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I investigated different blog things, (ie: travel blog, facebook notes, blog spot) and I still like live journal the best, most probably because it's already set up and nice and easy.

So for those of you who don't know this is my blog. I haven't used it for going on a year but it's ALIVE again especially for egypt... I'll be posting some pics, telling some stories and it'll be linked into facebook.

If you don't know Danni and I are heading to Egypt, a plan hatched on another adventure (that one to Fiji) we're away from the 2nd May through to the 25th and we will be spending time EVERYWHERE in egypt from cairo, to aswan to Mt Sinai through to Alexandria. We're doing the history buffs thing with the travel guides and plans to spend a ridiculous amount of time around dusty old monuments.

It's going to be awesome!
Posted: 27 Apr 08 19:24 • Comments
I have one feature of my personality that I see as my saving grace. I’m a Pollyanna, I try and see the positives in any bad thing that happens, which means I’m generally only in a bad mood for a day or so and then I bounce back. Sure people may find it annoying that I always seem happy, but really that’s a reflection on them rather than me. Because what’s wrong with being willing to see the good things in life, because there is *always* something to look forward to. Just sometimes you can’t see it for the misty uncertainness of the future, which scares me just as much as anyone else. But why dwell on what you can't change. Far better to worry pointlessly about other people :P
Posted: 15 Nov 06 14:54 • Comments
I’m in that blah stage. You know when you’ve been planning something for a couple of weeks and it happens and everything goes well, but you suddenly don’t have anything fantastic to look forward to. I mean sure there are Christmas functions and the big day itself, but I’m not really organising those, and if I am they’re all sorted already. I need to find something to get all hyper and excited about… as well as waste time at work.
Posted: 14 Nov 06 18:14 • Comments
Quick recap of my weekend away,
Went out to the farm and it was so very nearly perfect. Left Wellington Friday night after a frantic afternoon rushing away from work, getting food, packing the car and all those other things that are just left to the last minute. Arrived about 9ish and settled in at the Shearers quarters, the second carload followed a couple of hours later. By the time everyone had arrived we were obviously exhausted and so it was an early night.
Up bright and early Saturday morning (helped by the fact that the windows didn’t have curtains) and the day was gorgeous without a cloud in the sky, but very windy. The day consisted of a drive up the coast, and playing on the rocks on the way back, making super pizzas (how much topping can you put on a pizza base?) playing cards (P&A) walking up the river (and nearly being blown away by the wind) and playing cranium (so much fun…) Amy had made a very interesting concoction containing lollies and vodka (and not much else) and so we hoed into that after dinner. Face masks, tequila and card games made up the evening… I’ll leave it at that.
Another early morning on Sunday and some monopoly (the best way to make enemies :P and yet so fun ) and another walk, this time up the coast and up the sea face. Great view.
And then back to reality in the afternoon.
It all sounds so hollow when you write it down, just the bare bones of an awesome weekend away. It doesn’t cover the fun of bashing up the piñata that Dale, Garth and I had made, the excitement on Dan’s face with all the animals (yes he is a towny) Brylee’s skill with board games (she’s destroyed everyone else at monopoly) But it was exactly what I needed … a weekend away with friends (and now it’s sounding all sappy… ugh)
Posted: 14 Nov 06 18:08 • Comments
It's friday, the sun is shining, the weather report is good for the upcoming weekend and I'm going away with my scoobs for the weekend. Everything is right with the world. Just need to finish sorting out this paperwork...
Posted: 9 Nov 06 18:47 • Comments
As a group of us are heading towards the farm this weekend, I thought just in case it was raining I'd have a back up plan of some board games on offer. Nice idea, but for the fact that all the board games were in the house out there when it went up in flames. So my lunch time mission today was to go and buy some. The range is massive, there are still the classics Ie; scrabble but then there's the tie ins with a Da vinci game and a Warcraft game amongst others. And then there's the updated versions of the classics with electronic monopoly and a version of trival pursuit with dvds. It's madness but still very cool to think that board games are moving with the times and utilising the technology that is on offer. Personally, I ended up just sticking with one old favourite - Monopoly(yes it's a recipe for disaster but so fun getting to that point) and one more modern one - Cranium (Highest selling board game and appears to be a mix of a few different ones)
And hopefully now I have a contingency plan it won't rain!
Posted: 8 Nov 06 21:37 • Comments
Delicious food last night while celebrating Shelley's birthday. Everything appeared to go off without a hitch, a little tension but then people hadn't seen each other for some time. Weird but good. and great for minimal organisation, the only thing that could have made the venue better was if the jazz band had been slightly more musical- it sounded like they were all just playing their own songs at the same time, little harsh on the ears when you're sitting right next to them.
Posted: 8 Nov 06 21:25 • Comments
"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."
C. Northcote Parkinson 1909-93: Parkinson's Law (1958)
Posted: 29 Oct 06 21:24 • Comments
The weekend was blah...I managed to come down with a rather nasty case of food poisoning so bye bye plans hello bed. I spent it curled up watching Heroes (so cool) and supernatural (also very cool... sigh Dean...) But the Doctor gave me sweet sweet drugs and I'm feeling almost 100% now. One major highlight was on Friday (which I had off work due to the little problem with vomiting) when I was accepted to a promotional modelling agency (so events management type stuff) and was asked to come in for an interview with a Fashion modelling agency (catwalks and photoshoots). Made me all happy and vain, can't forget the vanity. So the interview is tomorrow and hey it's a laugh at the very least.
Posted: 29 Oct 06 17:09 • Comments
I just want it to be the end of the day, actually make that the end of the week. The day is dragging and I just want to curl up in bed and watch the new episodes of Heroes. But can’t due to work and then gym and then guides. I feel all unmotivated and I'm surviving on V. This is what happens when you get all excited about a new course and so stay up finishing the first module when you have work in the morning.
Posted: 25 Oct 06 21:34 • Comments
It's sunday, it's a long weekend and it's bucketing down. Kinda puts a bit of a dampener on my plans for the weekend which mostly consisted of activities outside. Ah well, curling up with a book it is.
Posted: 21 Oct 06 18:32 • Comments
Went out for a few drinks with some people from work (after the Friday drinks at work) Pretty fun but I was home by about midnight, just wasn’t really in the mood for town plus a little tipsy :P I had hope of going for a bush walk today but alas the weather did not oblige –it’s a long weekend and the weather is meant to be horrible for all of it, sigh.
Walked into town instead and started my Christmas shopping – Christmas is only like two months and four days away, I seriously hate that last minute stressful shopping and with about 15 people to buy for (and yes that is mostly just family) organisation is key. Oh and I actually really love Christmas – I think it has something to do with finding the perfect present for someone and just seeing their face light up. I’m the same about finding the perfect thing for birthdays as well, Christmas is just that on a larger scale, but the horrible thing is that the majority of people just see it as this stressful time that is to be survived rather than relished.
Posted: 21 Oct 06 04:45 • Comments
Insanely busy last night. Rushed from work to the gym for the circuit works class – which was great as always, I always work out so much harder in the class atmosphere, I guess it’s my competitive nature. Then home to get changed before driving to guides. We were doing last minute organisation for the big regional camp which is on this weekend (and that I’m not going on) Kind of boring and very much the type of meeting everyone would associate with guides (learning camp songs, making patches to give to other guides at camp and learning about knots) and also very much *not* our standard meeting – we tend to be far more interesting. Though the strangest thing has started happening the last couple of weeks, a few guys (of the same age as the girls) have taken to hanging around the school whilst we’re having guides. As a result the older girls aren’t meant to have their patrol times outside (they just spend the time flirting) so weird thinking about the girls dating. Plus these guys are waiting around for like a hour and a half just to catch the girls just before and after guides (they get picked up and dropped off) Ahh the innocence, it’s a real annoyance for us leaders though.
Posted: 19 Oct 06 18:36 • Comments
Tried Capoeira last night and I can honestly say it’s like nothing I’ve done before. Capoeira was developed in Brazil by African slaves on the sugar plantations and has slowly seeped into main culture from there, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to watch a capoeira demonstration you’ll remember the fluid ducking, weaving and back flips. It’s a very visual art and has elements of dance, music, martial arts and gymnastics. Seems like a weird combination but they meld very effectively into an impressive performance.
I have had an interest in it since a friend showed me a video of a capoeira fight and what struck me was that it was so graceful, and when I heard about a capoeira class being held in Wellington I decided why the hell not. I wasn’t expecting the music to be such a big part of it, you move to the beat whilst blocking and kicking trying to get the movements to just flow. A large part of any class is what is called ‘playing’ which is essentially non-contact sparring where you respond to your partners moves, mirroring them and ducking under kicks where needed.
What I found the hardest was that you were trying to keep the movement in time. I came along expecting a form of martial art and found something that called heavily on your sense of rhythm and awareness of the music and I’m slightly musically challenged, but no one was concerned that I was spazzing out and at least I managed to avoid hurting myself or kicking someone in the face (and yes I did come close) .
Capoeira was fun (like being a child again with no limits) It was challenging (small controlled cartwheels down the hall- nigh impossible) and I’ll be back next week.
Posted: 17 Oct 06 16:59 • Comments
Ouch, just received a rejection from one of the modelling agencies I applied for. The reason wasn’t the way I looked, that I wasn’t a proper fit for the company or any of the standard reasons you’d expect, but rather I was too old. At 22 I am over the hill, past it, one foot in the grave and just plain too old. Now that’s scary and kind of amusing. I've been called too young before but this is a first. :P
Posted: 16 Oct 06 23:58 • Comments

1. Taken a picture naked? no
2. Painted your room? No
3. Made out with a member of the same sex? Yes
4. Drove a car? Yes
5. Danced in front of your mirror? Yes
6. Have a crush? Yes
7. Been dumped? Yes
8. Stole money from friend? No
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? Yes
10. Been in a fist fight? yes
11. Snuck out of your house? Yes
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Yes
13. Been arrested? No
14. Made out with a stranger? No
15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? Yes
16. Left your house with out telling your parents? Yes
17. Had a crush on your neighbor? No
18. Ditched school to do something more fun? Yes
19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? Yes
20. Seen someone die? NO
21. Been on a plane? Yes
22. Kissed a picture? Yes
23. Slept in until 3PM? Yes
24. Love someone or miss someone right now? Yes
25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? Yes
26. Made a snow angel? Yes
27. Played dress up? Yes
28. Cheated while playing a game? Yes
29. Been lonely? Yes
30. Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
31. Been to a club? Yes
32. Felt an earthquake? Yes
33. Touched a snake? Yes
34. Ran a red light? Yes
35. Been suspended from school? No
36. Had detention? Yes
37. Been in a car accident? Yes
38. Hated the way you look? Yes
39. Witnessed a crime? Yes
40. Pole danced? Yes
41. Been lost? Yes
42. Been to the opposite side of the country? Yes
43. Felt like dying? Yes
44. Cried yourself to sleep? Yes
46. Sang karaoke? Yes
47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
48. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Yes
49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
50. Kissed in the rain? Yes
51. Sing in the shower? Yes
52. Made love in a park? No
53. Had a dream that you married someone? ...
Posted: 16 Oct 06 00:12 • More • Comments
Okay so I lie, I had an interesting bike ride over the weekend… we went along the waterfront and the salt spray well and truly drenched me. Oddly alarming to start with when combined with the high speed winds but quite fun once I got over my fear. (yes I have a very strong phobia of being hit by a car, blown over or losing control of the bike. They’re scary things and cars are a lot bigger and stronger than I am – I’m working on this)
The rest of my weekend was actually very boring, I’d kinda arranged it so I’d have some downtime, but as I discovered I’m not actually very good at doing nothing and it bored me. Funny how I used to spend most of my life doing nothing much at all. Can’t wait to start my next batch of study.
Posted: 15 Oct 06 19:06 • Comments
Just went for a fantasic bike ride with Dale and Garth. My body is so going to hate me tomorrow - I'm already starting to feel sore. 3 hours, lots of hills and from Northland to Khandallah and into town. I'm feeling alot more confident about riding my bike (or to be more precise my brother's bike that I borrow when he's at uni) around town and cars. But oh god the hills...
Posted: 6 Oct 06 23:32 • Comments
I’ve reached a conclusion, I don’t think New Zealanders in general are comfortable with a conversation with strangers.. When people are waiting for longish periods of time in my reception area, I try to strike up conversation with them about the weather, their day, weekend etc and I’ve found out something relatively interesting. People from overseas are more likely to respond and talk about themselves or just anything in general. New Zealanders don’t tend to, it’s mass generalisation but I think it’s true. We aren’t comfortable striking up conversation with random people and engaging in small talk, personally I see this as a lost art. I just spent the last ten minutes trying to engage a guy sitting very awkwardly waiting for a job interview in conversation, his answers were all one word and basically I got bored trying. I see conversation with those you don't know well as an essential skill... so lets work on responding when someone tries to talk to you
Posted: 4 Oct 06 19:49 • Comments
I think I need to install a brain/ mouth filter. I have this terrible tendency to just say whatever comes into my head, I feel it, I think it and it comes pouring out of my mouth. This helps make me an honest person, but it also means that I sometimes hurt people because I'll just say what I think or was told. Honesty is very important to me in all my relationships, but I need to think before I talk. It's a serious fault - sometimes tact can be useful!
Posted: 2 Oct 06 15:56 • Comments
The Unity fashion show was last night. It was so cool. Everything kicked off about 2pm when we (the models) arrived at the venue. We sat around and watched the Little Brother guys practise first so we could get a better idea of what we were meant to be doing and then it was practice time for us. The floor was marble which meant it was incredibly slippery, but the routine was simple, walk to end, pause hip to one side then the other and turn, the whole time looking serious and walking with attitude (no smiling for us) Then shoe time, with double checking that the shoes we were meant to be wearing fitted (no consideration given to whether we could walk in 9cm stiletto heels) Dinner was served about 3.30 and supposedly models eat Pizza (from Hells – so good) and drink beer or mineral water. Most of the models spent a significant portion of the afternoon getting drunk. After dinner we were banned from eating for the rest of the afternoon (thankfully could still drink) and it was makeup time.
I normally wear makeup but the amount that was slathered onto my face and around my eyes was awe inspiring, the effect was very golden with dark smouldering eyes. Hair was next with my hair being teased to extremes and then piled on top of my hair in what was a very complex birdsnest. However, it was around this time I really started looking like a model, it’s a surreal experience to look at yourself in the mirror and just look so different from your standard. Clothes came after hair and we were assisted in covering hair and makeup with a plastic bag as I slipped on the dress (red silk with small flowers, short sleeved, v neck, knee length with an empire line) it was partnered with black snakeskin sandals (actually really pretty and comfy for the height) red fishnets, a black PVC belt worn right under the breasts and elbow length leather gloves with zips in the side. I have to say really didn’t like the dress as it hung loose like a sack over my waist, but hey not exactly...
Posted: 1 Oct 06 20:24 • More • Comments
Went for a hike on Saturday with Shelley, Dale and Garth in the Rimutaka Bush reserve. The weather was vaguely ominous throughout the day but it didn’t rain and generally was pretty excellent(albeit overcast). We selected the Butcher/ cattle ridge path and it took about 4 hours, so was a great way to spend the day. Exercise and socialising… the ideal combination. So tired in the afternoon once we got back, watched “Curious George” which is just so damn cute I’d list it as a must see. And the first episode of Heroes… so good, I’m almost tempted to say that it’s my favourite new TV show, the premise is vaguely reminiscent of X-men (or strongly… I’d go with strongly) with the whole people randomly developing powers and the next step of evolution idea, but in the first episode they created memorable characters and supposedly they’re going to steer clear of the whole superhero team idea. Will be interesting to see where it heads.
Posted: 1 Oct 06 20:03 • Comments
Why is the last hour of the work day always the slowest? I'm half an hour off finishing for the day and I feel like I'm in a time warp. On the upside I accomplished everything I needed to do today. Just have to wait for home time
Posted: 28 Sep 06 00:34 • Comments
Girl Guide planning session last night - looking like it's going to another crazy term with activities such as a bike ride round to scorching bay and a trip to the Met Center - Awesome. Plus I have to organise another night for the girls - stress!
Posted: 27 Sep 06 18:34 • Comments
Sure it’s only in a single show (for Unity!) but I’m pretty excited. I get to do the whole walking in front of a large audience wearing pretty clothes, having my makeup take hours (I get there at 2pm on the day for a catwalk time of 7pm) and numerous pre appointments to have the clothes fitted and have my hair done. I had the first of the hair appointments last night with a cut, my hair is now shoulder length and I’m thinking I like it (a change always takes a awhile to adapt to) and my hair gets dyed tomorrow. Squee! Hyper me!
Posted: 27 Sep 06 18:25 • Comments