at some point there will be many of you, so I felt like pointing out the best way to win my affections: learn how to make good spaghetti.

The way to my heart is through my stomach, and one of my all time favorite foods is spaghetti. I don't know why, but it's always been one of those things that I am happy to eat at any time of day or night.

So if we ever end up in a Misery situation together, there's no reason to get all scary violent. Just bring on the spaghetti (with or without meatballs) and a bottle of Sriracha and I'll be less likely to treat you like the parody situation in that one Pink video.

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I've been drowning in malaise of late. Emotional as all hell, dreaming
of escaping my life for a new one.

There are some times when I feel like a rat trapped in a cage, as
though no matter what I do, I'm never going to get out of the
situation I find myself in. Nothing is ever going to get any better,
so I should just give in and make the best of things.

Except I don't want to.

I want to dream bigger. I want to believe that someday I won't have to
dread the thought of starving on the street, because my financial
catastrophe will turn itself around. Like magic and fairy stories,
where someday my prince will come to save me from myself.

It's unfortunate that I'm so completely unlovable.

I'll just have to save myself. Somehow.
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So the image of a couple of douches kneeling on two male lions they'd shot dead showed up on my Twitter feed. It wasn't from them, as I don't tend to follow those kinds of people, but I do follow some social awareness folks, and one of them retweeted about the lions.


I got upset.
I mean, I understand that sometimes animal populations need to be thinned or there's safety concerns where a few members of a species become aggressive toward humans (Heart of Darkness). I try not to judge the things that people are doing without knowing all the facts. There's no point getting up in arms about something that turns out to have a completely logical explanation.

That being said, I do have a problem with people posting photos of animals they killed, especially if they're posed in the picture with big grins and "Hey, look what I did!" expressions.

Killing a lion with a high-powered rifle is not something to be proud of. Killing a lion with an old-fashioned bolt action rifle is not something to be proud of. I might give you some props if you go after it with a bowie knife, as you're on somewhat equal footing, otherwise any human with a gun has an unfair advantage when they're shooting at an animal from far away.

Sometimes killing animals needs to be done for the good of the environment or for at-risk species. Humans have interfered so much that we've ruined some eco-systems by destroying the natural order of things -- wiping out predator animals and prey animals and killing off the plants they need to eat. In those instances, we are forced to interfere again to try to balance out the damage we've done.

I understand that park rangers and ecolog...
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There are SPOILERS for Chronicles of Riddick. If you haven't seen the movie ... well, then I feel sorry for you.

What I never understood was why the Purifier killed himself. Was there any reason why he did it?

He was one of the last of the Furyans and he was leaving the revenge of their peoples' genocide to Riddick (who some have said is related to the Purifier through his mother, though I take that to be pure fanon speculation). He could rest easy knowing that Riddick was going to get things done and teach the Lord Marshal a very valuable lesson, mainly: Don't believe in prophesies. They're usually self-fulfilling.

Anyways, the Purifier steps into the sunlight and burns up because it's just that hot, yet he couldn't wait around a while? Couldn't explain things to his kinsman that he's primed to seek out vengeance? Couldn't at least feed some knowledge of their people and culture to a man that was found as an abandoned newborn with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck?

Was the Purifier so worried that he was going to end up betraying Riddick that he couldn't trust himself to stay alive a little longer? At least until Riddick defeated the Lord Marshal and would be ready for a conversation?

It just seems strange to me.
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To get rid of LiveJournal Magazine, go to Account > Extensions. It's at the bottom and you can switch it off.

The new Livejournal look isn't that bad, and at least it's stopped its constant loading. Plus it seems better when I'm writing posts from my Kindle Fire -- before things were acting a bit wonky.
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Title: Rolling In the Deep
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick/Pacific Rim
Character: Riddick, Vaako
Other Places: AO3.
Summary: The Basilica crashes on a primitive world. The Necros and Riddick have to deal with the natives. And giant monsters.
A/N: Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right word. So if anyone is actually reading this and would like to help me out ... I don't think the word I want to use is "reinforcements." I mean the people that come and relieve the previous shift. Plus, is "lexicon" the correct term I want to use?

Hermann was worried, though he refused to show it. He'd grown even snappier than usual over the last half hour, but that was the only sign of his incipient panic.

If that buffoon is fooling around again, I will box his ears. He tried not to think of that moment two weeks previous when he'd come across Newton splayed on the floor, limbs twitching and seizing as spit bubbles frothed from between his lips.

Hermann had yelled himself hoarse over the idiocy of playing with untested alien technology in non-laboratory conditions. After he'd made sure Newton hadn't managed to completely fry his brain. His lab partner had looked at him like Hermann was the idiot before he'd smiled and said, "This is science Herm. Sometimes we gotta take the big risks."

It had taken two medtechs to keep Hermann from strangling Newton.

Hermann didn't want to think of a world where he didn't have his best friend and lab partner in it. They argued and got on each other's nerves, but until Newton, Hermann had never found anyone he was so comfortable working with. Not until he'd met Newton--who had missed his status check by twenty-five minutes.

Though Newton was accompanied by several scientists and the UN soldiers that had been foisted on them, Hermann couldn't help thinking that something was wrong.

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Spoilers for the season finale of Agents of SHIELD --

I feel like I should write "Fitz deals with his brain damage" fic, but I don't have the voice for him. It's totally a thing I'm going to be looking for, though I'm a bit afraid of what I'm going to find.

Plus, if he really has brain damage, you know Simmons will come up with something to reconnect the neurons in his brain or whatever and he's going to be back at her side. Though it would suck if he forgot that he loved her just when she figured it out.
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Title: Rolling In the Deep
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick/Pacific Rim
Character: Riddick, Vaako
Other Places: AO3.
Summary: The Basilica crashes on a primitive world. The Necros and Riddick have to deal with the natives. And giant monsters.

Riddick had his soldiers set up a temporary fallback position in the entrance chamber. More troops were arriving all the time, their armored bodies ant-like from his perch on the promenade.

He sat with his legs dangling over the balcony, his arms leaned against the rail. Precious and her sisters prowled around him, dissatisfied by the lack of activity. Riddick rested his chin against his arm and waited.

Years of solitude on U.V.6 had taught him patience. He'd learned to quiet his mind and muffle the rush of his anger. The scarcity of prey and his own hunger had forced him to learn how to hunt when all he'd known before was how to kill.

He'd learned more about himself in that time alone than he'd ever wanted to know. He'd been forced to confront his demons and move on. He'd been changed by the experience.

Now he was using his new patience to play nicely with his allies, his sycophants. The lone hunter--the murderer--part of him that had spent years in the slam wanted him to run ahead, to keep all of the kills for himself. But he'd evolved alone in the snow and the nice, when the sight of any human face would have come across as a miracle.

For the first time in his life he'd craved human contact. How could he throw it away now, even if they were slow and pathetic? He was leaving them to watch his back while he scouted ahead. It wasn't like he was counting on them to actually do anything.

Riddick grabbed the top rail and pulled himself to his feet. There were enough bodies milling around below that it was time to move on.

Anticipation burned in his blood. He had...
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