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Recent entries from Thinky Thoughts - the blog of belleimani

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Posted: 21 Jul 07 07:02 • Comments
Nothing really spoilery just...
They're not even trying to pretend that Sirius and Remus aren't together anymore are they?
So much slash in this movie. The fandom must've exploded.
It didn't make bawl like the last one but it was definitely good.
Posted: 15 Jul 07 06:08 • Comments
So I've recently come across a fantastic little album that apparently has been out for four years, made little money and yet is one of the best albums I've heard in years.
This puzzles me.
Let me back up

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Posted: 8 Jul 07 11:40 • Comments
Author: BelleImani
Title: Prey
Fandom: Supernatural/ATS
Pairing: Angelus/Dean
Spoilers for Salvation/NFA
Some dialogue taken directly from Salvation.
Rating: PG-13

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Posted: 7 Jul 07 14:48 • Comments
Wicked Ways
By BelleImani
Fandom: ATS/BTVS
Pairing: B/Wes
Author’s Notes: AU where Wes never died and the BTVS gang actually informed the ATS gang of the whole ‘All Slayers Step Forward’ mojo.
Continues from Impressive Instant and Stripped

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Posted: 27 Jun 07 09:40 • Comments
If I ever, ever see a none photoshopped pic of JC Chasez and Jensen Ackles together my brain will explode from The Pretty.

That is all.
Posted: 29 May 07 03:21 • Comments
Watch Heroes: How to Stop and Exploding Man or Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose Parts 1 & 2 back to back.

Will make you bawl like an idiot for twenty minutes.
Posted: 22 May 07 17:29 • Comments
That's how you do it Lost.
Cut for spoilers

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Posted: 22 May 07 03:36 • Comments
Cut for spec

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Posted: 20 May 07 08:10 • Comments
Cut for spoilers

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Posted: 18 May 07 04:07 • Comments
To all the mom's on my flist, including mom's to puppies and kitties!
Posted: 13 May 07 09:07 • Comments
Being unspoiled is awesome.
Now that coherence has somewhat been restored my thoughts below.

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Posted: 10 May 07 19:23 • Comments
Since I'll be getting the entire Supernatural: Origins comic series for free.
Oh, also?
I get two of them.
One to read one to collect.
I'd hate me too.
Posted: 10 May 07 14:45 • Comments
Oh Dean, oh beautiful, full of pain Dean. Jeez.
Can't even discuss...too busy crying.
Posted: 3 May 07 18:11 • Comments

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Posted: 30 Apr 07 18:32 • Comments
Oh boys.
You are fracked.
For serious.
Spoilers below

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Posted: 26 Apr 07 18:34 • Comments
I love my show.
So. Much.
Dean? You are teh awesome.
Sam's bitchface throughout.
Posted: 19 Apr 07 18:21 • Comments
Posted: 16 Apr 07 18:42 • Comments
To anyone who has family or friends there I'm so sorry.

Posted: 16 Apr 07 16:36 • Comments
You're such hypocrites. Don't play the race card when not one of you mentioned the Isaiah Washington incident. Don't you freaking dare.
ETA: Not to mention your constant yet subtle attacks on Christians in your magazine.
Posted: 9 Apr 07 16:34 • Comments
Awesomest thing in ever:
A Transformers/Supernatural crossover that works so, so well.
Posted: 4 Apr 07 12:50 • Comments
Assemble a super team from your favorite films, TV shows, books etc. Your team must consist of the following:

Team Leader: Alex Krycek; he'd always do what needed to be done. Regardless of who it hurt in the short term.
Warrior: Dean Winchester; he's smarter then anyone gives him credit for, noble to the point of idiocy, loyal to a fault, gorgeous and can kill you six different ways. With his hands.
Smartypants: Daniel Jackson. Because hello? Superhot and smart as a whip.
Hottie: Aeryn Sun-Crichton; She's so utterly gorgeous and yet terrifying when she smiles. And can also kill you six different ways. With her hands.
Comic Relief: Spike; Brings the snark constantly; Superhot; Can kill you in ways not known to most humans.

All your superteam members must be from DIFFERENT sources.
Posted: 3 Apr 07 16:45 • Comments
Right now? I only have one thing to say.
Unless you are Dean Winchester?

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Posted: 22 Mar 07 18:57 • Comments
Cut for spoilers

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Posted: 20 Mar 07 08:03 • Comments
Cut to spare the uninterested.

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Posted: 11 Mar 07 15:56 • Comments