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NOTE: This blog has been rated FR15 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH long has it been since I posted?

In a nutshell, my migraines have me locked in. I've got hemiplegic migraines, which is similar to having a stroke when they happen full on. Mine come and go in various degrees. Some days I'm fine, others I might just have slight pressure or mild pain. On bad days I'll get vertigo (lose my balance), extreme confusion (can't think straight), and dizziness (room spins, or total blackout).

Full on attacks for me mean partial paralysis, inability to talk, and lingering numbness. It takes me upwards of a week to recover from one. Even mild migraines can leave me with extreme fatigue.

Luckily those happen maybe 4 to 6 times a year. The bad ones maybe once a month. The regular pressure, confusion, and pain is almost everyday.

So, needless to say I've not been working regularly. I do chores, and work on writing, as I feel up to it. I'm actually doing better these days. I can deal with every day life just fine for the most part. I just don't make firm plans for anything.

Today is an okay day. Hopefully tomorrow is a good one.
Posted: 2 Jul 14 14:19 • Comments
Woo! Has it really been that long since I posted? Long enough for most to write me off I imagine. O.o Truthfully my migraines have been kicking my ass. Turns out they are hemiplegic, which means its like a stroke when I get one.

The actual day
But back to happier news. My birthday was awesome. It was my week to cook, so I made my own birthday dinner. So I made chicken fajitas. I ordered chocolate covered strawberries from Sherri's Berries for my dessert. Truthfully, the only present I got was from myself. Presents on the way from family though. But I made my birthday order from Sephora and got my haul today too. Got an awesome deal on Charlotte Ronson lip gloss and Urban Decay eyeliner. Added in a new desert colors palette (like I don't have too many already). There were a few other odds and ends, but those three were favs.

The entertainment
This weekend we're going for our annual birthday meal and a movie. Usually its lunch, but this year its breakfast because I'm dying to have a cinnamon roll from a nearby cafe. Those things are huge, and so yummy! We're seeing either Elysium (my choice) or Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Mom's been trying to get me to see it.

Mom is funny

Some of her co-workers were asking after our plans. Some know of our annual film fest. So she tells them we're going to see Elysium because "Rhonda likes Matt Damon." Before they can answer, she follows that up with "...and a high body count."

"Do you mean dead bodies?" One of her coworkers asked her very hesitantly.

Of course she answered with a very cheerful "Yup!" Then she turned and walked away before they could really process it.

She's pretty sure her coworkers think I'm very odd. And in case you were wondering, she was referencing my love of action movies.

She's a funny lady. :-)
Posted: 23 Aug 13 10:08 • Comments
Pretty sure I've got the beginnings of a nasty cold. I woke up early this morning with a nasty cough. Now I've got sniffles and sneezes. I've been sucking on cough drops and drinking my tea with lemon and honey. I've got plans this weekend, so hopefully it passes quickly.


Its giving me weird dreams though.  

Last night's odd dream was a post-apocalyptic survival nightmare (sun kerplosion, no zombies). It played out a bit like Tomb Raider meets Blade Runner. Just woke up from another one that was another post-apocalypse, but this one was animated like a Pixar film meets the Twilight Zone.  

Best conclusion I've got is my dreams are weird on colds. o.OPosted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 5 Jun 13 13:10 • Comments
I've been having a lot of fun trying to get my garden prepared. It is finally warming up here, so that doesn't leave me much time to get my seedlings in the ground. I truly adore this time of year. I love watching things come to life and bloom.


I've been bring my time to rethink my life lately. Mostly because of my health, but it has required me to examine some of my goals.  

For example, children is one issue. I have finally come to accept that physically it will not happen for me. I have not quite closed the door on adoption, but I know it is a far off goal.  

As for the rest of it it's just a matter of rethinking how I'm going to approach my future career. There's a lot of things I can't do anymore because of my physical conditions. That has been the hardest, letting go of a dream. 

For now I'm taking it one day at a time.Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 13 May 13 12:32 • Comments
I honestly think that laughter is the best way to go. I was lurking on a Twitter conversation with Bruce Campbell ( @groovybruce ) and somebody commented on Spider Man 3 that it was just bad. I thought it was awesome! But then I'm an easy sell. I rather enjoyed Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and I thought the first sequel to Pet Cemetery was a fantastic parody of the first one and laughed the whole way through.


I once spectacularly irritated a coworker when I started laughing in the middle of a project that was heading towards disaster quickly. How can you not laugh? The only other option you have is to cry in despair, but I don't cry. Just... Not ever. I dealt with my grandmothers death with anger. I dealt with my first cats death by cleaning everything. I dealt with my divorce by getting a manicure. I just don't cry. 

I suppose that's why my Mom freaked out so much when I burst out crying during my first serious hemiplegic migraine. I was so frustrated my body wouldn't respond to my requests. I couldn't stop my tears when I demanded they get right back in there. Incidentally, I responded to that by watching a comedy. 

On a side note, I tear up quite frequently watching Hallmark commercials, Oprah, and movies with sad endings (which is why they're on my Never Watch list). Go figure.Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 29 Apr 13 11:15 • Comments
Bad news


I'll get the bad news out of the way first by saying that I had my first major hemiplegic migraine yesterday. While I do have familial hemiplegic migraines, I have only ever had the symptoms come in bits and pieces. That in itself is scary that they were serious on their own, but to come at one time was a very frightening experience. I believe  Illustrationtxrabbit experienced this once, but having one of these migraines is a bit like experiencing a stroke. Scared my mother to death. I'm taking it easy today. 


All fandom aside, I can't stop watching the show Clean House (it's a style network show, though I've been watching it on Netflix). I'm a bit of a Clutterbug myself, so it has been a lot of inspiration for me and my mother. We are looking to get rid of about 5 storage rooms worth of furniture soon. So, we have a lot to play with to redo our house one room at a time. Should be fun! I'm planning on posting pictures as we go along, so look out for those.Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 22 Apr 13 18:51 • Comments
I feel bad for not updating more, but to be honest it's been more a case of lethargy. I have finally been able to put a name to my condition and that is familial hemiplegic migraines. For me, they tend to manifest as vistibular migraines. But that basically means is I get dizzy and confused quite often. Unfortunately they are completely out of control and I'm getting migraines on a daily basis, which is frightening because a serious condition will see people having them one week. What does that say about me?


Rethinking life goals 

There are a few things I have had to rethink in my life. The most obvious is my ability to work. I don't think I will be able to seriously hold a job outside of the home anymore. Which is a really hard thing to face. But given my job skills I don't have this set required to telecommute at any serious level. Which means, I need to go back to school. I will have to re think my degree and change fields completely. 

In that I am actually hopeful that I have an idea for my future. It is just going to take a helluva lot of time and effort get there, mostly because I have to come up with a way to pay for my schooling while I'm having trouble being able to do any significant amount of work. But I will find off way before, because I am very determined. 

That's it for now 

There is more to this thing called my life, that but that is not enough depression for one day. Maybe I can try to update more than once a year. We will just have to see how that goes, right?Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 21 Apr 13 10:43 • Comments
I think my mother has gone a little crazy. It's 10 degrees out, and she wants to go back to our storage rooms in the next town over to rifle through furniture again (we've been trying to consolidate our belongings).


We did it last weekend, and managed to get quite a bit done.  Did I mention it was 30 degrees and snowing? 

Yeah. Mom's gone a bit round the bend. Or to borrow a phrase from the 90s, she's trying to harsh my hibernation vibe. 

Remember kids: hibernation is your friend.Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 4 Jan 13 14:37 • Comments
So it would seem this site has been attacked once again. I'm getting through okay the moment, but it's been intermittent.


For those of you for talking to other sites, I am on both insanejournal and dreamwidth under the same username. 

I don't use the former much, but I currently mirror my posts over at dreamwidth. 

@ Dreamwidth 

@ InsaneJournalPosted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 2 Jan 13 17:12 • Comments
Sorry I haven't been around more. I feel awful, and I would have wanted to post more. But my migraines has been killing me for the last month or more.



Strangest thing happened the other night. I woke up very early in the morning, and I could hear singing. Sometimes I do that when I have a migraine, or if the neighbors are playing loud music. I didn't think much of it until I happen to glance out my window.  In the twilight of the morning I could just make out it black shape outside my window. I could not make out much because I didn't have my glasses on, but it looked to be about the size of a large house cats to me. 

If I didn't know better I would say I was visited by a fairy. 


I'm all ready for Christmas. I just have to wrap some presents, and bake some things. Today I will be spending time getting the house ready and doing some last minute prep for tomorrow. 

I hope that everyone else is ready. 

I probably won't get another chance to say this, or more accurately will forget, so I want to tell everyone else to have a very Merry Christmas!Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 24 Dec 12 10:22 • Comments
Been loving the newest layouts at both DW and LJ. Changed my long time layouts at both. Maybe someday I'll even customize them. Who knows?

What's been happening...

Starting on my holiday baking today with a new banana bread recipe: Momma Callie's Banana Nut Bread with Honey Butter

I put up the tiniest tree and I luffs it! See it here

I'm almost done with my gift gathering. One more trip tonight, then just a few to make.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

Originally posted on Dreamwidth:
Posted: 10 Dec 12 14:13 • Comments
This lady did an adorable parody of Psy's "Gangnam Style" song. She did exactly what I thought the first time I saw it: horses.


Kandee Johnson Kan-gnam parody  

Btw, all but two of the older kids in the video are hers. Her mother filmed it. It was quite the family affair!Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 16 Oct 12 14:46 • Comments
Finally feeling like the migraines of hell week is over, so I finally got up to making my mumkin for my front porch.



I also got a small bit of candy in case kids come by. 

Anyone else doing anything particularly special?Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 15 Oct 12 18:42 • Comments
Isn't this the coolest look? Wishing very much to recreate this.


Found on Pinterest here.Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 11 Oct 12 14:58 • Comments
I finally got around to watching Teen Wolf. I admit that Stiles and Derek are adorable on-screen together. They'd make a cute couple.


I've resisted watching this for ages, but boredom won me over. 

Bah!Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 9 Oct 12 11:30 • Comments
I've been scouring the net for ideas on seasonal decorations and came across this gem. It's basically a formula for various containers. I've used that method before to recreate pieces on my own, but this is the first I've seen a method outlined to follow.



Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 8 Oct 12 14:45 • Comments
This makeup artist I found on Youtube does some awesome special effects makeup. She makes them look so easy!


Zipper Face Mask

She's also got a Snow Queen, zombie, bullet hole, scars, and an awesome screw through a finger.
Posted: 7 Oct 12 13:28 • Comments
...but only because I've got a monster blackberry bush to trim back.


Well, its actually my neighbors but its creeped all the way onto my deck now. 

Loving the colder weather. Finally getting to pull out the heaters and warmer clothes. 

What's your favorite part of Autumn?Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 7 Oct 12 13:07 • Comments
I wrote my initial review of the Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 foundation and powder on the Buzz Agent website here (and my before and after photo is there).



They claim it'll improve your skin texture in 3 weeks. I wasn't sure how well it work for me because I'm fairly sensitive to Olay products, so it could very well make it worse. 

Short story is it works great. My 69 year old mother and I both tested it because our skin texture is so different. Her skin is dry and heavily lined. Mine is combination with pretty good lines around my eyes, and occasional acne flare-ups (not to mention my eczema). 

For both of us the foundation had great medium coverage. I tried it both with and without primer, and it blended well either way. I prefer blending with a damp sponge, Mom with a brush. It didn't settle in any lines, and didn't look (or feel) too heavy. 

Lasting Power
The foundation didn't oil up too bad in the t-zone if I used an oil reducing moisturizer. Mom had zero problems. It lasts several hours, even on super hot days. I didn't have any transfer issues on my clothes once it was set. Bonus? It doesn't oxidize on me. 

The powder was a bit different. It is actually quite heavy. To set your makeup with it you need to be very delicate. I actually used it as a light foundation most of the time. It stays on pretty well though without building up too much when reapplied. 

I love it and will repurchase. My skin actually was a bit smoother, and cleared up of eczema. I got so many compliments on my complexion. That in itself is worth it yo me. Try it if you've got combination to dry skin, especially if age is becoming an issue.Posted via LiveJournal app for ...
Posted: 2 Oct 12 19:38 • More • Comments
I got a chance as a BzzAgent to try some of this new candy, Unreal, for free. wasn't expecting much out of the supposedly junk-free candy (no artificial dyes, no hydrogenated oils, no corn-based products). How good could they be? I was actually surprised though at how good they were.



I tried the chocolate covered peanuts first. I'm a huge fan of Peanut M&Ms. These were a bit different. They're a bit softer in texture. The taste is quite sweet and rich. The natural dyes they use for the candy coating make them slightly spicy. These are definitely a new favorite. 

Next one I tried was the peanut butter cups. I love my Reese's cups, and these just weren't as good. They weren't as salty as I would expect, so they were a bit bland to me. Same with the caramel nut clusters (like Turtles). Probably won't repurchase these. 

Overall they're not too bad for a natural alternative candy. Might check them out if you get a chance. In the U.S. they sell them at CVS /Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Michael's.Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 29 Sep 12 17:32 • Comments
I had an absolutely awesome birthday. It was honestly pretty quiet, but still a day that brought me happiness.


I actually started celebrating this weekend when my mother took me out to lunch at my favorite Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet (which has excellent coconut milk chicken by the way). Then she took me to see Men in Black 3, which I have been dying to see for ages now. 

For my actual birthday she gave me a native american-style necklace. She has one that I have been eyeing for ages in a similar style, and apparently she had bought mine at the same time and only now remembered that she even had it (which I'm thankful for because I absolutely adore it). If you have Instagram I put a picture of it there: saifai @ Instagram 

I bought myself something too, and made my birthday order at Sephora. I'm getting tons of samples and luxury size items to try out, sale items, a palette or two... things like that. 


That's about it for now. I want to thank all of you that sent me birthday wishes. I am off to take a sick today, and watch a movie. Hopefully I can update more laterPosted via LiveJournal app for Android.
Posted: 23 Aug 12 16:20 • Comments
I am sorry to say the lure of other social media sites has caught my attention lately. I read and lurk though. I've said this before, but so often I compose journal entries in my head, but never quite manage to get them down. Something to work on I suppose.


Been very quiet in my life as of late. I still have not replaced my computer that crashed so many months ago. My net access is down to my DROID and wii.  

But with my extra time, and still no job outside the home due to my severe as ever migraines and vertigo, I have time for thought. I've been exploring who I am again (a pursuit long overdue since the divorce), and relearning taking care of myself (hello beauty and fashion!).  

Okay, and maybe a bit of housework and gardening. 

More posting soon lately. I really want to get back into things. 


How are you all doing?Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

Oh my good Lord, I just now noticed I'm reposting Twitter feeds. Sorry! Hadn't even realized it was doing it. Grr!
Posted: 19 Aug 12 23:46 • Comments
Fri, 17:27: Overheard: Spidey Sense - Mom: Brought you an old set of travel binoculars I found in my desk at work. You... Fri, 22:04: Summer 2012 Must-haves at Kaboodle
Posted: 18 Aug 12 14:00 • Comments
Wed, 23:49: I liked a @YouTube video Things Boys Don't Understand Part 2 Thu, 09:13: My week on twitter: 4 new followers, 1 mentions. Via:
Posted: 16 Aug 12 14:00 • Comments
Tue, 12:51: I liked a @YouTube video How to wear a headscarf turban and headband style Tue, 15:16: I favorited a @YouTube video DIY GALAXY SHORTS!!! Wed, 03:33: I liked a @YouTube video SWEENEY TODD MAKEUP & TARTE COSMETICS REVIEW
Posted: 15 Aug 12 14:00 • Comments